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FREE Printable Challenge Tracker (90 Days To Form New Habits)

Create healthy habits and find how capable you are in 90 days.

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It’s said it takes 90 days to form a new habit or reap the results of repeated daily excellence.

It is never too late to improve in any aspect of your life.

I want to invite you to challenge yourself today! Stay accounted & motivated with this minimalistic, free printable challenge calendar, which can be used as a planner insert, bullet journal spread, or a reminder hanging on a wall.

Check or fill in every day you’ve performed your challenge or desired habit.

Stick with it for 90 days, and don’t forget to congratulate yourself after – you did this! Up for a new challenge?


What You Can Do With This Printable Challenge Tracker


Create healthy habits and find how capable you are in 90 days.

→ If you want to challenge yourself, achieve new things, and create healthy habits – this challenge tracker is a great way to start.

→ Can be used for positive challenge tracking (emotional, fitness, intelligence, work challenges) and negative habit tracking like “days without habit X.”

→ Can be used as a planner, bullet journal insert, or hanging on a wall.

90-Day Tracker - Challenge Calendar Printable Close Up


90-Day Tracker - Challenge Calendar Printable Explained


90-Day Tracker - Challenge Calendar Printable


How to start new challenges using this free printable challenge calendar


  1. Print and decide on the challenge you want to start. Write it on the tracker and hang or insert this tracker in a visible place.

    You must see this tracker daily to stay on track with your challenge.

  2. Next, cross every day you’ve performed a required action. Try to be consistent and perform as many days as you can.

    If life happens and you can’t act for a few days – it’s fine!

    Just try to catch up the next day.

  3. Review at the end of the month, to sum up days of successful habit performance.

    Don’t forget to reward yourself for successful completion!

  4. Now, try another challenge! Remember – competing with yourself is much healthier than competing with what you see on social media.


Let’s Get Your Challenge Tracker!


To grab and print, choose the size that fits you the most:

Paper Size A4: 90-Day Tracker – Challenge Calendar by ShineSheets

Paper Size US LETTER: 90-Day Tracker – Challenge Calendar by ShineSheets

*Personal use only.

Enjoy and check out more helpful resources below.

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