FREE Reading List Printable For Book Lovers Or Students

Are you a fan of reading? So am I! And there’s only one thing that’s more fun than reading itself…

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Updated on May 19, 2023

Free Reading List Printable

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Free Reading List Printable On Book

“Can you share a reading list template?”

Are you a fan of reading? So am I! It’s so fun and relaxing to grab a book after a long day of work or chores, and just fade into other worlds, or go for an imaginary chat with a person who wroke the book to teach you, inspire you, or lift you up.

And if there’s one more thing that’s more fun than reading itself – it’s finishing the book and adding another checkmark to your reading list (or checking out your ever-growing book collection!). Have you tried listing and documenting your books yet? Well, if not – do try it, because it’s a really fun and mindful thing to do, and it’s also a nice hobby to start (especially if you have to stay at home a lot).

Today I’m sharing my minimalistic, easy to use, and cute reading list printable that you can use to:

  • Plan your reads;
  • List the books you’re reading;
  • Rate the books you’ve read.

I can imagine this being a great tool for students as well, and it can easily be used for magazines and other literature you’d like to read and document/

If you want to read more books this year (which is a beautiful goal to set!), you can create a challenge for yourself to fill one page of this reading list printable with books you’ve read. Even one book can enrich your inner world with something good, so just imagine yourself after reading 12 useful, relaxing, interesting, or fun books! Or, if you want to become an expert in a particular field, you can google the best books that teach that topic, list them in this reading list printable, and then make it a goal to go through all of them.


Free Reading List Printable For Book Lovers Or Students


So, let’s go ahead and start your reading challenges! Grab reading list printables below:

Reading List Printable in page size A4

Reading List Printable in page size LETTER

*Personal use only.

Simply print and add it to your planner, hang it on a corkboard or vision board, insert it in your study notebook – do as you please, as long as you’re reading those books, eh! I know it sounds a little old-school, but honestly, books are one of the best ways to improve your inner world and if that makes me old, then… Well, I guess I’m old!

Like this free reading list printable? Scroll down for more helpful stuff!

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