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Life can be extremely troubling, exhausting, and unpredictable. If you’re a highly sensitive person, or simply prone to negative thinking, every unfortunate situation can feel like a stab in your belly. It’s easy to get sad and moody over little things (looking at you, the dress I don’t fit in anymore!!), and it can be even harder to withstand serious problems.

With all this uncertainty and madness going on around lately… I can’t help myself but turn to gratitude as often as I can.

Believe it or not, even when it seems like your life is falling to pieces, there’s still a TON of things to be grateful for.

I created this list to remind you, and myself, of all those things we’re usually taking for granted, and all those little privileges we should be simply grateful for every single day.

Sometimes it’s enough to bring a little bit of sunshine to your storm.


40 Things To Be Grateful For


1) Clean water to drink and bathe with

2) Fresh air to breath

3) Being alive

4) Access to food and many beautiful tastes of it

5) Warm and comfy bed at night

6) Access to a hot shower

7) Clean & comfy clothes

8) Having shoes to wear

9) Having a body!

10) Happy memories

11) Having a family

12) Being able to love, and be loved

13) Access to the internet and vast amounts of information

14) Living in great times

15) Ability to work and get paid for it

16) Ability to use your senses

17) Being able to move

18) Sunny summers

19) Colorful autumns

20) Snowy winters

21) Refreshing springs

22) Beautiful dreams

23) Having a car or another transportation option

24) The beauty of music

25) The beauty of art

26) Good movies

27) Smiles of your loved ones

28) Comfort-filled silence

29) The sound of rain

30) The smell of rain!

31) Rainy days

32) Our planet

33) Having electricity

34) Being warm when it’s cold

35) Pets and their love

36) Calm evenings

37) Birds chirping

38) Having a phone and the ability to call someone whenever needed

39) Being safe

40) Being free

I hope you loved this list of my favorite things to be grateful for! You can download this as a free printable by clicking this link: 40 Things to Be Grateful For by ShineSheets

Practicing gratitude may take some effort, but it so worth it once you get the hang of it. The ability to notice all the goodness in your life comes extra handy when life gets hard and you feel like it has become too hard to control your mood. You can ALWAYS turn to gratitude to help yourself cope.

If you want to master the art of being grateful, do try out my printable gratitude journal as well! It has a ton of beautiful, positive, and gratitude-filled exercises that both teach you and make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Do you think I missed anything important in this gratitude list? Share your comment at the veeery bottom of this page – I’d love to hear that! You can also scroll down to rate this article or find more life-helping tips. Thank you for reading!

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