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Free Birthdays List Printable

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I don’t know about you, but I used to always forget birthdays and people would always get so offended! 🙄 I guess the fact that I’m an introvert who doesn’t like birthdays (or any other holidays, honestly) could be a culprit here.

But even though they’re not my thing, I think sending a small birthday gift, or at least a birthday wish is a nice thing to do. In fact, for some people it might be the only birthday wish they receive all day… God, when I think of it, it just breaks my heart. I hate this feeling.

So I decided to be more sensible about birthdays and the first thing is, of course, to remember them. I loved using my Perpetual Calendar for them, but lately there’s so much to do that this calendar can’t handle all the info I need to jot down, not to mention all those birthdays too. 

So I created this minimalistic birthdays list and you can download it here for FREE today!

A single page should handle a whole year of birthdays, unless you’re a real social diva and there’s not enough space to write them all down… Applause to you if this is your first world problem! 😊

Anyway, you can download your lists here:

Birthdays List in size A4

Birthdays List in size US LETTER

And if you would like to get more organized overall, check out my Ultimate collection of planner & journals for better life.

That’s it! I hope this list will help you to keep the track of all those birthdays… Send those birthday wishes, even if it means nothing to you. It may mean something for others.

Good luck.

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Rona Rossiter

Thank you so much this is a great sight to have I have daughters on the same thing I will post it to them.