How To Get Organized: 99 Ways To Get SERIOUSLY Organized

Updated on July 3, 2021

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a planner and phone on the table as a concept on how to get organized

Boy, do I love lists of everything. They are concrete, they are concentrated and you can soak up a ton of helpful information in just a few minutes.

They are also a way of organizing and being organized is one of the key elements to being more balanced and calm…

How so? – you may ask.

Because organizing is incredibly therapeutic.

It feels so satisfying to take something messy and make it orderly, clean and tidy. And when everything is tidy, you’re simply less stressed.

Today’s topic is how to get organized and I want to share a whopping 99 of my favorite organizing ideas – including both physical and non-physical things. Welcome to…




PART 1: Where Do I Start To Organize My Life?


I’m a fan of taking thing by storm, eh! Got energy, resources, a helping hand around? Read this list and dive into the first thing that seemed most important.

Now, if you’re an anxious person, I recommend taking things slow – there’s absolutely no need to get organized 100% in just a few days! Take it step by step and you’ll benefit more.

Read about it: How to get organized if you’re an anxious person

I’m an anxious person myself and it took me 3 rounds to fully declutter my home but at least I didn’t lose my mind in the process 😉

Update: I have spent some time updating this huge list with extra valuable links to fitting products, tools and resources! They will appear as pinkish purply text and I really recommend you to check them out since I’ve found some pretty cool stuff to help you seriously organize everything!


PART 2: How To Get Organized Like a Boss (Your Master List of 99 Life Organization Tips)


1. Write everything down.


If you’re looking for some fundamental principles on how to get organized, start with a habit of writing things down. You can’t organize your information and tasks if you are storing them in your head.

Or maybe you can but it will be incredibly hard.

Instead, write every piece of information that comes to your mind and then organize it to lists, plans, and checklists.


2. Declutter your purse regularly.


Keep your purse clean, tidy and organized to save yourself some sanity whenever you need to find something in your beloved bag. A great way to keep your bag organized is by using a simple bag organizer.

These are very inexpensive + very beneficial since you can also use a few of them in your suitcase while traveling.

bag inserts as an idea of how to get organized

Purse Organizer Insert, Felt Bag


felt bag insert as an idea of how to get organized

Luxury Purse Organizer, Felt Bag


3. Set a laundry day every week.


Having a laundry day will help you get organized by tackling the whole clothes situation at your home.

You will always have clean clothes but you won’t have to bother yourself with laundry on the other days – it’s a win-win!


4. How to get organized when you don’t know where to begin?.. Start a planner!


If you really want to get organized, a good minimalistic planner can be your holy grail.

A planner is not only about setting schedules or appointments.

It can also include financial trackers, health trackers, project planners, and everything you need to stay as organized as possible.

To DIY a superb life planner, you can get my printable Super Pack right here on ShineSheets store:

It’s a collection of beautiful, minimalistic planning tools that you can use to organize your days, weeks, months and your whole life overall.

Use it to claim back your time and create an organized life schedule + routines that help you get it all together. Check it out here


5. Organize your closet.


Closets are one of the most unorganized things you can find in a person’s home (here’s how I found out about it).

They are also the perfect source of morning frustration.

Having a clean, organized and decluttered closet will give you a nice, stressless start every day.

Want to learn how to declutter a ton of clothes you have?

Learn the KonMari method – it literally saved me HUGE amounts of closet space (and time!) when I was decluttering my apartment. You can learn the KonMari method from Marie Kondo herself on this fantastic online course.

Trust me, it is one of the best things you can learn in your life.

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6. Use containers to sort things in your drawers.


If you want to learn how to get organized, you just can’t skip those cluttered drawers (I’m sorry!).

Now, a divided drawer is an organized drawer. You can use:

  • Hard dividers for drawers where most objects are hard.
  • Soft dividers for underwear and sock drawers.

These make a HUGE difference in your drawers and if you can use them in every drawer of your home, it will feel very organized.

drawer divider box as an idea of how to get organized

Whitmor 6-Section Drawer Organizer


drawer dividers as an idea of how to get organized

madesmart Value 8-Piece Interlocking Bin Pack


drawer insert boxes as an idea of how to get organized

Homyfort Foldable Cloth Drawer Organize, Set of 6


7. Always put on matching bed sheets.


Not only it looks great but it also helps you to keep your linen closet more organized.

Pro tip: fold and put matching sheets into the pillow sheets of the same style.

Pro tip No. 2: use bedding sheets that snap together to keep them perfectly aligned.


8. Wear matching lingerie (optional!).


Now this one may seem controversial and I really want to emphasize that this may not be for everyone, but for me – it is one of the ways to get organized.

You see, organizing isn’t just about decluttering your drawers. It’s also about paying attention to the details.

Wearing matching lingerie doesn’t directly make you more organized but it helps you to start your day in an organized mindset, by paying attention to the details right from the start of your day.


9. Always wash your dishes after eating.


This one is easy and also very important.

It’s annoying to deal with a mountain of dishes, so instead of piling them up (or even worse – “soaking” them for hours), simply deal with them right after eating.

This will keep your kitchen clean & clutter-free.


10. Take out the trash every morning.


Don’t wait until it’s too late – just take the trash out in the morning while you’re on the way to your car or other transport. If you have an option to recycle, it’s a HUGE bonus and I love you for this.


11. Plan your goals.


How to get organized while also being mindful about your future? ou do that by planning your goals.

Planning your future helps to organize your decisions and schedules. One of the easiest ways to fail at your goals is to think of them, but never really start doing anything about them!

So get organized by deciding on those goals and start taking (even the tiniest) steps towards them.


12. Develop a morning routine.


Mornings are hectic but if you have a morning routine, it can help you start your day in a streamlined, organized and stress-free way.

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How To Become a Morning Person


13. Hang a grid wire panel board in your room.


Corkboards, wire boards, and bulletin boards work great to organize your work or study room.

White magnetic boards work just as well! I use one in my home office and it really helps me to get organized whenever my work clutter accumulates.

I usually print separate task lists and attach it to the board to save some board space.

mounted wall master station as an idea of how to get organized

GBYAN Grid Wall Panel Decorative Iron Rack

rose gold wall panel with random things as an idea of how to get organized

BULYZER Grid Wire Panel


14. How to get organized at work? Start with trashing spam e-mails immediately!


No, seriously – trash them right away, the second you see them on your inbox! Moreover, make sure to unsubscribe from all those newsletters you never actually read. This will keep your mailbox clean and tidy.


15. Declutter files on your computer.


This is particularly important if you’re someone who works on the computer a lot.

It’s incredibly easy to clutter your computer with all the files until one day you find yourself doing a simple computer task 3 x times longer than it could be.


16. Sort your photos into folders.


And if you are using physical photos, put them into pretty albums!


17. Close unused accounts.


I sometimes find myself having 10-20 accounts of online services and tools that I don’t really use.

So, the best way to tackle this mess (and avoid deleting hundreds of unnecessary newsletters in the future) is to simply dedicate an hour or two and delete all the accounts on their websites.

P. S. Talk to your financial advisor before closing bank accounts too.


18. Spend 10-20 minutes a day tidying up a little.


Having a few minutes of cleaning every day is a simple way to get organized and stay organized too.

It’s quick, it doesn’t take up a lot of your time and it will help you to get organized a little faster.


19. Spray your bath with scale remover after every shower.


More of a cleaning tip, but certainly something to help keep your bathroom clean and organized + saves you some unwanted embarrassment if surprise guests pop up.

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20. Plan your self-care routine and stick to it.


If you want to get organized, it’s important to plan and organize the must-have basics too, like your self-care routine.

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50 self-care activities to boost your overall wellbeing


21. How to get organized with your nutrition? Plan your meals in advance!


Prepare them ahead too to enjoy healthy and organized nutrition.

Once you start planning your meals, you’ll find that it takes much less time to shop for groceries and cook your meals every day.

You can also prepare your meals in advance and keep them in a fridge to save even more time.

Tools: Weekly meal planner in Planner Essentials collection

Free weekly meal planner printable


22. Take time every week to clean your makeup brushes.


To protect the bristles, you should always dry them downwards so the water is dripping down. It’s hard to find a way to keep them in a downwards position, so things like a brush holder come extra handy.

portable makeup brush drying rack

BEAKEY Makeup Brush Drying Rack

makeup brush organizer for storage

DUcare Makeup Brush Storage Holder Organizer


23. Make your bed as soon as you get up.


Get organized from the first minute of your day by setting the right mindset. Surprisingly, making your bed works pretty well for that!


24. Donate things you don’t need anymore.


Most of us really own too much.

Take a look at your belongings every season and check whether there is something you haven’t used much – then donate it.

It will help you organize your home and might be really needed by someone else.


25. Set a place for everything in your home.


It is much easier to get organized when every little thing in your home has its own home. 

Once I did this, it suddenly became so much easier to stay organized, and the cleaning time became much faster too!

Read about this: How to organize your home once and for all


26. Make a plan before any bigger task.


To become seriously organized, you have to learn how to get organized with your work too… And the best way to do that is by using simple project planning techniques. Essentially, project planning helps you to take big tasks and divide them into smaller, more achievable steps.

More about it: How to complete any task you’ve been putting off

Tools: Project Planner printable


27. Shop mindfully and evaluate your purchases.


It’s hard to get organized when you keep adding to your possessions list.

When purchasing anything, think twice – is it really something you need? Will you use it and benefit from this thing?


28. Use separate laundry bags for colored, white and black clothes.


An absolutely perfect idea is to use a laundry sorter. They look put together and have little wheels attached so you can literally drive your laundry to the laundry room without having to lift it (and laundry can get really HEAVY sometimes).

laundry sorting bags as an idea of how to get organized

135L Laundry Cloth Hamper Sorter Basket Bin

divided laundry sorting bags as an idea of how to get organized

SONGMICS URLS90Z Laundry Sorter Cart, Brown

laundry organization cart as an idea of how to get organized

Seville Classics Mobile 3-Bag Laundry Hamper Sorter


29. Always put things back in their place.


Everywhere – in your car, at your work desk, in your bathroom… Once you master this habit, it will help you every day.


30. Track your income and spending.


If you seriously dedicated to learning how to get organized, it’s very important to organize your finances as well

You can do this with a mobile app or use a printable finance tracker.

Creating a budget, tracking your income and expense will be one of the most important things in your life organization story!


31. Use neat paper for your notes.


32. Spend an hour of cleaning every week.


Just one hour and your home is a nice, tidy and organized sanctuary (well, unless you made it a mess before then it might take more than an hour… and in this case, I really don’t judge! It happens to me too, way more often then it should).


33. Have a concealed trash can in every room.


Concealed trash cans make it so much easier to keep rooms tidy and mess-free!

I have one in every room in my apartment and it really helps.


34. Get rid of the clothes that are damaged or faded.


Admit it – you have a few of these goodies in your closet.

When making a decision of purging these, think like this – would I be ok if a stranger saw me with these clothes?


35. Stock up on things you use regularly.


If you’re wondering how to get organized AND prepared for any situation, stocking up might be your thing. Make a list of things you use up regularly and stock up on them by buying them in bulk. You will save money and you will also have everything you need at home.


36. Use marked storage boxes in your basement or garage.


It doesn’t really matter if your basement is tiny or huge – having the things neatly organized in boxes makes it so much easier to find them when you need it. Here’s what I’m talking about:

plastic bin with sweaters inside

Sterilite 76 Liter Gasket Box, 4-Pack


37.  Keep a to-do list…


38. … And even lists of everything.


Listing is so helpful if you tend to miss a lot of things or simply when there are so many things to remember. As you can see, this “How to get organized” article is also a list because it’s was a lot easier for me to organize all the information I wanted to say, when I presented it as a list.


39. Hang a clock in your bathroom so you don’t get late preparing.


This one is a life-saver if you tend to lose a sense of time while preparing.

Remember that being late is also a sign of being unorganized.


40. Plan your next day outfits every evening.


And, to keep those clothes separated and wrinkle-free until the morning, hang them on a clothes rack. These rods are also great if you want to hang clothes that aren’t dirty yet, but not clean enough to add back to the closet too.


41. Collect and sort your bills & receipts.


I try to save all receipts for at least 2 years.

I know this may sound extreme but this habit helped me majorly a few times when I needed to prove important purchases (like health insurance that “somehow got lost” ).

Collecting all those bills and receipts can get a little messy so you might want to organize them with pretty binders.


42. Get insurance for your home, car, and health.


Speaking of which! Having insurance for important things is like taking your organization game one step higher.

It’s important – don’t miss this, as it can save you a lot of nerves if something happens.


43. Designate a place for your keys.


To me, it’s a pretty key plate next to my apartment door. It saves me time and I never have to guess where those keys are.


44. Create an emergency kit with things like band-aids, extra pantyhose, hairpins, etc.


Pack it tightly and keep it in your bag, along with other super helpful things to have in your bag.


45. Plan your daily tasks.


46. Create a full life binder.


You can do it the way I do with my printable Super Pack! It has a ton of super helpful planners that help you to organize your WHOLE LIFE:


47. Track your stress levels.


Sounds weird? I know! … But tracking stress levels can help you spot signs of burnout.

If you get burnout, you won’t get organized – you simply won’t care about getting organized.


48. Clean up your desk and keep it tidy.


An organized desk is the first step to productive work. I have been planning to get a desktop organizer that looks like a mini shelve.

It allows you to expand desk space upward which means more space on your desk + less clutter around. I can’t find the exact one at the moment but I found a ton of other desk beauties and I don’t even know what I want now 🙂
rose gold desk organizer as an idea of how to get organized

Rose Gold Desk Organizer with 6pcs Metal Paper Clips


minimalistic rose gold desk organizer as an idea of how to get organized

Simmer Stone Desktop Letter Sorter


desktop mail holder as an idea of how to get organized

Simmer Stone Rose Gold Magazine Holder, Desktop File Sorter

49. How to get organized in your digital life? Back up important files on the cloud!


Get organized digitally – back up everything that’s important to the cloud storage and keep the files organized there too.


50. Organize your thoughts.


Sometimes, there is just too much of them… If you need to sort them out, try journaling. It’s a perfect way to toss out unhelpful thoughts and organize what’s left so you can finally feel at peace.

If you don’t know how to journal, I really recommend you to check out my Mental Wellness Super Pack which has a ton of helpful minimalistic journals that help you calm down and create a positive mindset in every situation:



51. Get rid of unhelpful subscriptions.


Beauty boxes you don’t like, magazines you don’t read – get rid of the things that aren’t giving you any real benefits. They are just cluttering your life.


52. Throw out expired make-up, medications or food.


Those tend to sneak into our fridge and cabinets pretty often and create that “invisible clutter”.


53. Always do one thing at a time.


This may be a personal preference, but I find it hard to get organized if I’m jumping from one thing to another.

Start with one thing, finish it and the do another.


54. Use colored folders for color-coded organizing.


I love color coding! Colored folders (they’re sometimes called file pockets) make it so much easier to sort papers, bills, binders, and tasks.

You can use colored stickers, markers, sticky notes, inserts, pens – anything!


55. Keep a food diary.


A part of having a clean, healthy and organized nutrition is writing down what you have eaten.

This may not be for everyone but it’s especially useful for those who are trying to lose weight or have to keep a specific diet because of their health issues.


56. Plan and track your exercise progress.


Same reasons as 55!


57. Keep a birthday calendar.


If you’re forever guilty of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, this is something you really want to have. Thank me later!


58. Declutter your mind – let go of the past and future.


The psychological organization is just as important.

If your mind is constantly cluttered with thoughts about what did or might happen, it becomes really hard to function at all.

I know this because it was something I used to do all the time.

Basically, I was living in my head instead of living here and now.

Here’s how you can do it too.


59. Make a clear decision to get organized.


Dang it, this should have been my number 1! This “how to get organized” list could be a little more organized, ain’t it? 🙂

Anyway, if you really want to get organized, make a decision. Write it down if you need. Just make it strong and irreversible – make it your lifestyle to be an organized person.


60. Place dividers in your drawers.


An alternative to drawer containers + easily diy-able solution to drawer organization. Plastic drawer dividers are easy to use and they allow you to divide your drawers just the way you need it.


61. Use sticky notes or washi tape for an extra organization in your planner.

colorful washi tape masking set

Yubbaex 16 Rolls Washi Tape Masking Set


colorful washi tape rolls

Dalus 6 Rolls Gold Foil Washi Tape – 15mm Wide

62. Recycle your trash.


Recycling seems to be pretty easy and important, but there are still a lot of people who aren’t doing that.

If you don’t have enough space for several trash bins, check IKEA – they have great recycling bins that stack on top of each other and won’t take a lot of space.


63. Get rid of unpleasant relationships.


These can clutter your life too…


64. Learn the KonMari Method


I know I’ve mentioned this in the beginning…. But learning KonMari was one of the best things I have done in my life and I am recommending this to you guys over and over again.

I used to struggle so much in my small apartment… I never had enough space for my stuff but I didn’t have enough space to buy new furniture either.

KonMari Method helped me to radically declutter, tidy up and keep only the things that are giving me joy.

Suddenly I had enough space for everything because I didn’t need so many things anymore.

You can imagine how much happier I am now!

If you want to learn how to get organized from a real organizational genius, definitely take at least a short course of KonMari – it will help you immensely.


65. Shop for holiday gifts on Black Friday.


I hate to leave gift shopping for the last day so I always recommend doing it much earlier, like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This allows you to shop for gifts in a more organized way, prevents overspending (those “last minute” gifts tend to get pretty pricey) and prevents a ton of holiday stress.


66. How to get organized in your pantry? Keep fine dry things (like cereals, nuts, and oats) in clear glass containers!


Glass jars look nice, they’re affordable, hermetic, help you see what’s inside and keep your pantry beautifully organized. Buy them in sets to save money and keep the design consistent!


67. Automate everything you can.


Get organized + save time and energy with automation. You can automate things like bill payments, e-mails, grocery delivery, insurance renewals, subscriptions, and many others!


68. Keep a shopping list.


For organized and mindful shopping… Here’s a free shopping list printable.


69. Schedule appointments in advance.


A part of an organized schedule is taking appointments when they are needed.

For example, if you know you need to check your health every two months, schedule it in advance and put in your schedule so you won’t forget it.


70. Deep clean your whole home once a month.


Throw out everything unnecessary along the way.


71. Clean out your fridge regularly.


It’s very hard to keep a fridge organized if it’s full of products that are old or never used (I’m talking about you, condiment shelf!).

Take a look at your fridge regularly and if you see something that is not fresh, dispose of it.


72. Put away or donate books that you never read.


Marie Kondo is applauding this hard.

Books that don’t provide you with any value, are also clutter. Donate them to your local library or give them away.


73. Organize your Bible study.


For that cause, you can also use a Printable Bible Journal.


74. Start a decluttering challenge.


An interesting and fun approach to organization.

Start a challenge!

Decide on tasks and set up a challenge calendar to keep yourself motivated.


75. Track your moods and sleep patterns.



76. Keep track of your period too.


Tools: Free minimalistic, reusable period tracker


77. Keep the house hot-spots (like kitchen counters or bathroom sink) clean and tidy.


I think I forgot to mention that keeping everything clean is one of the best habits that can teach you how to get organized. Cleaning is the simplest form of decluttering since you are getting rid of dirt and trash. If you learn to keep things clean, it will become a lot easier for you to declutter your possessions and keep them neatly organized.


78. Set a time every day to relax and sort out your emotions.


Only a calm and organized mind can lead you to an organized and calm life.

Spend some time every day asking yourself honest questions: am I ok? If no, why? How can I help myself to feel better?


79. Organize your habits and implement better ones.


Related: 99 habits for a better life

Tools: Habit Tracker printable


80. Tone down your room decor for less visual clutter (and less cleaning!).


81. How to get organized if you’re DROWNING in papers, documents, and letters? Use binders!


A very important organization tip. Keep all important documents in binders and those binders – in a safe place, like a lockable drawer. Sort your papers by theme and keep them in beautiful ring binders as well. This will keep your home tidy and organized + it will be a lot easier to find the documents you need. Here are some of the paper things you should organized:

  • Personal and insurance documents;
  • Work notes and work-related documents;
  • Bills and payment letters;
  • Bank documents;
  • Housing documents;
  • Insurance documents;
  • Receipts and invoices;
  • Various instructions and warranty cheques;
  • Car documents;
  • And so on!


82. Go wireless wherever you can (like using a wireless mouse, printer etc.)


Cables are one of the hardest (and most boring) things to organize so the less there are, the easier it is.


83. Add a yearly calendar to your planner.


84. Set your priorities.


It’s hard to go on with your life and get organized if you don’t know which direction to choose.

One non-physical, but really important aspect of life organization is setting your priorities.

Once you have these in place, it becomes so much easier to plan your days, weeks and months.

It’s like having a sign which helps you to choose your activities.


85. Learn to say no to things AND people.


How to get organized when it seems like you’re drowning in tasks and requests? Start by setting BOUNDARIES.

Sometimes we give too much of our time to things and people that don’t really need it as much as you do.

Have anyone in mind?

Try to gently refuse when you feel like you already have too much of your own.


86. Delegate things when possible.


It’s the opposite of number 85 but if you feel like you have way too much on your shoulders, delegate as much as you can.

You can’t keep pouring from an empty cup and taking on the organization when you’re all tired is the worst idea.


87. Declutter your wallet regularly.


Busted! I  know it’s full of receipts and discount cards you don’t use.


88. Keep your car tidy too and organized too.


You can use a car organizer that attaches to the back of the seat and holds all the random things you need in your car (like wet wipes, water bottles, parking cash etc.). Also, I sturdy trunk organizer goes a loooong way with you to the store trips, family vacations, and picnics, keeping your trunk 100% organized (and your goods protected!):

car compartment insert organizing bag for car organization

Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer

Related: Car Organization Hacks You Need In Your Life ASAP


89. Declutter your nutrition by choosing cleaner products.


I know, this seems off-topic but if you’re wondering how to get organized 100%, you need to tidy up your nutrition too. The point here is not organization itself, but your health and the things you can do to stay healthy and energized. Take care of yourself! It’s even more important than the organization, but the only way to achieve that is through organization.


90. Declutter drawers in every room.


Do it once, repeat if needed and forget the clutter forever. Just don’t be afraid to let small, rarely used thingies go.


91. Write down your income and expense every month.


This is the basis of financial organization and is very easy to do even for a beginner.

Simply write down what you have earned and subtract what you have spent.

If you get a surplus, put it in your saving jars.

If you spend more than you earn, it’s time to think about ways to earn more or minimize your spending in order to avoid debt.


92. Create schedules for weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning.


This will help you keep things clean and organized all around the year.


93. Plan your weekends.


In order to have a productive weekend and avoid a full weekend Netflix marathon (guilty…), plan your weekend activities in advance.

Make sure to include some self care!


94. Have a list of health self-checkups.


Sort of a self-care organization, and incredibly important. Regular self-checkups can help you notice any unusual things at the earliest.

I try to check up things like moles, breasts, and teeth every month.

You can also try at home health testing kits that are getting very popular lately.


95. Disinfect doorknobs, light switches, and TV controls often.


Again, keeping things clean is the first step.


96. Use various boxes and containers for all small size things (like cereal, pasta, cotton picks etc.).


That’s right! Throw them nasty boxes away (+ recycle if you can). Whenever I get back from the grocery store, I always take all small thingies out of the original packaging and put them into jars and boxes. This makes everything a lot more organized around your house.


97. Create a skin, body and hair care routines.


A great way to get organizes with your beauty routines is to create a separate routine for each of these things.

You can even hang your routines inside your bathroom cabinets.

Tools: Self Care Planner printable


98. Stop buying duplicates (like the same skirt in 5 colors).


Always think if you really need them. Many times you will end up wearing one or two and skipping others… Those extra skirts are only cluttering your closet.


99. Allow yourself to be imperfect and not 100% organized all the time.


Being organized is awesome but always remember that life is happening here and now.

Don’t miss it! Have fun! Go on adventures! These things will forever be more important than being organized.


PART 3: How To Get Organized If You Feel Overwhelmed


The only thing to remember here is that you don’t have to get organized overnight. It’s impossible and incredibly stressful – don’t do this to yourself. Instead, try to organize little by little.

Start small! Grab a few ideas from this list and make them a habit, then take a few more.

If your goal is a very organized house, take one room or even less – just one counter or closet. The smaller the steps, the less overwhelmed you will feel while trying to get organized.


PART 4: How To Get Organized If Your Home Is Drowning In Clutter


Getting rid of clutter can make all the process a lot easier. Just imagine how different can it be if you tried organizing a room full of clutter (things you don’t or rarely use), and a room that has a big part of that clutter sorted out.

I hope you’re not too overwhelmed with this list already because I have another one (sorry!)… It’s 99 things you can declutter, give away, donate or simply trash if it’s not usable anymore. You can find it here: The Ultimate Decluttering Guide + Best Organizers + Free Printable

Thankfully, getting rid of stuff you don’t use anymore feels just as therapeutic and instead of making you overwhelmed, it can help you feel lighter and happier!


PART 4: How To Get Organized If You Have a Big Household


If you have a big family and house to take care of, it can get really hard to get organized with your own effort only. The best option here is to make home and life organized a shared family goal.

Talk to your loved ones and express your wish for your family to become more organized. Teach your kids how they can make their rooms more organized and ask them to do a small organizational chore every day (like putting their toys back to boxes after they’re done playing). You should also encourage them to always put things back to their places.

Of course, kids need to learn, so be patient if they forget to do one thing and another. Gently remind them and playfully show how to do it one more time.

If your kids are in their teenage years, they are capable to organize their rooms themselves. Provide them with organizational tools (like boxes and drawer dividers), show them how to do it and be compassionate. This thing might be new for them so they also need to learn.

A teenager is also capable of using a basic planner. A simple printable daily or weekly planner can help him or her to stay organized with school, after school activities, and appointments. It also teaches your kids to be independent, which is a very valuable skill to learn in their teenage years.

Once your family members put in a bit of effort into this hole “organized family plan”, it will get a lot easier for you to organize everything else. And if they like the changes – you can ask them to help you even more, just as long as they enjoy it.


Getting Organized Is So WORTH IT!


Wow… Congratulations – you made it to the end! 🙌 I hope you’ve found a lot of fun ideas on how to get organized and decided on your action plan to get organized in YOUR life. I know this may seem like a lot of things, but as I said, you can always make things easier with a little bit of planning. Make sure to check out the Planning Super Pack for that!

… And I promise – organizing your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family and career. If you still have doubt whether you should do it, do it! You will thank me in the end.

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