Hi! Are you living the life you always wanted… Or is there space for improvement?

My name is Amber.

I am a life improvement enthusiast and also a creator of this site.

ShineSheets is your place to find motivation, information, and helpful ideas on how to change your mindset, become happier and more organized, improve your appearance, and get inspired to go after that dream life.


My Story


About seven years ago, when I was just a young girl finishing university, I was forced to face some serious problems that have changed my attitude forever. My first entrepreneur attempt has failed, I was facing a broken dream, a severe debt, crippling anxiety, and my dad got diagnosed with cancer. I still remember myself crying in the balcony of my small, rented apartment, thinking that the good part of my life is over.

In a matter of just a few months, I changed – a lot. I went from a confident, healthy and hopeful young girl to a scared, anxious, depressed insomniac who binged on pizza every night just because it was cheap and numbed the sadness for a few minutes. Every day felt like another battle facing hungry creditors, angry clients, and trips to the hospital where I was helping my dad to go through chemo. I dreaded every morning and started to experience panic attacks, depression and a whole lot of other mental problems that were breeding in my avoidance, inactivity and fear.

Yet, if I were still living like this, you wouldn’t hear from me now. It took me a while, it took some willpower, but I decided to STOP being a victim. I promised myself to stop whining about things that made me unhappy and do anything I can to change it. I decided to go after that life I always wanted, even if it seemed so far away from the reality I had.

And I did it by focusing on constant, gradual improvement on various parts of my life: mental health, home and time organization, beauty, self care, physical wellness, intelligence… I wanted to take from this life everything I can, while I can.

On a nice spring morning of year 2018, I created ShineSheets – to share what I’ve learned with YOU and to help you achieve the change you need in YOUR life.


Never Settle


No matter where YOU are in your life right now, no matter what you go through, no matter how big or small your problems are – debt, health issues, conflicts, unemployment, being overweight, feeling unattractive, struggling to quit bad habits, panic attacks, anxiety, feeling insecure, being pushed, procrastination, ANYTHING – don’t let yourself settle with this.

Even if you feel like you can’t change your situation / don’t have what it takes / it seems impossible – it’s NOT true and the brighter day is just around the corner if you are willing to look for it.

I don’t claim that my methods work 100% for everyone, but there’s one universal thing – in order to change, you need knowledge, and tools that can help you. I wouldn’t be able to change so quickly if I relied on my own understanding only.


Start Today


If you want to change, the most important thing is that spark, the decision to stop settling with what makes you unhappy. Sometimes it’s enough to just really want to change.

But once you have it, you need to start gathering knowledge, broadening up your view and start acting.

Even if you choose to do nothing, know that you can always start whenever you want to.

Whatever you do, just never settle with being unhappy. A lot of things can be changed and the only way out of the dump is to climb up.

So gather your strength, pretty. Use it. FIGHT BACK.

P. S. Looking for the next step? Here are some ideas  that can help you start today:

1. TO STOP GOING DOWN and START GOING UPgo to my Blog and start reading! I share a ton of useful information every week and most of it are concentrated, actionable ideas that can help you do something small to improve yourself or your life every single day.

2. TO PLAN & ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE – start with something simple, like planning your month (here’s a beautiful, FREE printable I created for you!) or organizing your closet. Set up your first planner – you can check out my Ultimate Printable Super Pack for a lot of beautiful, minimalistic planners that are ready made for you to use. Just start planning and working on your dreams!

3. TO HEAL YOUR MINDSET – start reading self help books every day and try journaling. Become obsessed with self care because you probably don’t take enough of it. If you can, start meditating every day (you can look for guided meditations on Youtube to get started!). I have shared a huge amount of helpful ideas right here.

If you’re still unsure, just scroll down and pick a topic from this helpful list below. I’m sure you can find something to start with!

Choose growth everyday.

The content on this website is designed to support, not replace medical treatment. If you feel that you need it – please – talk to a therapist, pretty. Don’t ever be afraid to get help.