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    Makeup hacks and tips to help you master the art of flawless makeup application at home.

    gorgeous glowy no makeup look

    How to Achieve the “No Makeup” Look Through Skin Care

    You may love your appearance so much that you never go back to heavy products again.
    woman with gorgeous eyelashes

    A Glimpse Into The Past: The Most Popular Lash Trends Of 2021

    Here's what made our eyes POP this season...
    asian woman with beautiful hooded eyes

    Hooded Eyes And 7 Makeup Tips That Make a HUGE Difference!

    Hooded eyes are beautiful, but they need just a little more practice to emphasize.
    various lipstick shades on a pink background

    How to Pick the Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin & Hair Tone

    Red, brown, nude, pink... All of these have a million variations. Here's what to pick!
    woman using natural eyeshadow palette

    Natural Eyeshadow Colors That Look Great On Everyone

    Neutral and natural eyeshadows will never go out of style.
    How To Get Makeup Samples For Free

    How To Get Makeup Samples For Free

    Expand your makeup collection with close to zero spend.
    makeup essentials on the table

    10 Makeup Essentials Everyone Should Try + Popular Holy Grails

    If you don't have these makeup essentials, you're kind of missing out!
    person holding vaseline petroleum jelly jar in hand

    15 Surprising Vaseline Uses For Beauty & Body Care

    Vaseline is not just a cheap jelly for your lips.
    perfect bronzer application example

    How to Apply Bronzer (Without Looking Dirty!)

    Here's how to avoid that "Cheetos-dusted" look.
    cosmetic bag with makeup and tools

    How Often Should You Replace Your Makeup And Makeup Tools?

    Keep your makeup collection fresh and updated.
    woman with social media makeup

    Doing Your Makeup for Social Media vs IRL: The Key Differences

    Looking great in pictures and real life are two different things.
    beautiful woman after a glow up challenge

    Glow Up Challenge: How To Glow Up And Become Prettier In One Month

    Here's how to glow up your face, body, hair, and soul - explode with beauty in a month or less!