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How To Have a Perfect Self Care Sunday + FREE Daily Planner Printable

Self care Sunday is a must, for everybody.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Gorgeous Woman After Her Self Care Sunday

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By now, you have probably heard of the term “self care Sunday”, but what exactly does it mean?


Self care Sunday is a day that you dedicate to your physical and mental wellness, in order to rest, recharge, feel better about yourself, and start the next week feeling amazing.

In this article, read to learn why it’s important to have a self care Sunday and what exactly to do on this day to make sure you feel like a boss the next week.


6 Reasons To Have a Self Care Sunday Every Week


To make your self care Sunday meaningful and gather motivation to do it, let’s first take a look at why having a self care Sunday is so beneficial.

We all know that self care is a vital part of any healthy routine.

But just how many reasons are there to have a self care Sunday?

Well, if you’re like most people, the number is too large to count, but here are a few that matter the most!


1. It’s great for your health


Having a day where you can take time off your busy schedule to care for yourself can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

A lot of stress today comes from the demands of work and family, so it’s easy to see how having just a little time to relax and care for yourself can help you.

After all, what’s better than being able to unwind and take a deep breath before you tackle the rest of the week’s stresses?

How about knowing that you’ve taken care of yourself and made sure that your mind and body are ready to tackle another round of work the next week?


2. You’re getting an energy boost for the day


Besides making you feel better, self care Sunday has the added benefit of giving you a mental and physical boost as well.

When you’re feeling rundown, it’s often difficult to push yourself to get any real work done.

That’s why having little to no rest on weekends leads to grumpy and unhappy Monday morning.

When you want to finish what you started, or to start your week with a bang, self care Sunday is an excellent way to achieve that.

Your energy will be higher, and you’ll feel happier after spending some time for yourself.


3. You can spend your time with people you love


On a self care Sunday, you’re also able to spend time with family and friends.

Nothing is worse than a lack of connection with those you love.

Having a self care Sunday that includes some time together allows you to reconnect with people you love.

You might find yourself telling someone about how much you loved that person, or maybe you’ll share a funny story about something that happened on your week – anything like that is refreshing for your soul.


4. You can keep your beauty standards high


When you take a break from the routine of life, it can be easy to slip into a pattern of mediocrity.

A lot of people love to get lazy on the weekend and do nothing for their appearance at all.

But if you’re not keeping up with your health and looks, you might start to think that nothing is important at all…  Self care Sunday is a good chance to do something different.

Whether it’s a skincare session, getting a massage, visiting your hairdresser, or some other type of beauty self care activity, doing something for yourself can help you to feel happier, sexier, and put together.

Skincare As A Self Care Sunday Idea


5. You can keep yourself fit


Another reason to have a wellness day is that it can give you an opportunity to become or stay fit.

Fitness is important, for many reasons.

Not only does it keep you healthy, but it keeps you fit mentally.

Keeping a good, healthy body can also lead to greater self-confidence.

The problem with that comes when on weekdays you simply don’t have enough time or energy to do something good for your physical fitness.

It’s easy to see why taking care of your body is so important on a self care Sunday.


6. You can show a great example to others


There are other reasons to have a self care Sunday as well.

If you have children, a day spent helping them learn about nutrition and good health could be a great chance for the entire family to get together.

You may also want to spend some time teaching them about the importance of physical fitness.

If you have a partner who doesn’t seem to take good care of themselves, you can also inspire and motivate them to do so by setting a great example.


Things To Do on Your Self Care Sunday


There are so many activities you can do on your self care sunday (here’s 50 self care ideas to try any day!), but I’ve found that these particular activities can make your self care Sunday just perfect.


1. Have a SPA Day


Make a resolution to treat yourself to spa activities on your self care Sunday, or have a day of pampering at home.

This will help you to get away from your hectic life for a while.

It is advisable to plan out your self care Sunday before you start (you can grab a self care planner in another article for that), but essentially – just spend some time pampering yourself.

Try it once, and you’ll see how great you can feel after giving your beautiful body some true love and care.

Woman Having A Bath On Her Self Care Sunday


2. Spend Some Time On Your Mental Health


Make a decision to treat your mental health with on your self care Sunday.

A day like that can take care of a variety of emotional and mental health problems.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Write in a journal. List the things you’re grateful for, thoughts that are keeping you worried, set mental health goals for yourself, or simply take a pen and paper and write whatever comes to your mind.
  • Meditate. Meditation is the most perfect self care Sunday activity that can help you to feel less stressed and mentally lighter almost immediately.

    My favorite way to meditate is by listening to guided meditations on Youtube where someone tells you how to breathe, which body part to relax, or what to visualize.

    I always feel incredibly refreshed after each session!

  • Take a long walk. Not only walking is great for your physical health – it’s great for your mental health too.

    A long walk in nature or simply in the closest park can help you to relieve stress and recharge your mental batteries.

    Even 30 minutes is beneficial!


3. Have a Skin Care Session


Self care Sunday is perfect for an extended skincare routine.

There is no set schedule for this, but just as any other routine, make it as easy and convenient as you can for yourself.

A great skin care routine to follow on a self care Sunday can include washing your face with a gentle cleanser, exfoliating, massaging your face, doing a face mask, and finishing off with serum + moisturizer.

If you’re going outdoors, apply your sunscreen and lip protectant too.

For your body, you can follow a similar routine of using your favorite body wash, exfoliating, depilating if needed, and then locking the moisture in with a lightweight body lotion.

This should make you feel extra fancy!

You may even wear your most beautiful heels or jewelry on self care Sunday to complete your gorgeous look!

Tools Gathered For A Self Care Sunday


4. Do Something Fun


Going out for some fun activities on a self care Sunday can also be a great way to get in some good time.

If you love playing tennis, why not sign up for a tennis club and play against other tennis lovers?

If you love hiking and enjoying the great outdoors, try to take in some nature walks around your local area.

Love good food?

Splurge a little and go to your favorite restaurant.

Just do something that is fun to you, and a burst of happiness hormones is guaranteed.


5. Just Chill And Mellow Out


Finish your self care Sunday doing something relaxing and slow, so after a day full of self care activities, you can feel calm and rested too.

Pick out your favorite de-stressing book, put your favorite TV show on and unwind from a week full of stress and pressure.

It is really important to take care of yourself and take care of the world around you.

Relaxing on your self care Sunday is just one small part of the whole equation.

If you are feeling unmotivated and unfulfilled, take a look at what your life has become and see if you are happy and content with it.

If not, it may be time to do something different and bring your self care Sunday activities to regular weekdays too.

After all, self care is food both for your body and soul.


Plan Your Self Care Sunday With a Free Daily Planner Printable


Designed to plan your day easily – even if you’re an early riser or someone who works at night.

This planner has a spacious 24 hour schedule and other important tabs to keep you organized and focused 24 hours every day.

Daily Planner Printable For Self Care Sunday


This free printable daily planner features:

→ Tasks list with checkboxes;

→ Health tab for meal planning and water tracking;

→ A spacious place for notes & your amazing ideas;

→ Very spacious, comfortable to use 24 hour schedule.

You can use this planner for your self care sunday or any other day, actually:

Daily Planner Printable For Self Care Sunday Planning And For Everyday Plans


Daily Planner Printable For Self Care Sunday Planning

To get this daily planner printable, simply choose the size that fits your needs:

The Daily Planner 24 Hour by ShineSheets US LETTER SIZE (Perfect For Self Care Sunday)

The Daily Planner 24 Hour by ShineSheets in A4 SIZE (Perfect For Self Care Sunday)

*Personal use only.


Self Care Sunday Is a Must, For Everybody


As you can see, there are a number of reasons to have a self care Sunday.

For many people, this is their only day off from work, which allows them to treat themselves to a special treat.

For others, self care allows them to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

No matter the reason you choose, creating an opportunity to care for yourself with a self care Sunday will help you to maintain a high level of great mood and physical wellness.

Give yourself a chance to experience it!

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