Eating disorders

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    Eating disorders are very common and prominent in various ages. We’re reviewing the latest eating disorder research, studies, and professional advice here.

    girl with orthorexia holding a green drink in her hands

    Orthorexia: “Healthy Eating Became My Obsession”

    Eating the right way is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but when you take healthy eating to extremes, it can become dangerous.
    boy with adhd hugging emotional support animal (golden retriever)

    How to Determine If My Child Needs an Emotional Support Animal?

    Emotional support animals got extra-popular lately.
    woman plus size model as an example of how to respect your body

    How To Respect Your Body

    The secret is so simple, yet so effective.
    woman not eating enough

    5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough + FREE Printable Food Diary Template

    While many worry about overeating, eating too little can be just as harmful.
    woman after binge eating overeating episode with pizza

    How To Stop Binge Eating: Gentle Ways To Deal With Overeating Triggers

    How to stop binge eating and get rid of this discrete issue - for better mental & physical health.
    art photo losing weight is not a solution to every problem

    Here’s Why Losing Weight Is Not a Magic Pill To ALL Of Your Problems

    Why we need to build weight loss stories on the RIGHT reasons.