Habit Tracker Printable Free

FREE Habit Tracker Printable For a Pinch of Healthy Self-motivation

Habits are hard to master, but so rewarding if successfully acquired!

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Habits are hard to master, but so rewarding if successfully acquired!

To help yourself stick to preferred habits, use this simple, effective, free habit tracker printable.

One page lasts a whole month and allows you to track up to 6 habits (and if you need more, simply use more pages).

This habit tracker with a pinch of healthy self-motivation is available (for free) in Pink or Grey color.

If you want to be extra diligent about your new routines, hang this tracker in a visible place (like your closet door or refrigerator). “But what about my bad habits?” This tracker can also serve the opposite purpose.

If you want to quit smoking or any other bad habit, use this tracker to track days WITHOUT doing it.

You got this!


How This Habit Tracker Printable Can Help You?


Do you want to advance in your life and slay your goals?

Here’s some help!

This printable goal planner is minimal, decluttered and will help you plan your goals in a simple yet effective way.

It’s easy to use, comes in Pink or Green, and can be used for years to come since it’s undated.

Take a look at how it works!

Free Habit Tracker Printable


Habit Tracker Printable For Free


How to start tracking your habits


Get this tracker at the bottom of this post, print it, and decide on 6 habits you want to create in your life.

Next, cross every day you’ve performed a habit.

Try to be consistent and perform as many days as you can.

If life happens and you can’t perform a habit for a few days – it’s fine!

Just try to catch up the next day.

Review at the end of the month to sum up days of successful habit performance.

Now try to beat your numbers next month!

Remember – competing with yourself is much healthier than competing with the things you see on social media.


Free Habit Tracker Printable


Now, let’s get to the actual business!

To get your free habit tracker, choose the size that fits your paper:

Free Habit Tracker Printable – Style Grey, US LETTER

Free Habit Tracker – Style Pink, US LETTER

Printable Habit Tracker – Style Pink, A4

Habit Tracker in style Grey, A4

*Personal use only!

I hope you like this free template! There are lots more right here.


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