6 Easy Habits To Improve Your Work Productivity

Updated on August 22, 2020

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Have you been struggling with your productivity lately? I get it. With constant emails and never-ending paperwork, it’s hard not to get frazzled. Add the long hours at work + family responsibilities, and you might as well tear out your hair.

Today’s world is incredibly fast-paced, making it that much harder to achieve our goals in a single day. But trust me, the hope is not lost.

With the right habits, time management skills and a plan in hand, you can learn to work more efficiently – and spare your energy at the same time!

Imagine how great it would feel if you could work smarter, not harder and deal with your tasks more productively. This is achievable, and in this article, I want to highlight how you can set your days for efficient, lasting productivity with six simple, but beneficial little habits.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them!


6 Easy Habits To Improve Your Work Productivity


1. Use a To-Do list


Write a to-do list every single morning (except weekends, leave your precious weekends to self care).

Whether you create or craft your to-do list on a digital platform or paper – doesn’t matter, as long as it works for you.

Make sure your to-do list highlights all the essential tasks of the day.

As simple as it may sound, to-do lists are really effective in helping you to stay on track and achieve your daily goals.

Moreover, they serve as a reminder, which, in turn, ensures that no task is left unattended.

In other words, to-do lists minimize the chances of forgetting to complete a project or a task.

Here’s a to-do list I use myself all the time:

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2. Organize Your Workspace

If you’ve been desperately looking for tips on how to work more efficiently, just start with an organized table.

Leaving your work organized prepares you for the next day.

Hence, you end up saving on time instead of using it up looking for documents.

Spend some time to organize your work and office space and always remember – the more organized your documents are today, the easier it is to find them tomorrow!

Organized and less cluttered workspace, according to research, has been shown to improve efficiency.

I’m a fan of research, so I believe that! There’s a ton of awesome organizers you can get for a reasonable price on Amazon:

3. Turn Off Notifications When You Work


We live in a media-saturated world, and it’s great.

But everything from email to social media notifications on our phones serves as a distraction.

Turn off your notifications to decrease the levels of distractions while working.

There are also apps that you can use to block social media platforms for a set or scheduled time. With them, you can block your social media platforms for a set time, like from 9 am to 5 pm.

And, of course – never start your day by browsing social media. 

Instead, refer to number 1 and write down your to-do list.


4. Schedule For Interruptions


Not everything always goes according to the plan…

Distractions can be minimized, but certain interruptions are completely unavoidable.

While making your plan for the next day, schedule in the possibility for interruptions.

This gives you more wiggle room, ensuring that you remain flexible while trying to complete your tasks.


5. Track Your Time


Assign every task for the day with a certain time limit.

For instance, for every document you have to write, give yourself an hour or so. By timing yourself, you can remain acutely aware of your time.

This, in turn, helps to keep you motivated (“I will have a break soon”) and prevents the situation where you lose the sense of time and then spend too much of it doing something that was supposed to be.

Needless to say, you’ll be able to accomplish your tasks faster!

When setting time limits for your tasks, always consider the type of work you’re dealing with.

If it’s a difficult one, be sure to set enough time to accomplish it. You still want to ensure that you’re not only working against the clock but producing quality work.


6. Delegate The Overload


Question: How to work more efficiently when you have tons of tasks?

Answer: Prioritize your work and start with the most urgent tasks at hand.

For more menial tasks, why not have somebody assist you?

Doing everything yourself is never a good idea. This is why I love delegating things!

If my tasks are related to home care, I simply ask my boyfriend to help.

But if my tasks are more complicated, or related to work, I go straight to Fiverr.

Fiverr has been my go-to delegation place for years because it’s, well, superb!

You can find people who will do various tasks for you quickly, professionally and the prices start from 5 dollars only.


Overall, you can use Fiverr to:


But my favorite Fiverr thing is the ability to hire a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant can help you with various tasks, just like a real assistant and this service is a real lifesaver when you find yourself having way too many computer related tasks.

And that’s it! These tips should give you an idea of how to work more efficiently every day. Remember – it’s about working smarter, not harder or longer! Let’s sum up the main points.


To work more efficiently every day:


  1. Create a to-do list in the morning.

  2. Organize your workspace at the end of every day.

  3. Turn off notification when you work.

  4. Have a set time for interruptions.

  5. Delegate when possible.


Go crush those tasks, girl.

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