How To Stop Being Lazy – For Good!

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Young woman working on her laptop and smiling while listening to music and drinking coffee

Here’s the news – no one was born super productive. No one. And no one was born lazy as well. Have you seen a lazy toddler? Or a super productive baby? Neither have I.

“Okay Amber, where are you goin’ with this?…”

The fact that none of us was born lazy or productive means the only thing: you CAN get rid of laziness and you CAN become super productive because both of these behaviors are LEARNED throughout your life.

It’s not a part of your character, it’s not who you are, it’s just your behavior pattern.

Or simply a state of mind that is with you right now because of one or a few reasons.

Whenever people write to me about their laziness problem, I immediately notice one or a few main culprits that make these people lazy and lethargic. And even though they ask for a secret or a magic antidote to laziness, I always tell them the things you’re going to read today and suddenly they realize that laziness is not something they can’t change about themselves.

It’s not even rocket science…

Not something you need “great will” for…

It is much, much simpler than you think.

In this article, I am going to tell you why you feel so lazy and how to stop being lazy once and for all. Ready? Let’s go.


How To Stop Being Lazy – For Good!


1) Get a Deeper Understanding Of Why You Are Lazy


The first step is to understand why you tend to be lazy. Mostly, this refers to having negative thinking patterns that prevent you from working on and achieving your goals. These patterns can include:

  • Setting up too complicated goals or deadlines;
  • Believing you must excel and be perfect in everything you do;
  • Indulging in harsh self-criticism;
  • Ignoring the fact that you need a plan of action;
  • Adopting a negative mindset before even starting;
  • Not knowing where to start and not trying at all.

And sometimes, feeling lazy has nothing to do with habits, but is rather a psychological reason. If you noticed that you feel depressed or anxious lately, no wonder that you don’t have any energy or will to work on what needs to be done. In this case, talking to a therapist or a counselor should be your first step.

I know that it can be hard or intimidating to seak professional mental help, but if you feel that your laziness stems from bad mood and sad thoughts, you probably won’t stop being lazy until you solve these issues. Sometimes even one hour with a professional can help you more than you can imagine, so don’t be afraid to seek the help you deserve!


2) Learn To Establish Simple And Achievable Goals


After you thought through the possible reasons why you are so prone to laziness, start working with yourself by setting up realistic goals.

We usually get discouraged by huge tasks that need a lot of work, so whatever it is you want to do with yourself or your life, always start by splitting it into many small, easily achievable goals.

Moreover, remember that visualization is crucial. Our minds will easily remember a goal written on a piece of paper or strategically placed on a board. Having a daily planner can also help you become more productive.

To stop being lazy and set several mini goals that feel easy enough to achieve (and eventually add up into one big goal), I recommend you to try my printable Goal Planning Bundle which has a few easy to use, non-overwhelming goal planning tools. They’re especially great for anxious people who get easily overwhelmed with too much stuff to do:

3) Stop Being Lazy By Asking Someone To Help


Sometimes laziness happens when we start to believe no one will be against us if we don’t meet deadlines, or that we won’t lose anything significant if we don’t do what we need to do.

But in reality, you always lose something by skipping important tasks.

You might lose the peace of mind, your self-esteem, dignity or simply the ability to be properly lazy because your lazy time will be ruined by thoughts about things you should be doing instead (oh, the parradox!).

Having someone to constantly question your laziness can help you push through your laziness and be more productive. Find someone you trust and ask him / her if they could be your accountability buddy. Ask them to check up on you from time to time and assess if you are moving forward with your tasks and goals.


4) Manage Your Social Media / Internet Forum / Messenger Usage


We live in a world where spending endless hours scrolling through social media platforms or chatting with friends online is a daily habit for a lot of people. And not only does that waste a ton of time, but it may also make you sad and depressed which, again, can be one of the most important reasons why people are lazy.

If you are looking for ways to stop being lazy and be more productive, you might want to diminish the amount of time you spend on social apps.

Alternatively, if you feel like these platforms actually help you, you can simply clean your accounts and start to follow those people that inspire you in becoming better and better. If your social media accounts reflect your goals, you will be prone to finishing your tasks, because you will be inspired by others who do the same.


5) Manage Your Rest Time


Did you know that one of the major physical causes for laziness is burnout?

If you work too much and feel exhausted after each workday, you might be working yourself to the point of burnout. When you constantly push away relaxation and self care time, your body and mind will force you into a slump to make up for it.

Burnout can also happen from studying too much, exercising too much or having too much stress in your life.

Always remember that life is all about balance and it is rather crucial that your hard days would be completed by a well-deserved rest.

No matter what they do, people are more productive when they feel happy and relaxed. So instead of just “being lazy” on the coach, use your lazy time to have some basic self care: do some gentle and slow yoga, meditate a little, sit in the sunshine, read a book… In a nutshell – regularly do something that recharges your body & soul, and you might just stop being lazy on a daily basis.


6) Cherish Your Body


Speaking of the body! Your laziness might be a sign that you are prone to neglecting your body. Being sluggish can happen when we do not manage our energy supply correctly… That’s right – it means we don’t eat properly, and we don’t sleep enough.

Focus on getting the right amount of sleep every night, because it’s an extremely important part in rejuvenating your body. Good sleep can be a powerful secret to feeling energized, productive and cheerful.

To keep your body properly fueled, always try to eat as healthy as possible. Don’t shy away from healthy carbs (like wholegrain cereals, bread, pasta and fruits) because they are an excellent source of energy your body needs to be strong and energetic.


7) Learn To Take Proper Breaks When You Work


A common mistake today is to work continuously throughout the working hours without taking a single break. This can lead to a slump faster than you think!

When setting up your day’s schedule, you MUST add a couple of breaks that will allow you to break from the routine and boost your focus.

It was scientifically proven that short mental breaks can make you even more productive and prevent sluggishness. So do yourself a favor and allow yourself to rest a little – it might be that secret last ingredient you need to stop being lazy!

And that’s it! I know, it does not sound like a super-secret-laziness-antidote… But it’s a realistic, real-life plan to stop being lazy, develop better habits and stay continuously productive.

If you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything except to urge you to try and see yourself – by doing these simple things you CAN get rid of (most of your) laziness and improve your productivity.

… But you have to actually do them. Does that sound hard? It’s ok, you might want to start with a “Get Your Life Together” Day that helps you to create a perfect mood and motivation for changes.

It’s never too late to change.

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