My Girly Morning Routine To Look Healthy, Glowing & Awake

Updated on July 13, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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A fun morning routine is key to a bright day ahead, and there is nothing worse than feeling tired when you wake up after a night of sleep!

There might be many reasons behind looking tired in the morning, such as late-night working or improper sleep… Yet, it doesn’t mean that you have to carry out this feeling all day long.

I used to think that I must have an extensive, complex morning routine to make sure I look and feel my best. Turns out, it’s quite the opposite and less can definitely be more when it comes to a good morning routine.

Today I want to share my super-simple, girly morning routine that will reduce your signs of tiredness and help you look and feel rested, glowing + awake in the morning, every day! Here we go.


My Girly Morning Routine To Look Healthy, Glowing & Awake


1. Take a Cold Shower


Taking a shower with cold or simply lukewarm water is probably the best way to make yourself awake in the morning. If you are having trouble getting up early and being productive in the early hours, the cold temperature makes you alert and also improves your working efficiency. It takes some time to get used to it (and I certainly recommend trying it out in warmer months), but it’s extremely worth it if you manage to get used to it.

If you don’t have time for a cold shower in your morning routine, at least use a cold-water splash on your face when you wake up. It will improve blood circulation and reduce puffiness on your face.


2. Drink Water


Every morning when you wake up, your body and skin are parched and dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water while you go through your morning routine will make you feel fresh all day long (and make your skin plump & hydrated!).

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, and keep drinking water all day long. I love to use lemon juice and cucumber to add some flavor to water, and it also makes it easier to drink. Moreover, drinking some water before going to bed can also make you feel less tired in the morning (just don’t overdo it, as too much water before bed can sometimes make you puffier in the morning).


3. Exercise Your Morning Grumpies Away


If you are not a morning person, but you have to wake up early, don’t worry and follow this simple step to move your body in the morning. Just get up and start briskly walking around your room for about 5 minutes. This will improve your blood circulation, and energize you for the day ahead. Including exercise in your morning routine makes your body and mind fresh as well as healthy!

P. S. If you have more time, you can also practice a quick 10-minute workout for maximum benefit.


4. Good Breakfast Is a Must In a Healthy Morning Routine!


That’s right, a good day begins with healthy food. It helps to have a breakfast rich in protein and fiber, as it will make you feel fresh all day long. Try not to take coffee instantly when you wake up, especially on an empty stomach. However, I admit that it is hard to argue against it because the freshly brewed coffee is sometimes enough to wake me up completely. Do remember to take plenty of water with it, though.

My favorite healthy, beauty-boosting breakfast meals include oatmeal with berries, avocado toast, eggs Benedict or simply a cup of yogurt with fruits.

Healthy avocado toast breakfast as a part of morning routine


5. Skin products


If you have dull skin, you will look tired and sleepy, no matter how extensive your morning routine gets! Dark circles and red-eyes are dead giveaways that you haven’t slept properly. I recommend using a good moisturizer and, if you have time, a Vitamin C sheet mask just after cleaning your face. I personally had superb results with this Garnier Vitamin C Sheet mask:

Garnier Glow Boost Mask displayed as a part of girly morning routine

Garnier SkinActive Glow Boost Fresh-Mix Sheet Mask with Vitamin C

It’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, leaves me looking bright and radiant + the amount of serum is unbelievable! I have enough to put on my face both after masking and in the evening of the same day (keep it refrigerated!).

You can also use a cold spoon to get rid of the under-eye bags and the ice cubes on your face will reduce swelling as well.

After using a mask, freshen up your dull skin brighter using concealer a light-coverage foundation. Finish by using a translucent powder to get a natural appearance. This skincare morning routine involves just a few products but it’s enough to make your skin look less tired and radiant throughout the day!


Tips For The Night Before Your Morning Routine


Get Some Proper Sleep


If you feel drowsy all day and you are not at the top of your game, it is a clear sign that you are suffering from sleep deprivation. You really need a night of proper sleep in order to look fresh and feel less tired in the morning – no morning routine is good enough to combat complete exhaustion.

Experts suggest that uninterrupted sleep of 7-9 hours is sufficient for an average adult and I have personally found this to be a sufficient amount of sleep for normal functioning. Your body needs rest and sleep according to its internal clock, so if you want to look amazing in the morning, remind yourself that proper sleep helps mitigate any tiredness and makes you look fresh instantly.


Stop Using Screens Before Bed


When its time to sleep, stop using electronic screens including television, laptops and mobile phones. Such devices emit blue radiation which is not only harmful to your eyes but also reduces the efficiency of your brain. Avoid using screens an hour before you go to bed so that the eyes get adapted to darkness, and your body prepares to sleep.

– – –

And that is it! I hope you will try this super-simple, girly and effective morning routine to look and feel your best in the morning + stay more energized throughout the day. And if you need to motivate yourself in the morning (you know, to fight all those battles that are written in your schedule), here’s how to do it.

Also, I have a specific morning routine for anxiety, if you’re battling this little demon in your mornings.

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