Paper Planner VS Digital Planner – Which One Is Better? + FREE Weekly Planner Printable

Paper planner? Digital planner? App? Sticky notes? Here’s what I choose after 10 years of planning.

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Updated on December 16, 2022

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Paper Planner Vs Digital Planner Illustration

Do you find it funny to use paper planners or journals in this digital world? Well, so did I.

I used to be a chronic app searcher for years. Every time I wanted to take better care of myself, start planning my time, and follow my appointments, I used to scroll for hours through the App store trying to find something that fits me. After long and boring searches, I would finally find something that’s almost something I need. Of course, there would be paywalls, but I sucked it up every time and invested in those apps hoping they would help me.

I would use them religiously for days, even weeks, until… Something, called “life” happened – and it happened every time. Something would happen and take my attention away, so I chronically abandoned those apps and left them in the app graveyard that is a third screen window on my phone. Not much use, just a waste of time and money.

Then I tried to use digital planners because hey, that’s what the cool girls do, right? Well… Maybe I’m getting old, but trying to write with a stylus was ridiculous, I found it crazy that I can’t lay all the papers in front of my eyes (how am I supposed to plan a complex project without seeing the whole picture?), and my eyes would hurt after an hour of trying to deal with all of this.

Choosing paper planning, journaling and scheduling felt totally different.

Writing things down with your own hands feels real. It’s like you’re physically taking the thought out of your head and making it come alive in this world. You can see all the papers in front of you. Your hand feels comfortable. You don’t have to worry about the battery running out. It feels intimate. It’s a mindful activity. The only thing that I don’t like with paper planning is that I can’t erase mistakes, but I got used to that. Mistakes are fine. Also, you can now buy erasable pens so this can be marked as “solved” anyway.


The Verdict! Paper Planner VS Digital Planner


Of course, all of this is just my personal opinion. However, if you feel like everybody is pushing you to go digital, please know that it’s not always the best way. Choose things that make you comfortable and things that YOU like. For me, paper planning makes a lot more sense and never slows me down. I like the simplicity and feeling of the paper. If you can’t decide, just try both! It will help you to see the pros and cons, so you can soon have your own, personal verdict on the paper planner VS digital planner fight 🙂


Free Weekly Planner Printable


As promised, here’s a free weekly planner printable that you can use to plan your weekly tasks with ease:

Day On One Page Weekly Planner Printable Free

It’s super easy to use and comes in several lovely, minimalistic designs!

Free Colorful Weekly Planner Printable


How To Use A Weekly Planner Printable Explained

A muted grey weekly planner will also be included:

Minimalistic Grey Free Weekly Planner Printable


Weekly Planner Explained

Here’s an example of how to use this free weekly planner:

Day On One Page Weekly Planner Printable, Filled Example

And I’m sharing it for free! Yay. Grab these goodies here:

Weekly Planner With Day on a Page in White, A4

Weekly Planner With Day on a Page in Sky, A4

Weekly Planner With Day on a Page in Mint, A4

Weekly Planner With Day on a Page in Lilac, A4

Weekly Planner With Day on a Page in Blush, A4

*Personal use only.

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