Picture Portraying Free Printable Thought Workbook For Less Anxiety And More Calm

FREE Printable Thought Workbook For Less Anxiety And More Calm

Remember - thoughts are just thoughts and feelings are just something to feel.

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The free printable Thought Workbook is perfect for those who want to be more positive and start seeing the brighter side of life. Set yourself free! Crush irrational thinking styles, reframe negative thoughts, find solutions to your problems, and let your mind rest. Ultimately, become more resilient day by day.

Pages In Free Thought Workbook Printable

Thought workbook will be your handy tool whenever fear, anger, worry, disappointment or any negative emotion comes to keep you moody or overthinking.

It is based on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy principles to help you gently work on a source of all unpleasant feelings – your thoughts. 

Thought Reframing Cbt Exercise Printable


How This Free Printable Workbook Can Help You?


Worry, fear, anger, overthinking, catasthrophizing, jealousy, sadness, greed – there’s so many negative emotions a human is able to feel.

Most of them are not only negative but they create a ton of unpleasant sensations… They make you feel bad. 

But ultimately, it’s not the emotions that make you feel bad.

In fact, emotions arise from our thoughts.

If you perceive a situation in a certain, negative way, it always backfires at you by creating any of those unpleasant emotions.

By working on your thoughts, you can spot the ones that are making you feel bad – and make them work for you – not against you!

Irrational Beliefs Cbt Printable


What Can You Do With This Free Thought Workbook?


  • Find relief in stressful times by changing how you perceive situations and other people.
  • Train your mind to spot irrational thoughts and get rid of unrealistic assumptions.
  • Learn to think positively and become more resilient.
  • Discover the ways of letting go of things that are out of your control.
  • Find the best solutions for things that can be changed.

Solution Finder Page In Free Thought Workbook


Reality Check And Helpful Thoughts Pages In Free Thought Workbook Printable


Let’s Get Your Free Printable Thought Workbook!


Simply choose the size that fits your journal, planner, or binder here:

The Thought Workbook Free Printable by ShineSheets in Size US LETTER

The Thought Workbook Free Printable by ShineSheets in Size A4

*Personal use only!

Remember – thoughts are just thoughts and feelings are just something to feel.

They do not define you as a person and they do not last forever.

All storms end in sunlight, sooner or later.

If you find yourself ruminating, overthinking, being anxious, scared or negative often, then this workbook might be the single thing to change ALL of it for you. Try it today!

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