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How To Stop Avoiding Things You Need To Do + FREE Printable To Do List

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Do you ever feel like there are so many things you need to do but you just don’t have the energy to deal with it?

It’s like you wake up every day with a gigantic task list, but all you want to do is to be left alone.

OR you have one big, difficult task but again – you don’t even want to look at it for a second.

You try to avoid it by doing your everyday stuff, other “just as important” thingies, trying not to think about it…

But deep down in your heart, you know that task is not going anywhere.

You start to think about it every single day, and the feeling of impending doom keeps growing and growing.




I have to be honest.

The reason I decided to write about this topic is because I have a huge task to do and I’ve been avoiding it like crazy.

It’s boring, it’s repetitive, it’s long and basically a massive pain in the you know what – a perfect example of something you would probably avoid if you could.

I tried to compensate for my lack of action with a lot of work on other things, like this Blog.

But honestly, every single day of avoidance just makes me feel worse and worse.


So What’s a Girl To Do?


The good thing is I’ve been in such situations in the past.

In fact, I’ve been in them so many times that I’ve sort of developed a method of dealing with them.

I want to share it with you, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure it out on your own!

You see, avoidance is like a vine plant – you have to pull it out with its roots or, otherwise, it will keep spreading and spreading.

If you’re avoiding a particular task, you’re probably avoiding other important things too.

It’s not the best idea to skip on important stuff so you have to stop growing that vine plant ASAP.


3 Step Plan On How To Stop Avoiding Things You Need To Do


1. Pull out your avoidance with its roots.


The best way to do that is by having a perfect “Get Your Life Together” day.

A day like this helps you to create a new attitude, prepare yourself for the work and set you on the right track.

It’s also quite fun once you start with it!


2. Make a plan.


I know everyone is telling you the same, but honestly, it’s just how it is.

If you want to help yourself to do something, you have to give yourself instructions you can follow.

  • For big, complex tasks, use a Project Planner. I can’t count how many times this tool has saved me tons of time, nerves and sanity.

    It helps you to make your task feel easier because you set everything you need before the start, and then tackle it step by step.

    It also makes the whole process much more comfortable and more enjoyable.


  • If you’re dealing with a lot of smaller tasks, make a sorted to do list  instead.

    Then add those tasks to a simple daily schedule. Start with the most critical tasks.


3. Take that first step (or task).


You’ve done your preparations so now it’s the time to take that action which shouldn’t feel that bad anymore.

This step is essential. You don’t have to do it all at once because it’s overwhelming.

But you can take a single action, which is a lot easier.

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Why it works


After a good “Get Your Life Together” day you should feel refreshed and ready with the right mindset (and your mindset is vital for your success).

After step 2, you will also have a plan that tells you exactly what to do, so the hard part of thinking is taken care of.

And while you still may not like what you have to do, trust me, taking that first step at this point is much easier than before those first steps.

The tasks don’t go away. We have to tackle them.

The sooner you start, the sooner it’s finished.


Free To Do List Printable


When there’s stuff to do, a to-do list is everything.

Lightweight, minimalistic and free To Do Checklist is based on a simple task sorting system to help you focus on most important tasks first.

Write the tasks down and quickly feel less overwhelmed!

It is so much easier with a list.

To Do List Printable


To Do List Printable


To Do List Printable


To get your free printable to do list, simply choose the size that fits your needs:

Printable To Do List US Letter – free by ShineSheets

Printable To Do List A4 – free by ShineSheets

*Personal use only.


I hope these tips and a printable to do list will be helpful to you! Scroll down for more helpful content below.

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