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You just discovered a place where everything you see is created for you and your fantastic personal growth story.

Hi! My name is Amber (or Gintarė if you want to use my native name which means the exact same thing and is a complete torture to pronounce ☺️).

I am a personal development blogger and also a creator, writer and designer of this site.

I created this website to help women find motivation, information, and helpful resources they need to change their mindset, become happier, get organized and stay inspired to go after their dream life.

My own story is simple, yet I believe you may see a little bit of your own life in it.

In my early twenties, I used to struggle with anxiety and lack of organization. Even though I was trying hard to do everything right – study with good grades, become financially stable, stay healthy & pretty, take care of my old parents, start a career… Somehow, things were rarely going my way.

I was always depressed and very unmotivated because my life was often filled with pretty serious problems.

My first business went bankrupt, I had a lot of financial struggle, my father got sick with cancer, and I was just finishing university. Needless to say, my mental health was rapidly declining.

The anxiety was growing daily. I started to experience panic attacks, I couldn’t sleep and, I have to be honest – nothing I did made me happy. 

I was living in my own prison. 

Everything changed when I decided to stop being a victim. I became fed up with myself being so miserable, stuck with unhelpful habits and living an unorganized life.

I decided that I have to change – or stay miserable forever.

The latter was NOT what I wanted.

I chose to change.

So I started planning, writing things down, learning about personal development, reading books, learning various personal growth techniques, taking online courses, working on my problems, organizing my life and healing my mental health.

Slowly but surely I reached my goal of becoming a balanced, organized and finally – a happy person who’s not staying anxious every day anymore. Heck, I’m even waiting for tomorrows now.

I learned how to stay organized without losing my head.

How to stay resilient even when problems are raining over my head.

How to motivate myself when it feels like I don’t want anything at all.

How to take care of myself properly when I’m too tired to move.

How to get up, stand strong and go through life with a shield of positivity.

Today I am 28 years old and I’m still growing, learning and improving my life every day – and it benefited me immensely! My life is so much calmer, productive and more fun now.

I realized that I want to share what I’ve learned with other people who are feeling the same way I used to feel… and now you’re here, reading this!

I’m incredibly excited to tell you every secret that I’ve learned and found working.


Everything you see, read or download here on ShineSheets is designed to help you improve yourself, your mindset and start living the life you always wanted.


I believe that every person can become better, braver & more organized with a little work – just like I did. I’m not a superhero and self-development is not rocket science!

Everyone can choose to grow and achieve their goals. It means you too!

And now you also found me – a person who is working hard every day to give you as many tips, ideas, guides, tools, and resources as I can to help you achieve your results faster!


This website is filled with great articles and tools designed to help you achieve a state of being organized, motivated and balanced.


This is why I called it ShineSheets – plan your time wisely, dig deep into yourself, find inner power and start shining like the star you are. We’ve all got this inside of us.

You can read about these topics on the Blog:

  • Mindset & Motivation
  • Anxiety & Mental health
  • Planning & Productivity
  • Organization
  • Self-confidence


Along with great tips on the Blog, you can also find a bunch of modern, minimalistic & clean printable planners, inspiring self care journals and anxiety management tools at the ShineSheets Store.

These are all designed by me, and they are the same planners, journals and tools I use myself to stay happy, healthy and organized every day.

I’ve found that clutterless and well-structured planners work the best. Therefore all of the ShineSheets products are made to be simple, modern and comfortable to use. I hope you try and greatly benefit from them all!

So tell me – are you ready to grow?

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Choose growth everyday.

The content on this website is designed to support, not replace medical treatment. If you feel that you need it – please – talk to a therapist, pretty. Don’t ever be afraid to get help.