45 Helpful Ways To Lift Your Mood

Updated on July 3, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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Looking for ways to your boost your mood? No matter what happened, your mood can be improved.

Science says that doing certain things can help to stimulate the right parts of your brain or push those little happiness hormones – endorphins – right into your bloodstream. These hormones, along with another happiness hormone serotonin are responsible for feeling good, feeling happy and uplifted.

Simply speaking – doing something that activates these little friends in our body is a sure way to make you feel better and brighten up your face.

In fact, this is how most antidepressant drugs works – they either induce the creation of these hormones or decrease the amount of “unhappiness” hormones in your bloodstream.

Either way, it works to bring you back to the balance you need!

But let’s leave all the science stuff behind and take look at the practical ways you can lift your mood right now, so you can feel at least a little bit better.

Some of them are easier, some may require a little bit of willpower while you’re still sad, but I believe you will find at least one idea on this list to try and improve your mood.


For starters…

Whatever happened, you will be OK. Breathe. Things will get better because they always do.

Now let’s move on to the topic.

45 Helpful Ways To Lift Your Mood


1. Watch your favorite TV show.

2. Make yourself your favorite meal.

3. Go on a long walk.

4. Have a SPA session.

5. Buy new makeup or beauty products.

6. Watch funny content on Youtube.

7. Go shopping (or shop online).

8. Explore nearby art galleries.

9. Go see a movie by yourself.

10. Make or shop for gifts for someone you love.

11. Sit in a sunshine.

12. Play fun video games.

13. Snuggle into your comfiest pajamas and drink hot cocoa.

14. Get a massage.

15. Do a rebalancing meditation.

16. Call and chat to someone you love.

17. Eat some dark chocolate.

18. Listen to uplifting songs.

19. Do some mood-boosting yoga (Youtube will help a lot with this).

20. Write all that’s bothering you down and let it go.

21. Steam citrusy essential oils in your room (these scents are able to lift your mood as well).

22. Buy yourself some flowers.

23. Cry all the negative emotions out (sometimes we just need to let the overload of the emotions out to feel better).

24. Get back to the present moment by being mindful.

25. Play your favorite music and dance it off.

26. Excercise to get a boost of happiness hormones.

27. Remind yourself of things you’re grateful for.

28. Watch silly animal videos.

29. Help somebody you love.

30. Cuddle with your loved one.

31. Play with your pet.

32. Watch the best comedy you’ve ever seen.

33. Put on your makeup, dress up and go out.

34. Meet your best friends.

35. Do something new and exciting.

36. Clean up and organize your surroundings (clutter is a very strong depressant!).

37. Look at happy photos from good times.

38. Find the brightest side of your life and make it your focus.

39. Drink some coffee (for some people caffeine works as a mood lifter).

40. Take a long nap.

41. Watch your favorite childhood cartoon.

42. Read an uplifting book or online stories.

43. Drink mood-boosting tea.

44. Read witty quotes and sayings.

45. Read jokes and anecdotes online.

I hope you found at least a few ideas on what to do next to lift your mood! Remember that no matter what ruined your mood, it’s in your hands to make it better. Also – sometimes simply a decision to not overthink helps.

Good luck!

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