FREE Printable Weekly Desktop Planner

Updated on November 15, 2022 by Team ShineSheets

Picture Portraying Free Printable Weekly Desktop Planner

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Picture Portraying Free Printable Weekly Desktop Planner

If you’re a busy worker who wants to get a little more organized (and less overwhelmed), this freebie might be just what you need today.

You can print this weekly planner and keep it on your desktop to crush tasks, plan your schedules, meals and stay hydrated while you’re working at home or at work. Call it an everyday helper!

Another way to use this planner is by printing 4 copies of every page and assembling a binder – this will serve you as a monthly planner. There are so many options but I believe everyone can make this universal tool work for them.


Free Printable Weekly Desktop Planner


So there you go, grab this planner below:

>> Free Weekly Desktop Planner <<

*Personal use only!


And if you’re looking for more ways to get organized and make your life tidier, check out these helpful tools.

We have a great collection that helps you target specific areas in your life and improve by taking easy steps, like starting a planner or working on your mental health to become more resilient.

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