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30 Small Things That Make Life Easier + FREE Printable Checklist

Ah, don’t we all wish to make life easier! Guess what – it’s possible.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

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A Concept Image Of Things That Make Life Easier

Ah, don’t we all wish to make life easier!..

A little less messy and a little more comfortable… Well, great news – it is definitely possible to make life easier.

I gathered a handful of small things that can help you do just that, without making a ton of grandiose changes.

These 30 small things are easy to do, they’re mostly inexpensive and they can make life easier with just a little effort.

And guess what, I made it even easier for you to implement them.

When you finish reading these ideas to make life easier, make sure to grab a printable checklist at the bottom – no need to write anything down!

Just print and checkmark every small thing you’ve done.

Let’s do this!


Small Things That Make Life Easier


1. Create fast-dial shortcuts on your phone


Believe it or not, you can really make life easier just by setting a few fast-dial shortcuts on your phone home screen.

Just remember how many times you got angry because you needed to call someone important, and it was a hassle to quickly find the contact.

Since I created a few fast-dial shortcuts on my phone (my boyfriend, my mom, and a few others), I only have to open the home screen – and it’s so much easier!

Woman Setting Up Phone Shortcuts To Make Life Easier


2. Set alarms for a whole week


We’re tired every evening already… Make life easier by setting alarms for a week in advance.

This way, you don’t need to worry about setting them before sleep, and you’re always sure that you will wake up on time.


3. Carry a small pouch of cash for parking and tips


I can’t even count how many times this has saved me from an extra irritation when we’re parking our car in the city.

Carrying some spare change can really make life easier if you’re living in a big city, or in a country where tipping is a strong tradition.


4. Turn off unnecessary phone notifications


This one will help you to work and rest without distractions.

Phone notifications are so constant, time-consuming, and sometimes – even draining that it doesn’t make sense to keep them on.

To make life easier, only leave necessary or important notifications on.


5. Set up automatic payments for your bills


Payment automation is another way to make life easier, and they fall under the category of “set up and forget”.

If you have fixed payments that you need to do every month, setting automated payments in your bank account makes sure you:

  • pay your bills on time;
  • save a ton of time when the payment days come;


6. Decide on one color palette for your wardrobe and stick to it (or even build a capsule wardrobe)


Finding your own style, or more particularly – your style colors can significantly make life easier, every single day.

By choosing clothes that are matching other items in your closet, you’re giving yourself more wardrobe options, you’re saving money and even time (it’s easier to care for the same color clothes).

A Capsule Wardrobe Items As A Way To Make Life Easier


7. Put a flashlight app on your phone’s main window


This one is very small, but if you don’t have it yet, definitely put a flashlight on your phone’s home screen.

How does this make life easier?

Well, here are just a few ways:

  • You have a light when you come home late at night;
  • You have a light in dark closets and corners at your home;
  • If you drop something small, it’s much easier to find it with a flashlight;
  • You can use it as a targeted bright light when you’re plucking your eyebrows;
  • And so on.


8. Make lists of everything



Important numbers, tasks, birthdays, things to buy – get it all out of your head and make life easier by always having a list that helps you.


9. Get a faster internet plan if you can


A faster internet may be a little more expensive but it can make life easier and faster, especially if you are working online.

You can find information faster, you can do online tasks quickly, and, well, your Netflix will also stream better if you’re on good internet.


10. Replace old Wi-Fi routers at your home and office


This is related to the previous point, but if you’re going to up your internet game, make sure to set up new Wi-Fi routers where needed.

This will make life easier because your work won’t be interrupted by an unstable connection.


11.  Stock up on extra batteries, soap, and toilet paper (they always run out when you need them)


Some things are just bound to run out over and over again.

To make life easier, simply stock up on them in advance or buy in bulk when possible.


12. Install an automatic feeder for your pet


If you’re feeding your pet dry food, make life easier both for you and your pet by installing a simple automatic feeder.

This will make sure that your pet is always fed on time and you won’t have to remember it every single time.

Pet Feeder As A Way To Make Life Easier

Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder, Dog Food Dispenser for both Small and Medium Pets


13. Get watering globes for your plants


Same as with feeding your pets, you can also make life easier by setting up automatic watering systems for your plants.

The simplest way to do it is with watering globes.

All you need to do is to fill them with water and stick them inside the pot.

Your plants will get only the amount of water they need and you only need to check on them once in a few days.

Plant Watering Globes As A Way To Make Life Easier

Plant Waterer Self Watering Globes

14. Start using a password management service


Ah, passwords!

You always forget them, every website wants you to create a trickier one than before and it’s so easy to get lost with them.

Make life easier by using a secure password management service.

It saves encrypted versions of your passwords and when you need to use a password, they’re applied in a second.

No more forgotten passwords!


15. Use laundry bags to separate your clothes and prevent a laundry crisis


When caring for your clothes, make life easier by pre-separating your clothes in laundry bags or laundry bins.

This way, when it’s time to do a laundry load, you only need to grab one, and it saves a ton of time.


16. Empty up that cup holder place in your car (and keep it empty)


If your cup holder (the ones between the front car seats) is always cluttered, it’s both unhelpful and unhygienic.

Allow yourself to feel better in your car by emptying this cup holder and keeping it clean (and you will always have where to put your coffee cup!).


17. Carry a travel-sized deodorant in your bag


This can save you and make life easier in so many ways!

A back-up deodorant will help you:

After a lunch-break walk;

When going on a shopping spree;

When you forget to use deodorant after a shower;

When you have a stressful day at work;

When you have to sleep somewhere that is not your home.


18. Have a power bank for your phone


A power bank is a must these days, and if you don’t have one yet, investing in it will really make life easier for you.

Think of it as a back-up power outlet for your phone, in places where electricity is not available.


Phone Power Bank As A Must-Have Tool To Make Life Easier

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh – Ultra High Capacity Power Bank


19. Unfollow people you don’t know on social media


Surprised?  It’s weird, but you can also make life easier by simply unfollowing people on social media.

Are you following people who make you feel bad about yourself?

People who keep using photo-editing apps?

People who you follow just because you’re curious about their life?

None of this is useful or productive.

Set yourself free by only following people who you really like or love.


20. …Or even delete your social media accounts for good


Yes, sometimes, to make life easier, you may even need to say goodbye to social accounts altogether.

I chose to do this with one very popular social media account, I haven’t even missed it since, but I am definitely spending less time scrolling through useless information.


21. Create a sheet of information you use daily


If there is any information you need to use repeatedly and every day, make life easier by writing it all down or saving it in your phone for easy, quick access.

You will save a ton of time and energy every single day!

Notepad For Notes As A Tool To Make Life Easier


22. Practice to not notice ads


If you get irritated by various ads online, you can block a significant part of them with a little practice.


23. Whitelist people you know in your e-mail service


If you keep ending up in a situation where someone has sent you a letter and you didn’t get it, here’s a quick way to solve it.

Make life easier for yourself and your loved ones or business partners – simply whitelist them in your e-mail!

This action takes a few seconds, and once you do it, you will always get letters from important contacts.


24. Decide on a regular sleep schedule and start following it


If you haven’t yet, don’t wait anymore.

Make life easier by finally setting up healthy sleep hygiene and sleep schedule.

You can use a sleep tracker for that, or you use an app on your phone.

If all of this feels too hard, try to at least make sure you are sleeping no less than 8 hours every night.

This way, you will be keeping your energy at optimal levels and avoid energy crashes.


25. Get ready in the morning (brush your teeth, brush your hair, moisturize your skin) even if you stay at home


This is a small way to make life easier by spending a few minutes every morning to get ready for the day.

Yes, even if you stay at home!

Looking clean and put together will come handy in case of unexpected guests, or when you need to make a quick trip for groceries.

Woman Getting Ready In The Morning To Make Life Easier


26. Make a list of healthy snacks that can be grabbed at any grocery store that’s on the way


Food is such a huge part of our life, so having a go-to snack ideas list can definitely make life easier.

Just imagine yourself getting hungry in between the meetings or appointments – all you need to do is grab your snacks list, quickly jump into the nearest shop and grab what you need.


27. Start being decisive just say “yes” or “no” instead of “I don’t know”, “You decide” or “Whatever”


Indecision can make everything more complicated than it needs to be.

By learning how to make decisions quickly, you can save a ton of mental energy every day!


28. Make a daily plan every morning


This is my favorite way to make life easier, every single morning.

Simply make a plan for your day.

List your tasks.

Things to buy.

Calls to make.

Write it all down like an instruction for yourself, and just go on autopilot until everything is done.


29. Find an exercise that sucks the least and make it your go-to workout option


Even if you don’t like exercising, you know you need to stay healthy.

Staying inactive and eventually getting sick is not a way to make life easier – quite the opposite.

To make exercising more pleasant, spend some time trying out a few different exercise options until you find something that is the most pleasant, or the least boring.

Then, stick to it for as long as you can, and strive to get back to it if you slip up.


30. Leave your desk clean after work


This is a very small, but impactful way to make life easier – just leave your work desk clean when you’re done.

You will find a clean desk in the morning and avoid the irritation you would get by having to clean your desk first.


Yes, You Can Make Life Easier.


And most of the ways to do it are just a matter of a few minutes every day or less than an hour for set-up-and-forget options.

I hope you try and benefit from these ideas!

You can grab this list as a free printable too:

Printable Checklist: 30 Ways To Make Life Easier

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