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Personal Growth Ideas For Women Who Feel Lost In Life

Regain your lost potential, passion and your smile.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

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Picture Portraying Personal Growth Ideas For Women Who Feel Lost In Life

It is very common to feel lost and empty.

Especially being a woman, you often ask yourself if fulfilling your responsibilities is enough for you, or do you need more from life.

Sometimes, when you are tired and frustrated, you wonder if you have made the right choices, or if you are on the right path at all.

Sometimes you know what you want from life but (only after getting there), you realize it is not what your soul required.

Thoughts and doubts like these can take away the charm and contentment from life leaving you with… Emptiness. However, you shouldn’t leave it as it is.

If you are feeling lost, it might be time to start your growth journey.

Maybe you haven’t been able to give yourself enough time or you don’t know what your desires are… This is the time to explore yourself and move towards a different approach to your life and capabilities.

Here are some personal growth ideas that will help you regain the potential that you have lost.


Personal Growth Ideas For Women Who Feel Lost In Life


Connect With Other Women


You might not know it yet, but it is one of the healthiest things you can do if you feel lost.

Deep inside, in our emotionally insecure parts, we tend to feel diminished by other women and we seldom think about getting close to them… But if you have been like this, you are missing out a lot.

Start investing in your female friendships and observe the change in your lifestyle and thoughts.

You might not have that Instagram account filled with photos of you and your female friends, and it is totally fine.

All you need is a few girlfriends who understand you and maybe even are going through similar journeys in their lives.

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and share how you feel, that heavy burden may instantly feel lighter.


Books Are Your Best Friends Forever


If you haven’t been investing your time in reading books, start now.

One of the main reasons for feeling lost and unfocused is that you are not giving yourself enough time to grow as a person.

Take out some time for yourself and read the books that inspire you. They are a great help when you are walking on the path of finding yourself.

Read the books related to empowerment and autonomy, and you will feel the change in yourself and your life.




Traveling is the best companion for people who feel lost and unsure.

Each place you visit, you will meet new people, see new places, eat new things, listen to different sounds and music, and that will help you refresh your mindset and make you ready to have new experiences.

It’s an anecdote, but all of my best ideas were born whenever I was traveling.

This can be your opportunity to develop new perspectives on life as well.


Share The Good You Have In You


Being a woman, you already spend most of your time thinking and caring about others… Volunteering is a great way to help yourself grow more.

Seek out organizations that are working for the causes that you think are important.

When you connect with others, help someone in the cause you believe in, it becomes a way to create some harmony in your life (besides your hectic routine).

Moreover, it also gives you the chance to feel compassion and change your perspective towards life, because you can interact with people who are in different stages of life than you.

Seeing how different everyone’s life is, will give you the chance to think outside of the box and value your own life more.


Stop Resisting


As Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said, “What you resist, persists”. This is true for every case.

You might be resisting some thoughts at work or home, but those thoughts keep on irritating you and it makes you all anxious and stressed out.

When you resist something so hard, it keeps showing up because there is no other option but to deal with it.

So stop resisting.

Face your fears and thoughts that irritate you. Learn to manage them, accept them, find out solutions, expand your options, think from different perspectives, and allow yourself to be at peace, even if your life is not perfect. You won’t feel free unless you figure out the way to deal with the things that irritate you and that is a big step towards feeling content and fulfilled.


Being a woman, you might indulge in your hectic routines, not giving yourself enough time, and living the same day every day. These things can finally make you feel like something is missing. Use these tips to push through and lead your own way towards happiness, growth & peace.

It’s all in your power.

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