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Self care is so important – especially when things are so hectic every day! It’s time to take back control and make your self care priority to refresh, recharge abdreconnect with your inner self.

This self care bundle features 5 printable items to start taking better care of yourself today:

  • Self Care Planner
  • Self Discovery Journal
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Food Diary
  • Workout Tracker

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Versions for A4 + A5 + US Letter paper size INCLUDED.



Do you feel tired, drained and irritated all the time? Is life particularly stressful lately? Are you used to criticizing yourself? Or maybe you’ve worked / studied way too much for the past few months (or years)…

Even if nothing is wrong, self care is incredibly important to all of us.

Without proper rest, care and relaxation our mind and soul becomes dull and apathetic.

Our bodies become lethargic and weak, it becomes harder to stay healthy and our mental heath declines.

The same thing happens when we lack self love and self compassion. It just really hard to stay balanced when someone is always criticising… Even if it’s your own thoughts.

This Self Care Bundle is a simple, minimalistic and easy way to create your own self care routines, learn to love yourself and encourage healthy self care habits in your everyday life.

With this Bundle you can:

  • Create your own self care routines for body, soul and mind care.
  • Help yourself to stick to your self care routine and reach positive self care results.
  • Set self care plans that fit your busy lifestyle.
  • Discover your inner world and learn to love yourself the way you are.
  • Become more mindful about your nutrition and daily exercise routines.
  • Develop a sincere, loving relationship with the most wonderful person – you.

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Simply download, print, get a cup of tea and start planning your self care acts!

If you feel like you need to declutter your inner world first, dive into amazing Self Discovery journey with a 30 day journal that comes with this Bundle. Through journaling, make peace with yourself – you are amazing the way you are.

You are enough. You deserve to spend more time caring for yourself. You deserve to love yourself. 

If you want to take better care of yourself, this Bundle will be your best friend. Just don’t hesitate to start, even if you don’t feel like it right now! If you never tried practicing self care or self love, it may be harder to start but this Bundle will make things easy enough, I promise.

“Self Care is how you take your power back.”

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Minimalistic design. Clean, decluttered, zero overwhelm layout.
2 Page sizes included: A4 and US LETTER.
A lifetime supply. Buy once, print more whenever needed.
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Easy and comfortable to use. Write comfortably whether you’re a left or right hander.


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5 reviews for Self Care Planning & Journaling Bundle / 54 Pages

  1. hazel xoxo

    the self love bundle is just what I needed as a self care beginner.

  2. Brittani

    This has everything you need to plan your self-care! Now I only need a pretty pink binder for all these beauties.

  3. Jill S.

    Just as pictured. I love it.

  4. Laura W.

    Easy to use, very nice design, but a little expensive.

  5. Daniella

    They are very cool and useful

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