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Updated on June 7, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

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free printable wellness tracker

Oh. Wellness has been on my mind lately. My life went from extremely localized (I’ve been working from home) to extremely fast paced (I started working from a studio in a city nearby).

Sure, life changes are fun and all, but I must admit that those few sedentary months took a toll on my health and I felt it immediately when I started to move around more. Working from home “helped” me to put on a few extra pounds + I’ve been working like crazy, so I guess that didn’t help as well.

Since it can be a little hard to get back to healthy habits after a season of self-neglect, I honestly think that it’s best to start with a few small changes. So I didn’t think a lot and did what I always do – I created a pretty Core Wellness tracker to start changing things bit by bit… And I want to share this printable with you today!

With this cute wellness tracker, you can start tracking your core wellness habits like:

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water every day;
  • Making sure you sleep enough;
  • Taking your vitamins;
  • Being aware of your mood.

This should be enough to get things going and kick you into the right mindset before you take your wellness goals with force.

So there you go!




Free Wellness Tracker in size A4

Free Wellness Tracker in size LETTER


P. S. Since I started to be more aware of my wellness, I felt that it’s time to move a little further and get real serious about it! I needed to set wellness goals, decide on which habits I want to adopt, and stay consistent with my self care routine… So – you guessed it! – I created a whole Wellness Planner and it’s probably one of my favorite designs ever!

I made sure that it matches this free Wellness tracker, so if you’re thinking of extending your wellness care too, this can be a perfect way to do it:

I’ve been quite obsessed with this planner and most importantly – I started feeling a lot better after I’ve implemented the first healthy changes in my life. The power of self care!

Anyway, I hope you like your free Core tracker! Take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup… You know it.

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