Goal Planner Printable (6 Pages)


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Do you want to advance in your life and start setting your goals? Here’s some help!

This printable goal planner is a minimalistic, easy to use tool that will help you plan your goals in a simple yet effective way.

I believe that goal setting does not have to be complicated. In fact, a simple goal planning system can help you avoid getting overwhelmed and contribute to your success.

Being simple, yet effective, this Goal Planner will help you set any goal, break it down to separate steps, plan your yearly goals and goals by category.

It comes in Pink and Green colors and can be used for years to come since it’s undated.




Do you feel ready to change yourself and start working on a goal, but have no clue where to begin? Or maybe you’re already slaying your goals, but need a simple and uncomplicated way to keep them all neat and organized?

This planner can be used for both and is your first stop for anything goal related.

You can print & start planning your goals right now – I promise this will be really easy and fun!

With this goal planner you can:

○ Set multiple goals with an universal goal setting page (simply print this page for every goal you need to set).

○ Decide on your yearly goals and set goals by category.

○ Track your habits to keep working on goals that require repeated action.

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How to start planning & achieving your goals


Get this planner, print and start having fun with your goals!


  • Start with setting main goals for different life categories.


  • Next, use “My goal” page to decide why and how you want to achieve your goal. Here you can also break your goal down into achievable actions & habits. Note – get back to this page for reflection after you reach your goal. 


  • Habits are usually the main thing driving you to success, so start taking action and cross every day you’ve performed a habit in the habit tracker. If you need to track more than 4 habits, simply print out more trackers. Since this planner comes in two colors, you can also do some color coding (for example personal habits – pink, work & career habits – green).


  • Slay your goals and print out more pages when you have a new goal!


  • It’s easy to get lost in daily routines so don’t forget to set your yearly goals too – these can be your focus while thinking of new mini goals. There’s also an added note page which you can use it to write down motivational quotes, ideas or doodles.


Goal planning is such a nice and easy way to kick yourself in the butt and remind about the dreams you need to work on. Yes, you do need to work on them! But it’s so much easier to do that when you have a plan. In fact, everything is easier with a plan… Even the biggest goals.

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