FREE Printable Positivity Journal For More Good Vibes In Your Life

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Picture Portraying Free Printable Positivity Journal For More Good Vibes In Your Life

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Are you used to being negative all the time? Does life look grim and grey?

Sometimes we run out of all our positivity reserves. Especially – when we experience a problem or a recurring unpleasant fact, like chronic pain or negative news on TV.

This printable Positivity Journal can help you overcome a negative mindset by being your personal positivity training tool.

It’s simple, it’s minimalistic and it does exactly what you need to see the glass as half full – it boosts your positivity and helps you become more optimistic.

Easy and pleasant positivity exercises will help you see a brighter, more colorful part of your life and focus on the things that are joyful and positive. 

As a result, your mood improves, your resilience grows and your life becomes more enjoyable.

It’s 16 pages filled with positivity – access, print, and start feeling more joyful and positive in minutes!


Why Use a Printable Positivity Journal?


This journal was created to be simple, yet effective journaling tool that is able to lift up your spirits and develop a positive outlook on your life.

With Positivity Journal you can:

  • Stay positive in every situation of your life, no matter what happens.
  • Train your mind to spot negative thoughts and replace them with positivity.
  • Develop a new, positive & radiant personality with simple techniques like affirmation practice.
  • Get creative & relax with positive visualization and journaling exercises.

Take a sneak peek!

Preview Of Printable Positivity Journal


Positive Visualization Exercise


Positive Actions Printable


Mistakes Optimisation Page In Free Printable Positivity Planner


Positive Affirmations Page In Free Printable Positivity Journal


Positive Things About Me Page


How to use this Positivity Journal to become more positive & optimistic


Start with listing positive things about yourself, other people, situations ,or things that are important to you.


  • Practice positive affirmations with provided examples or write down your own affirmations based on your situation. You can create a habit of saying these affirmations out loud every morning and evening.
  • Create a positive vision of yourself + set a positive intention for your life with BPS (Best Possible Self) exercise.
  • We believe what we say, and we say what we believe. Start saying positive things with Positive Expressions exercise.
  • Make your past and mistakes work for your new positive personality! Use “Letting Go” and “Mistakes? No, lessons” exercises for that.
  • Get creative with Positive Visualization or Positive Thoughts exercise whenever you want to enjoy a meditative, joy-filled hour of positivity.
  • Boost your positivity with Positivity actions or refer to a provided list in case you need a quick positivity boost.


Get Your Free Positivity Journal Printable


Simply choose the size that fits you here:

Free Positivity Journal Printable by ShineSheets in Size US LETTER

Free Positivity Journal Printable by ShineSheets in Size A4

*Personal use only, friends!

A positivity journal is just a perfect tool to use in your daily self-care or whenever you want to brighten up your mood. Staying positive will also have a positive impact on your health – it’s a win-win! Grab this journal below and start being more positive in minutes – you’ve got this!

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