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My name is Amber (or Gintarė if you want to use my native name which means the exact same thing and is complete torture to pronounce ☺️).

I am a personal development blogger and also a creator, writer and designer of this site.

I created this website to help women find motivation, information, and helpful resources they need to change their mindset, become happier, get organized and stay inspired to go after their dream life.


My Story


About seven years ago, when I was just a young girl finishing university, I had to face some serious problems. My first entrepreneur attempt has failed, I was facing a broken dream, a severe debt, crippling anxiety, and my dad got diagnosed with cancer.

I still remember myself crying in the balcony of my small, rented apartment, thinking that the good part of my life is over. I couldn’t accept the fact that I was the one who didn’t make it with her idea, the one who jumped into the debt to save it (unsuccessfully), and the one who’s going to face the reality of having a cancer patient in her family.

I wasn’t ready. I was terribly afraid. And I gave up almost instantly.


The Rock Bottom


Those problems struck me like lightning. In a matter of just a few months, I changed – a lot. I went from a confident, healthy and hopeful young girl to a scared, anxious, depressed insomniac who binged on pizza every night just because it was cheap and numbed the sadness for a few minutes.

I was apathetic, tired, and lazy. Every day felt like another battle facing hungry creditors, angry clients, and trips to the hospital where I was helping my dad go through chemo.

I dreaded every morning and waited for evenings like they were a miracle… Because it was a time when I would drink a bottle of wine and drown myself in video games just to forget my problems for a few hours.


The Hope


Those years took so much from me… I genuinely believe that they left me full of scars – for life. But if I were still living like this, you wouldn’t hear from me now. I would still be drowning in my fear. Maybe I would have been gone long ago… If I have settled with being unhappy.

But I didn’t. Weakened by everyday struggles, I still chose to fight back. It took me a while, it took some willpower, but I found it. That tiny bit of strength needed to change something.

How? I made a decision. I decided to STOP being a victim and start being a fighter. I promised myself to stop whining about things that made me unhappy and do anything I can to change it. If I can. And if I can’t – then I don’t need to suffer twice for something that can’t be changed.

That weak, pathetic & tearful girl chose to climb up. After all, it’s the only way out. And I chose three strategies to do that:

1. Becoming obsessed with self-improvement

2. Planning & organizing my life

3. Journaling & healing my mindset through compassion and self-therapy


Never Settle


Today I’m 28 years old, and my life is different. I learned to deal with anxiety, I gained (most of) my confidence back, I’m paying that enormous debt off, building healthy habits, routines, and principles that are helping me go forward every single day.

I learned how to stay organized without losing my head.

How to stay resilient even when problems are raining over my head.

How to motivate myself when it feels like there’s no hope left.

How to take care of myself properly when I’m too tired to move.

How to get up, stand strong and go through the life staying positive.

I conquered my trauma and, a little more than a year ago, I created ShineSheets – to share what I’ve learned and to help other people achieve that change they need in their life.


You Can


No matter where YOU are in your life right now, no matter what you go through, no matter how big or small your problems are – debt, health issues, conflicts, unemployment, being overweight, struggling to quit bad habits, panic attacks, anxiety, feeling insecure, being pushed, procrastination, ANYTHING – don’t let yourself settle with this.

Even if you feel like you can’t change your situation / don’t have what it takes / it seems impossible – it might NOT be true and the brighter day is just around the corner if you are willing to look for it.

I don’t claim that my methods work 100% for everyone, but there’s one universal thing – in order to change, you need knowledge, and tools that can help you. I wouldn’t be able to change so quickly if I relied only on my own understanding.


Start Today


If you want to change, the most important thing is that spark, the decision to stop settling with what makes you unhappy. Sometimes it’s enough to just really want to change.

But once you have it, you need to start gathering knowledge, broadening up your view and start acting. If you need a little push to do that, get something that can help you start today. Here are a few fast, actionable solutions that I can give you right now:

1. TO STOP GOING DOWN and START GOING UPgo to my Blog and start reading! I share a ton of useful information every week and most of it is concentrated, actionable ideas that can help you do something to improve yourself every day.

2. TO PLAN & ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE – start with something simple, like planning your month (here’s a beautiful, FREE printable I created for you!) or organizing your bedroom. Set up your first planner – you can check out my Planning printable Super Pack a lot of beautiful, minimalistic planners ready made for you to use. Or, if you’re ready to do a bigger life makeover, grab the Ultimate Printable Super Pack – it has every single tool from ShineSheets and you’ll get 320+ pages for planning, self care, anxiety, mindset, goals and self discovery. It saves you a full -70% OFF.

3. TO HEAL YOUR MINDSET – start reading self help books every day and try journaling. For those who want to tackle just mindset, I bundled up the Mindset Super Pack – it contains 12 journaling and self-therapy tools that will help you become stronger, beat negative thoughts and banish the irrational beliefs that are limiting your happiness.

Even if you choose to do nothing, know that you can always start whenever you want to. It’s just a lot easier with the right tools.

Whatever you do, just never settle with being unhappy. A lot of things can be changed and the only way out of the dump is to climb up.

So gather your strength, pretty. Use it. FIGHT BACK.

Good luck.

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Choose growth everyday.

The content on this website is designed to support, not replace medical treatment. If you feel that you need it – please – talk to a therapist, pretty. Don’t ever be afraid to get help.