99 Habits For a Better Life

Hey, pretty! Are you tired of your bad habits? Looking for the ways to shape your life into something you really love? Maybe you’re just fed up with the way you are and looking for a sweet formula on how to finally get yourself together?

I’ve got something that can help you!

Before reinventing myself and redesigning my life, I was a lazy, unorganized, unmotivated girl with a full collection of bad habits. Paired with anxiety and eventually – depression, these bad life choices kept dragging me down until I became fed up. 

I decided to change myself completely and developing good habits was one of the things I worked on in my personal growth story.

After working on my self improvement for the past 5 or 6 years I can honestly say – constant self improvement is a choice – and a life-changing one!

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If you crave to have a better life, you should always be looking for ways to improve it. And what’s a better way to improve than with good, healthy, and positive habits! 

In fact, it might be that sweet formula you’re looking for.

Not only does the feeling of becoming better help you to keep a positive mindset + stay insanely productive but it’s also pretty addictive. 

The fun thing with building healthy habits is that they can be gamified. You can choose which habits you want to adopt, you can track them (here’s a super handy habit tracker for that) or you can even set yourself up for a fun challenge to help yourself keep going.


So here is a list of 99 habits you can implement in your life to live better, feel better and become better every single day.

Most of them are really easy so I recommend implementing at least a few – it’s so worth it!

Important: I made this list extra fancy and enriched it with tools and resources that can help you develop a particular habit. Those will be visible as purple links or images and I strongly recommend you to check them out because they WILL make things so much easier for you.

Habit creation will require some work after all so the easier you make this for you, the bigger the chances of success.

+ There’s a printable checklist at the bottom that you can download for free and gamify your habit creation, yay!

Simply checkmark all the habits you’ve already developed. Can you make it to all 99? That would be MAJESTIC.

And just in case you want to save this for later.. I made a perfect pinable image for your Pinterest. You will also find it at the bottom of the list.

Ok, let’s do this! Let’s create new habits for your better life!

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99 habits for a better life:


1. Wake up early.

2. Plan your day.

3. Relax or meditate daily.

4. Eat at least 1 healthy meal every day.

5. Have a break after every hour of work.

6. Spend some time alone daily.

7. Smile to yourself when you look in the mirror.

8. Always set your priorities.

9. Stretch a little several times a day.

10. Eat without looking at your phone or TV.

11. Get to know yourself

12. Play positive games.

13. Don’t smoke.

14. Drink only in moderation.

15. Have a skin care routine

16. Deep condition your hair once a week.

17. Take care of your nails.

18. Drink more water.

19. Learn to do your taxes.

20. Have a birthday list.

21. Spend less time on mindless internet browsing.

22. Wash your dishes after eating.

23. Make your bed in the morning.

24. Do your laundry every morning.

25. Hang your clothes after wearing (or put them in a laundry box if needed).

26. Keep your home clean.

27. Buy home decor items to cheer up your space.

28. Give yourself at least 1 compliment a day.

29. Encourage yourself at least once a day.

30. Track your medication or vitamins.

31. Write a thought diary.

32. Brush your teeth twice a day.

33. Plan at home leisure activities.

34. Go on a small trip at least once a week.

35. Have a daily 15-minute walk.

36. Have a gratitude diary.

37. Make lists of everything (things to do, things to see, shows to watch, things to buy…)

38. Always write down your ideas.

39. Plan the calls you need to make.

40. Prepare clothes for the next day.

41. Have your teeth checked.

42. Challenge yourself every month.

43. Research countries you want to visit.

44. Play games together with your loved ones.

45. Listen to self improvement podcasts.

46. Track your sleep & dreams.

47. Declutter your closet regularly.

48. Establish a clear work/rest regime.

49. Grow plants everywhere.

50. Change your tablecloths regularly.

51. Always try to turn around negative thoughts.

52. Regularly read Quora.

53. Clean your windows twice a season.

54. Clean your oven regularly.

55. Plan your meals.

56. Wash your floor regularly.

57. Read psychology books or magazines.

58. Act confident (even if you aren’t).

59. Plan your next month.

60. Research new music once in a while.

61. Workout 30 minutes a day.

62. Control TV time.

63. Have house rules.

64. Change your passwords regularly.

65. Walk straight.

66. Smile to the cashier.

67. Visit your loved ones often.

68. Visit those who have passed too.

69. Call your relatives once a week.

70. Research passive income ideas regularly.

71. Clean your wall art once in a while.

72. Buy a mirror and practice speaking.

73. Have a shopping list.

74. If you’re sick, constantly think about healing & getting better.

75. Encourage yourself to stop catastrophizing.

76. Take care of your body skin.

77. Bathe in oils.

78. Use aromatherapy every day.

79. Clean your makeup brushes once a week.

80. Clean your desk every evening after work.

81. Secure your home every season.

82. Buy new jewelry once in a while.

83. Keep your life in order with a life binder.

84. Take photos everywhere you go.

85. Choose uplifting music.

86. Track your habits.

87. Listen to nature sounds.

88. Let in some fresh air every morning.

89. Buy safe candles and relax in their light.

90. Clean your fridge once a week.

91. Talk to someone at least once a day.

92. Develop yourself with online courses.

93. Pray.

94. Play with your pet often.

95. Plan your goals.

96. Declutter your bag once a week.

97. Work on your mental health daily.

98. Plan your self care.

99. Take deep breaths whenever you remember.

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Final notes


Developing new, healthy habits may require some work but it’s so much worth it in the end. 

We’re the only ones who can change ourselves and our life. And trust me, nothing good happens for those who just sit and wait. 

If you want to advance, you have to work on yourself and I believe you’ve landed on the best website since a better life is what I’m after too! 

Check out my Blog for more inspiring tips and resources.

And before you go – can you share in a comment which habit on this list is your favorite and the most desired? I would love to know!

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