Trying To Cope With Anxiety Without Medication

10 Ways To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication + FREE Anxiety Tracker Printable

Yes, there are ways to relieve your anxiety without meds.

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Picture Portraying 10 Ways To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication + Free Anxiety Tracker Printable

As I openly shared with you a while ago, I suffer from anxiety.

It’s not constant, it’s not daily (anymore), but when it hits, it hits hard!

And I know how hard it is to say it in front of a public.

People judge you, or they simply fail to understand your struggle.

You would be amazed by the number of people suffering from mild, moderate, or severe anxiety these days… And the fact that we talk about it openly on social media doesn’t change the fact that anxiety is still a regular struggle for a lot of us, and it’s one of those issues that’s not so easy to control.

So if you’re like most of us, anxious people, you’re probably seeking anxiety relief.

You are not alone!

Today I’m sharing my top 10 ways that helped me to overcome anxiety without medication.

It takes some effort – I’m not gonna lie – but for some people, choosing the path of medication is simply not an option.

This is totally fine – as long as you can manage your anxiety, and learn how to be with it, you shouldn’t feel pressured to use meds.

Please remember that it’s possible to feel anxious, and still be okay! Let’s see how you can achieve such freedom with a few helpful steps.

Young Woman With Cup Of Cocoa Tyring To Overcome Anxiety


How To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication


1. Be an active person


In my anxiety journey, I discovered that a great way to overcome anxiety without medication is through regular, daily exercise.

It can ease your anxiety symptoms, and the best part about it is that it is not a short-term fix.

Staying active can help you to overcome anxiety for very long periods of time, but you have to stay consistent with it.

Woman Sitting In Near A Stream To Overcome Anxiety


2. Avoid alcohol


Of course, alcohol should not be a part of your diet if you suffer from anxiety.

Alcohol is a natural sedative and depressant, which is why having a glass of wine when your anxiety kicks in might worsen the situation.

At first, you might feel calmer, but after some time, your symptoms can return like a wave.

If you want to overcome anxiety without medication, I recommend staying away from alcohol altogether.


3. Avoid smoking


Similar to drinking alcohol, smoking can make you more stressed.

It can worsen your anxiety simply by making your heart beat faster, so if you’re determined to overcome anxiety without medication, smoking has to go.

To be honest, quitting smoking has a ton of benefits that aren’t even anxiety-related!


4. Ditch the caffeine


For those suffering from chronic anxiety, caffeine can act as a trigger and I can confirm it from my personal experience. Caffeine can cause nervousness, and it can make you jumpy.

Besides, it can even cause panic attacks if you’re very sensitive at the moment.

Lowering your daily caffeine consumption (or even saying “goodbye” to it for good) will help you feel calmer and less tense.


5. Get enough sleep


During my struggle, I discovered that getting enough quality rest can help you to overcome anxiety without medication too.

But of course, sleeping with anxiety is not so easy, right?

Thankfully, I have a few tips for this on my little guide for how to sleep well, even if you have anxiety.


6. Start meditating


One of the most helpful ways to overcome anxiety without medication is by engaging in regular, daily meditating.

Sitting in a quiet place and just noticing my thoughts has helped me to discover a sense of calm and mindfulness just inside me. It taught me how to calm down when anxiety kicks in, how to create a safe space inside my head, and how to let go of the things I can’t control.

You can learn all of that too!

Here’s how to start meditating as a beginner.

Woman Meditating In Nature To Overcome Anxiety


7. Follow a healthy meal plan


Did you know that adequate nutrient intake plays a major role in lessening anxiety symptoms?

To overcome anxiety without medication, you should consider switching to a healthier meal plan.

Avoid a high-sugar diet and any foods rich in artificial coloring or preservatives.

Instead, indulge in veggies, legumes, fruits, and lean proteins.

I know it’s not that easy to change your eating habits when you’re anxious, but it can make you feel better.

For starters, you can try these mood-boosting meal ideas, or ask your loved one to get you a few healthy meals.


8. Learn deep breathing techniques


When my anxiety kicks in, I sometimes start hyperventilating and this only worsens my anxiety symptoms.

But I found out that doing slow, deep breathing exercises helps immensely.

You can learn to take slow, deep, and even breaths with a guided meditation or a breathing app.

Practicing this daily can help you overcome anxiety attacks, as you will make a habit of restoring your normal breathing patterns.

Knowing how to bring your breath back to normal is one of the most effective ways to overcome anxiety without medication and it’s really easy to learn!


9. Use aromatherapy and massage


Aromatherapy boosts your mood thanks to the fragrant essential oils and massage can decrease stress and tension.

As such, both approaches can help you to relax, sleep better, and benefit from an improved mood.

If you’re too anxious to visit a massage salon right now, ask your loved one to gently stroke your back, or invest in a massage pillow.

I’ve recently purchased a Shiatsu electric massage pillow and it feels absolutely amazing!

Having a session with it makes me feel like I’m in a real massage salon and it calms me down significantly.

Electric Shiatsu Pillow As A Tool To Overcome Anxiety

Papillon Back Massager with Heat, Shiatsu

10. Avoid toxic relationships


Another way to overcome anxiety without medication is to literally avoid toxic people.

I know it is hard at first, but I can tell you from my experience – it helps a lot. Mental health issues are so much harder to deal with if you’re regularly hanging out with people who stress you out.


Free Anxiety Tracker Printable


This printable Anxiety Tracker is designed to be a simple & clutterless tool to track your emotional wellbeing for the whole year round.

Comes in two paper sizes, ink & binder friendly.

Can also be used for depression, stress or mood tracking:

Printable Anxiety Tracker On A Table


Free Printable Anxiety Tracker Explained


Free Anxiety Tracker Printables

How can you get this free printable anxiety tracker?

Just choose the size of your paper below:

Anxiety Tracker Printable by ShineSheets SIZE-US-LETTER

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*Personal use only.


You CAN Overcome Anxiety.


These were my top 10 ways to overcome anxiety without medication.

Just make sure you understand it takes time to do it and it’s not a permanent solution… Anxiety is volatile, and its symptoms come and go.

But it’s not impossible, and things always get better, believe me.

I’ve learned that teaching yourself to return to a state of calm is a great help.

Also, I suggest you research and read as much information about anxiety as you can.

This can help you to understand better what you’re going through and how you can overcome anxiety with simple habits. (P.S. you can start with my anxiety articles collection).

And, of course, make sure you discuss your issues with a loved one… You will be amazed by how good it feels to know you have someone to lean on.

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