5 Reasons To Track Your Period + Free Printable Period Tracker

Updated on August 6, 2020

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It’s been quite some time since I shared a free printable so here it goes! A beautiful, minimalistic and just “clean” period tracker is on the spot today.

Now, I hope you’re all already tracking your periods, but just in case you don’t (yet), here are just a few reasons to start doing it!


5 Reasons To Track Your Period


  • It helps you to check if your period is regular (this can say a lot about your overall health as well).
  • It’s important if you’re planning to get pregnant or don’t want to get pregnant, because you can be aware of your fertile days.
  • It’s extremely helpful to your doctor if she / he needs to see your cycle health. This can happen if your period becomes irregular and your doctor needs to see how regular your periods were before.
  • It helps you to stay aware of when your next period is about to begin (which is very helpful when you need to plan things like vacations, celebrations and other days you would rather spend when NOT on your period);
  • It can help you to see your PMS patterns and help explain some things like mood swings, breast tenderness and other PMS symptoms.


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Free Printable Period Tracker


This printable period tracker is for girls who don’t like tracking their period with phone apps and prefer to have a simple tracker inserted in their planner.

It’s undated and reusable, meaning you can use this printable every year, without bothering about getting a new one. Simply print one more copy and you’re good to go for a whole year.

Plus, it’s minimalistic and straight to the point – no unnecessary design shenanigans! 🤗

Simply mark or fill the days with a pencil or pen.


Click on the links below to download this printable period tracker in required size:


Free Period Tracker in size A4

Free Period Tracker in size LETTER

And that’s it! I hope you like this free printable (here are even more freebies to download).

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