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    Eating disorders

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    Eating disorders are mental health conditions that involve distorted thoughts, behaviors, and emotions related to food and body image. Our articles aim to increase awareness and understanding of different types of eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. Discover resources that provide insights into the causes, symptoms, and consequences of eating disorders.

    photo interpretation of eating disorders and addiction

    Eating Disorders and Addiction: Unearthing Hope & the Journey Towards Recovery

    In recovery from eating disorders and addiction, strength, patience, self-compassion, and hope are the most powerful allies.
    girl with orthorexia holding a green drink in her hands

    Orthorexia: “Healthy Eating Became My Obsession”

    Eating the right way is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but when you take healthy eating to extremes, it can become dangerous.
    woman showing signs that you are not eating enough

    5 Signs That You Are Not Eating Enough + FREE Printable Food Diary Template

    While many worry about overeating, eating too little can be just as harmful.
    woman after binge eating overeating episode with pizza

    How To Stop Binge Eating: Gentle Ways To Deal With Overeating Triggers

    How to stop binge eating and get rid of this discrete issue - for better mental & physical health.