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FREE Printable Self-Discovery Journal: 30 Days Of Writing Prompts For Inner ZEN

Sometimes, all you need is just a simple self love journey - like the one in this journal.

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How different would your life be if you clearly knew your values, preferences, and worth?

If you accepted yourself completely – not only with all that’s best in you but also – with all the mistakes and flaws you have?

How would you feel if you become your own biggest fan and supporter?.. 

To most people, it would mean a beginning of a true, sincere, and loving relationship with their own self.

A relationship where you finally start trusting yourself and your life choices because you know why you do what you do and even if something happens, you will always have perfect support – yourself.

Would you like to discover such a relationship with yourself?

A printable Self Discovery journal will help you do just that!

Let yourself be guided through an amazing, free 30-day self-discovery journal to find balance, confidence, comfort, and integrity within yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you hate yourself now – it all can change in just 10 minutes a day.

Explore your values, dreams, strengths, hidden fears & learned lessons in this beautiful guided journal – all sprinkled with inspiration on every page to get your journaling mood going.

You are one and only.

There is no point to go through this life hating yourself.

Discover and fall in love with yourself today.

Self Discovery Journal Printable Example


How This Printable, Free Self-Discovery Journal Can Help You


The way to start loving yourself begins with an understanding of who you are.

Are you used to thinking negatively about yourself, suffering from impostor syndrome, or just never feeling good enough?

You will never learn to love yourself if you keep shying away from all the things about yourself!

This printable self-discovery journal will help you see both brighter and darker sides of you so you can accept, embrace and start being proud of the REAL YOU, the way you are.

With this free printable journal, you can:

  • Journal your way to more confidence and self-love through 30 days of guided journaling prompts.
  • Decide on important things like your values and rules.
  • Learn to accept yourself the way you are.

Take a sneak peek!

Picture Portraying Free Printable Self-Discovery Journal: 30 Days Of Writing Prompts For Inner Zen


My Lessons And Quote Page In Free Printable Self-Discovery Journal


Sneak Peek Of Pages Of Shinesheets Self Discovery Journal Printable


How to fall in love with yourself using this free printable self-discovery journal


Print and start with day one.

Each day features a new writing prompt with an explanation.

Start writing and try to not be judgemental.

Remember  – you’re trying to create a new, loving relationship with yourself.

Sometimes the prompt may not feel very pleasant at first, but you will feel better after writing.

Your personality is like a painting – there are some brighter and some darker shades.

They all form a beautiful painting, but you can’t see the beauty of it if you only look at particular shades.

After you finish your journey, spend the last day on reflection (there’s a page for that too).

How do you feel after this journey?

What new feelings have you developed?

Do you feel stronger, more confident, and complete?

Are you going to treat yourself differently from now on?

I created this journal after my own self-discovery journey.

I was amazed by the way my confidence and self-acceptance increased when I simply spent a little time getting to know myself.

Here’s an example of how you can use it:

Self Discovery Journal Printable Filled Page For Example

Our lives are so fast and filled with tasks, chores, events, problems…

We rush, we make hasty decisions, we fail, we let ourselves get burnt out and then desperately seek retreats and other ways to restore our mental health.

But sometimes, all you need is just a simple self-love journey – like the one in this journal.

Try it yourself!


Get Your FREE Self-Discovery Journal (Finally, eh!)


Choose the size that fits your binder (or just print them as they are, let’s not set any rules here, okay?


30 Days To Myself a Printable Self Discovery Journal by ShineSheets, in size A4

30 Days To Myself a Printable Self Discovery Journal With Prompts in Page size US LETTER

Personal use only – any commercial use or selling is forbidden.

And that’s it!

Print and enjoy.

I hope your journey will bring tons of self-love, understanding, and peace.

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