How To Keep Your House Clean With 12 Simple Habits

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Do you ever look at your friend that has an extremely organized house and you feel a bit jealous? I had that kind of a friend… But well, for those of us that find it a bit hard to keep all things tidy, it might look just like a mission impossible. Thankfully, if you are willing to adopt these 12 simple habits that help you to keep your house clean, you will actually manage to keep things on track. Let’s see what’s this all about!


How To Keep Your House Clean With 12 Simple Habits


1. Make your bed as soon as you wake up


Proactive and productive people start their day by making their beds. It will take you a couple of minutes to arrange the pillows and place a cover on your bed, but this will transform the entire room into a cleaner one immediately. When the bed is made, your bedroom looks clean, tidy, and put together.


2. Keep your kitchen sink clean at all times (no excuses!)


Even though it might seem daunting, keeping the kitchen sink free of clutter no matter what is another simple habit that will help you to keep your house clean. A shiny sink promotes a cozy look for your kitchen, so it is a great idea to create a routine around cleaning the dishes, instead of leaving them around until you get in the mood to wash.


3. Keep your eating table clean


Same as with the kitchen sink, keeping your eating table free of clutter will help you keep the desired tidiness in your house. A cluttered table leads to a messy appearance for the entire room, while proper meal times can also suffer delays since it will take you longer to set up the meals. Allow a couple of minutes daily to clean and clear everything on this table. You can even make it a habit to do the dishes > clean the sink > reset the table after every meal. The good thing is if you manage to keep up with it, it will take only a few minutes each time, and you’ll always have a table ready to eat.

Beautiful Dining Table In A Clean House


4. Do the laundry often


No matter if you have a large or small family, doing the laundry as soon as clothes gather in the laundry basket is a MUST. Gathering too many items for washing can lead to undesired clutter and a multitude of clothes just lying around. So, for a clean house, watch the laundry basket and wash the clothes as often as possible!


5. … Yet not every space needs to be cleaned all the time


A trick for those who want to have a spotless house is to clean the heavily trafficked areas more often. If you are not in the mood for deep cleaning, focus on the kitchen, living room, and dining room. If these three look good, the entire home will appear much tidier.


6. Do some clean-up before bed


Leaving chaos behind before you go to bed will make you feel overwhelmed when you wake up the next morning. Hence, a simple habit to keep your house clean is to designate ten minutes before bed to do some cleanup. Wash the remaining dishes if needed, place dirty clothes in the laundry basket or simply arrange the curtains for a neater look.

Pretty Bed In A Clean And Tidy Room


7. Place cleaning supplies in a handy caddy


If you want to make cleaning your home a faster process, have all required cleaning products and a washing cloth in one caddy that can be carried around easily. This will allow you to clean the rooms faster since you won’t be losing time while going to pick something or searching for products.

Cleaning Supplies In A Caddy

Casabella Rectangular Storage Caddy

8. Pay close attention to your bathroom counters


Toothpaste, makeup residue, hairstyle products, and many more can fall on bathroom counters, which is why it is highly recommended to tidy them up as soon as they appear there. This will prevent the need for heavy scrubbing and also create a look of a tidy and clean house.


9. Always place clean clothes where they belong


After washing, drying, or ironing your clothes, it is best to arrange them in their designated spot. Clothes lying around, even if they’re clean, won’t get you the tidy house appearance you desire, while dust particles or other substances can make them dirty again. Make it a habit to always put clean clothes in the dresser, and if that one needs extra help, here’s how you can organize your closet in one afternoon.

Folding Laundry As One Of The Habits To Keep A Clean House


10. Organize your stuff with baskets


Using baskets with labels for shoes, toys or other items will leave your home clutter-free, especially if you have children. These baskets have a dual function: they are practical as organizers and they are quite fancy decorative items if you choose something that matches the room!

Metal Wire Organizers As A Product Suggestion On How To Keep Your House Clean

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Metal Wire Organizers With Books As A Product Suggestion On How To Keep Your House Clean

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11. Deal with your mail and magazines


Piles of mail or magazines tend to create a dull and untidy look in any home. To keep your house clean, make it a habit to deal with your mail as soon as it arrives, while finished magazines can be easily recycled right away. Just think – how many times did you actually read the same magazine again?..


12. Recycle


Each and every time you stumble upon something you don’t use, consider whether or not you can recycle, reuse, donate, or sell it. Also, it might be a great idea to recycle items such as plastic bottles or cardboard – just for the sake of our planet Earth. Not only does this have a beneficial impact on our environment, but at the same time, it will help you to keep your house clean.


How To Keep Your House Clean – The Final Thing To Do


And that’s it! You now know all the things you should do to keep your house clean and tidy. Now make it last! Pick a few habits from this list and work on implementing them in your life. There’s no need to master all of them at once – it might feel too overwhelming. Just pick a few and the rest can follow up later. You got this!

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