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30 Things To Do To Make Your Life A Little Easier + FREE Printable Checklist

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Ah, don’t we all wish life was a little easier!.. A little less messy and a little more comfortable. Well, great news – I gathered a handful of small things that can help you do just that. These 30 small things are easy to do, they’re mostly inexpensive and they can make your life just a little bit easier.

And guess what, I made it even easier for you to implement them. When you finish reading this list, make sure to download a printable checklist at the bottom – no need to write anything down. Just print and checkmark every small thing you’ve done. 😉 Okay? Let’s do this.


30 Things To Do To Make Your Life A Little Easier


1. Create fast dial shortcuts on your phone.

2. Set alarms for a whole week.

3. Carry a small pouch of cash for parking and tips.

4. Turn off unnecessary phone notifications.

5. Set up automatic payments for your bills.

6. Decide on one color palette for your wardrobe and stick to it.

7. Put a flashlight app on your phone’s main window.

8. Make lists of everything… EVERYTHING! Important numbers, tasks, birthdays, things to buy – get it all out of your head.

9. Get a faster internet plan if you can.

10. Replace old Wifi routers at your home and office.

11.  Stock up on extra batteries, soap and toilet paper (they always run out when you need them).

12. Install an automatic feeder for your pet.

13. Get watering balls for your plants.

14. Start using a password management service.

15. Use laundry bags to separate your clothes and prevent laundry crisis.

16. Empty up that cup holder place in your car (and keep it empty).

17. Carry a travel-sized deodorant in your bag.

18. Also – a power bank for your phone.

19. Unfollow people you don’t know on social media.

20. … Or even delete your social media accounts for good.

21. Create a cheat sheet of information you use daily.

22. Install AdBlock on your browser.

23. Whitelist people you know in your e-mail service.

24. Decide on a regular sleep schedule and start following it.

25. Get ready in the morning (brush your teeth, brush your hair, moisturize your skin) even if you stay at home.

26. Make a list of healthy snacks that can be grabbed at any grocery store that’s on the way.

27. Start being decisive just say “yes” or “no” instead of “I don’t know”, “You decide” or “Whatever”.

28. Make a daily plan every morning.

29. Find an exercise that sucks the least and make it your go-to workout option.

30. Leave your desk clean after work.

… See? I told you these were simple. 🙃

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