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Updated on March 17, 2021

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Oh, it’s been so long since I last shared a freebie on this website! This year has been so intense that I have to admit it – my creative powers were diminished… It’s hard to get creative when the world is in a collective mourn during pandemic. Or, at least it is for me.

Yet the new year is slowly but surely coming our way and I wish that your hopes for the next year will be high. And if they aren’t, well, please do not give up just yet. The life could get better at any moment and it would be a shame to meet that moment with a frown. Let’s stay hopeful!

And hey, could there be a better time to get serious about our health than in the midst of the pandemic, and a new year coming in? Right now, it seems even more important than before. Why? Well, for so many important benefits! If you have some pounds to lose until you reach a healthier weight, here are just a few reasons to do it now:

  • Now that it’s harder to get medical help of any kind, it’s a great idea to stay as healthy as possible. Losing unnecessary weight is one of the priorities for when you want to get healthier.
  • Healthy diet and exercise can help your immune system to work better, and heal faster in case you get sick.
  • It’s important to stay physically strong so that we can help others in need.
  • Life will get back to normal soon, and you may regret it in the if you didn’t lose (or even gained extra) weight in winter.
  • A healthier weight can give you so much confidence!
  • Your mental health can greatly improve with regular exercise and healthy meals too.

These are just a few reasons to note, but I’m sure they’re convincing enough.


Free Weight Loss Tracker Printable


So, if you’re a fan of planners, bullet journals or more traditional ways of tracking your goals, I think you will love this minimalist weight loss tracker printable that you can use to track your weight loss journey and fitness changes! It’s not a complete weight loss planner (my Wellness Planner may work better for that purpose), but it’s a helpful add-on to track your weight and body measurement changes. Plus, it’s completely free!

Go ahead and download your weight loss tracker printable by clicking these links below:

Weight Loss Tracker Printable “Fitness Journey” – in Paper Size A4

Weight Loss Tracker Printable “Fitness Journey – in Paper Size Letter

And of course, not a single planner in this world will lose weight for you – but you already know that! Start implementing small, healthy changes in your life and soon you’ll be happy and glad that you did it. You know you will.

I hope you will also love this cute weight loss tracker printable in your planner or bullet journal during this beautiful metamorphosis of your body. And if you’re on a lookout for more printable planners and tools, check out the goodness at ShineSheets store!

P. S. There’s more helpful content below – just scroll down!

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