7 Daily Habits For Better Mental Health

Updated on August 10, 2020 by Amber & The Team.

daily habits

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daily habits

If you want to lead a healthy life, you know you have to take care of your mental health too. We all want this, but sometimes we are not doing the right things to make it happen.

You might be working all day long, trying to move towards success in your professional career regardless of your wellness, you might be giving all of your effort to reach that happiness you’re craving for, but once the night comes, all you’re left with is… Just a feeling of emptiness. Another day passed by and you did nothing to actually help your mental health.

I know that life, and its circumstances can feel incredibly overwhelming sometimes. I know you might feel like it’s just a never-ending race… Yet if you think that being at peace and mental wellness is not something in your control, you’re mistaken. A few minor things and healthy daily habits can help you achieve great mental health and mood, even if it feels so distant now.

Here are my favorite daily habits that are extremely helpful if you want to build better mental health.


7 Daily Habits For Better Mental Health


1) Being Kind To Yourself, Daily


Taking care of your mental health is not a one-time thing. Difficult situations and challenging days will happen from time to time, so you have to learn how to be flexible with yourself.

You might get stuck, you might feel unable to resolve a few things in your life, yet there’s one thing you should never do. It’s blaming yourself. If you feel a negative mindset setting in, take a break. Have a wellness day and be supportive towards yourself.

Now, it’s easier said and done, right? This is why it’s so important to be kind to yourself every day – this is one of those daily habits that will help you to build self-compassion, which is wonderful for your mental health.

The easiest way to be kind to yourself is by practicing positive self-talk, like you were talking to the inner child in you. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you made a mistake. What would you say to a child if he or she made a mistake? You would probably try to calm him down, support him, and encourage him to not be afraid, yet strive to be better next time. This may sound unbelievable, but this is exactly what every grown-up person needs as well.

We’re witnessing a lot of negative things already… Being mean to yourself is just an unnecessary load on top of it all. So be your best friend. Support and encourage yourself, like you were a child. Do it every day.


2) Meditating


Meditation is all about creating peace inside you and clearing out your head. People have been doing meditation for ages and it has provided them the peace that they seek, simply because it works so well.

If you have never tried it, it is going to be a bit difficult at the start, but trust me – you will get addicted to it soon! You can just start by doing it for a few minutes and increase the time slowly. Make it a daily habit and it will benefit you in tremendous ways – expect to feel calmer, stronger, happier, and more content with whatever is happening in your life.

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3) Spending Time With People You Love


Nowadays, people spend a lot of their time looking at screens rather than meeting with people in real life. Experts have warned about the excessive use of smartphones as they believe it deteriorates mental health. I’m sure we can all agree to that!

If you want to improve your mental health, it is better to meet your friends in person and socialize. Spending time with people you love can help you beat stress & depression, and make you feel more positive.


4) Moving Your Body


If you aren’t exercising daily, it is time to incorporate it in your daily habits list.

Exercise is responsible for releasing the chemicals in your brain that make you feel relaxed and calm. Just a few minutes of workout every day can make you feel fresh and help you to perform your activities better. You don’t have to incorporate difficult exercise in your routine, just a gentle, moderate exercise is enough for better mental and physical health.


5) Eating Mindfully


Mindful eating is one of the best daily habits you can adopt for better mental health! If you’re constantly eating in a rush, or while scrolling your phone, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to improve your mental health with food.

Eating slowly, focusing your attention on every bite you’re putting in your mouth, noticing the taste and smell of your food allows you to truly enjoy those eating moments. This way, you’re having real, enjoyable breaks through the day, and it’s harder to overeat when you’re eating slowly.

Also, it helps you to be fully present in the present moment – the now – which is something we all forget to do in this busy world.

When it’s time to eat, slow down, sit down, relax, and enjoy every moment of it, without distractions.


6) Learning Something New Daily


If you don’t do this yet, add this to your daily habits without hesitation. When you learn something new every day or take a step towards becoming better at something every day, it makes you feel motivated and increases your confidence, day by day.

You feel good about the little achievements you make, so focusing on small self improvements is a great way to improve yourself and your mental health as well.


7) Sharing Your Joys And Struggles


Mental health is all about being able to manage the hard times and appreciating the good ones… Sharing your good or bad times with others can help a lot when you’re learning to do that.

If you tend to hide your negative emotions and feelings deep inside, it will eventually backfire. And if you never share the joy of achievement or happiness with someone who cares about you, you’re also missing out on beautiful moments where you fully feel the happiness inside.

Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with others, every day. Be authentic, real, and don’t be afraid to open up about your struggles – this is one of the most effective ways to connect to others. Surprisingly, it can also help you to achieve better mental health. I mean, what’s healthier than not having to hide your true self?

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Your daily habits make you who you are. Focusing on the good ones is like taking small steps towards better mental health. Once you start doing that, your mental health automatically becomes better and better, day by day. It’s all in your hands!

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