10 Printable Tools That Help You Start a New Life

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Picture Portraying 10 Printable Tools That Help You Start A New Life

If you want to change yourself and start a new life, you have to find ways to do it right. And these days, there’s so much information on the internet that it’s easy to get lost in the reading phase and never actually start somewhere.

After all, most self-improvement articles end in a push to buy a coaching session with the author or his/her online course. And while coaching sessions and online courses are fantastic ways to get the right information you need to achieve your goals and start a new life, in reality, not everyone has enough money to pay hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars for the info they might not even like.

I have benefited from online courses significantly in my life, but I was always getting them on Udemy. And, since I was pretty much a sale-stalker, I didn’t even spend a lot on them. Just so you know, when Udemy sales happen, and they happen ALL THE TIME, you can get a 299$ online course for like 10-15$.

Crazy, I know! And that’s exactly why I love them so much. I strongly recommend you to pay a visit to Udemy to see which courses you can enroll in and kickstart your new life project with full force. They have classes on everything from personal development, to a healthy lifestyle and even freelancing! You can check them out here.


You can read more about their courses (and which ones are especially worth enrolling in!) in this post.

But let’s get back to the point. Again – apart from Udemy, online coaching, teaching, and courses can get pretty expensive. This is why self-improvement printables are so great. You can find journals, planners, trackers, and templates for a fraction of the online course price. But the most important thing is they help you stop reading and start doing something to start a new life and achieve those goals you’ve been dreaming about.

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Here are 15 printables that can help you change yourself, change your life and become a new person. They are affordable and, since I first designed them to use myself, I am 100% sure that they are effective and working.

They were an essential part of my personal development story, and I still use them to keep my life and mind in order on a day-to-day basis.

(P. S. If you want to know why I needed things like that and what the heck this website’s about, read my story here).

So let’s dive in!


10 Helpful Printables For When You Want To Start a New Life


1. To Start Taking Proper Care Of Yourself: Self Care Planner

Self Care Planner Printable

Grab: Free Self Care Planner Printable


2. To Stop Being So Anxious About Everything: The Worry Workbook


Worry Workbook Printable

Grab: Free Printable Worry Workbook


3. To Set Continuous and Achievable Goals: Monthly Goal Planner


Monthly Goal Planner Printable Free

Grab: Free Printable Monthly Goal Planner


4. To Keep Yourself Going Forward: Challenge Calendar


Challenge Calendar Printable On Table

Grab: Free Printable Challenge calendar


5. To Fully Accept and Start Loving Yourself: Self Discovery Journal


Free Printable Self Discovery Journal On The Table With Flower

Grab: Free Printable Self Discovery Journal


6. To Develop a Positive Attitude: Positivity Journal


Picture Portraying 10 Printable Tools That Help You Start A New Life

Grab: Free Printable Positivity Journal


7. To Radically Change Your Mindset and Start Thinking Clear: The Thought Workbook


Picture Portraying 10 Printable Tools That Help You Start A New Life

Grab: Free Printable Thought Workbook


8. To Start Controlling Your time: Essential Planning Bundle


Picture Portraying 10 Printable Tools That Help You Start A New Life

Get it here.


That’s it! If you’re skeptical about using printables as a growth tool, I suggest you try one and see it yourself. You won’t lose much if you don’t like it after all, but you may also massively benefit if you do find it helpful.

Not every self-improvement option has to cost a lot. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective!

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