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Here at ShineSheets, we believe in transparency. This is us being open and honest with you, so you can understand what we do.


We are a professional editorial website. We strive to research helpful topics to create and deliver fresh, relevant, interesting, and helpful content to our readers.

Often, we feel that the information we share can be greatly improved with relevant product recommendations. This is why in some of our articles you can notice product or service recommendations. These are the products we find helpful, useful, and of high quality (in other words – worthy of attention).

We research, or analyze every product we recommend and allow only the best of the best to reach your eyes. Everything we recommend is verified by our Editor In Chief. However, we can’t control or give any guarantees for the actual products, services or their providers.

For the products or services presented on our website, we may receive affiliate compensation. This simply means that if you purchase anything through a link found here, we may receive a financial reward at no extra cost to you.

This compensation does not affect our opinion about any particular product or service – we are independently owned, and the opinions expressed here are our own. Most importantly, they’re completely honest – if we talk about something, it means we trust it at the moment of article creation.

At any time, we may use other forms of compensated advertisement on our website. This helps us to keep our writer team on board and continue serving our readers.

Finally, our biggest priority is to provide valuable, proven, inclusive, and trustworthy information to help you improve your life. We will never link to anything that does not go along with this goal.

Thank you for being with us!

The ShineSheets Team