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Habits are hard to master, but so rewarding if successfully conquered! To help yourself stick to preferred habits, use this simple and effective printable habit tracker. One page lasts a whole month and allows you to track up to 6 habits (and if you need more, simply use more pages).

Comes with a pinch of healthy self-motivation and available in Pink or Grey color (both already included). If you want to be extra diligent about your new routines, hang this tracker in a visible place (like your closet door or refrigerator). “But what about my bad habits?” This tracker can also serve an opposite purpose. If you want to quit smoking or any other bad habit, use this tracker to track days WITHOUT doing it. You got this!

Do you want to advance in your life and slay your goals? Here’s some help! This printable goal planner is minimal, decluttered and will help you plan your goals in a simple yet effective way. It’s easy to use, comes in Pink or Green (boyfriend approved!) and can be used for years to come since it’s undated. Dream, plan & grow!

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Habit Tracker Printable by ShineSheets ©


Creating new habits or ditching bad ones is possible – and can be easier with a little self help. It takes 30 days to form a new habit and this habit tracker printable will help you stay on track for a whole month. If you are entering the beast mode and want to track more than 6 habits, simply print another habit tracker on the back side and track as much as you need.

○ If you want to create habits and make them last – this habit tracker is a great way to start.

○ Helps to stick with your habits for as long as you’re willing to do it and become the best version of you.

○ This tracker is now a part of ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS bundle – get it here!


How to start tracking your habits


Download this tracker, print and decide on 6 habits you want to create in your life. Next, cross every day you’ve performed a habit. Try to be consistent and perform as many days as you can. If life happens and you can’t perform a habit for a few days – it’s fine! Just try to catch up the next day.

Review at the end of the month to sum up days of successful habit performance. Now try to beat your numbers next month! Remember – competing with yourself is much healthier than competing with the things you see on social media.


More benefits


  • Minimalistic design. Clean, decluttered, zero overwhelm layout.
  • A lifetime supply. Buy once, print more whenever needed.
  • Minimal branding. We’re keeping it clean and only add a small logo on the bottom of the page. No annoying unnecessary links or text.
  • High printing quality. Great colors, clear texts, and lines.
  • Binder friendly. You will have enough margin for hole punching if you want to use this in a ring binder.
  • Printer friendly. All ShineSheets are designed in a way that helps you save printer paint.
  • Easy and comfortable to use. Write comfortably whether you’re a left or right hander.


Your download includes: 4 PDF files (4 pages total)


→ Pink version for A4 and US Letter page sizes.

→ Grey version for A4 and US Letter page sizes.

→ You will be able to download your tracker instantly after your purchase.

→ Comes both in A4 & US Letter page size – you will be able to download both and choose the best fit for your paper.

→ Since both pink & grey versions included in your download – print and gift to your friend or loved one to team up in habit creation!


♥ I hope you enjoy this Habit Tracker Printable as much as I do. Stay shining!


Made with love by © SHINESHEETS


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