10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Wedding

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Wedding Celebration Hands With Rings

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Wedding is one of the most important celebrations in our life and one that we will undoubtedly cherish for the rest of our lives.  To make sure that wedding memories will never be overshadowed by some little unpleasant issues that could have been easily avoided, you should develop a detailed plan that covers every aspect of this ceremony (and by the way, there are many planning software tools that can make your life much easier in this respect). There is always a possibility to hire a wedding agency that will perform these tasks for you. However, you can create a stylish, special, and memorable occasion on your own without spending a fortune or knocking yourself out – simply follow our small bits of practical advice.


Let’s Plan a Perfect Wedding


1. Budget Comes First


Before proceeding with any real actions, you start with one of the most crucial decisions in our wedding planning – determining your target budget. Without it, you can find yourself in a situation when you plan and schedule things that simply don’t fit into your financial estimates. This can be frustrating and disheartening. You need to consider the total maximum budget of your celebration before anything else.


2. Invitations and Save-the-Date Cards


While all your attention and thoughts are focused on everything that has to do with the wedding, your guests have their own lives and plans. Sending out your invitations and/or save-the-date cards a month prior to the wedding date will ensure that your guests have enough time to plan accordingly. Today, there is no need to go to a special agency to have your cards designed – with an invitation creator you can effortlessly design your special invitations the way you want them.


3. Scheduling Venue


Any planning endeavors should start from you defining the overall concept of your future wedding. Depending on the option you choose, you can move on to the next stage, which is selecting a venue. And it can be anything from your house lawn to an exquisite restaurant. If you are going for the external location, then you need to take care of the booking well in advance to be sure you’ve got the premises scheduled for the desired time and date. Remember that by simply booking the venue in the off-season you can significantly save your money.

Wedding Venue Table Setup Example


4. Guest Prioritization


You should try to make your guests’ experience as pleasant as possible. Some of them will have to take a long and tiresome trip to attend your celebration, while others may have to put off some important plans to be able to make it. Try to help them by providing some useful information: location directions, best hotels to stay in, transport timetables, etc.


5. Establish a Gift Registry


Listing wedding gifts is a win-win situation. For guests, it gives an opportunity to buy things a couple actually needs and wants, so it saves everyone time, effort, and finance. For the couple, this will ensure that they get the things they really require. Importantly, you need to make it absolutely clear that the gifts on the registry are not mandatory.


6. Menu Planning


Obviously, there is no need to explain why the wedding menu is of paramount importance. There are several options: you can either fully rely on a trusted catering company, or you can include some homemade elements to add your personal touch to it. Whatever variant you prefer, make sure you consider guests with special food requirements.


7. Keep It Intimate


Of course, it’s always up to you to decide if you want to have a big wedding or just an intimate family-and-close-friends-only ceremony. However, given the current constraints, it is vital to have those who matter most present for the special day, and not really necessary to invite every relative, acquaintance, or co-worker.

Woman Holding A Wedding Bouquet


8. Power of Photography


Photography is always essential. With its assistance, you’ll have wedding photos to preserve lifelong memories. No matter how tight your wedding budget is, when it comes to photographer services, always buy the very best available on the market.


9. Take Your Time


Rushed decisions are often regretted. And in terms of weddings, this may result in big disappointments. When you choose your wedding gown, flowers, menu, color palette and any other design elements, there is no need to hurry, take your time, consider several variants and stick to the one you like best.


10. Create Your Own Traditions


The main rule about weddings is that there are no wedding rules. This is your day and only the couple can decide on every aspect of the celebration. Don’t stress yourself out by following some guidelines or traditions, if you don’t feel like it. Don’t look around and don’t compare it to other ceremonies – you call the shots here.

Beautiful Bride And Groom On A Beach Wedding


Final Word


When it comes to weddings, many couples get so fixated on the result that they forget that the whole planning journey is a very enjoyable time as well.  All the meetings, shopping, tastings, choices – consider it a process of self-discovery, imagination, and cooperation.

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