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  • High quality, original article that was not / won’t be published anywhere else, including your own site.
  • Unique content, written from scratch. Please do not submit articles that simply summarize or repeat another source.
  • 1500+ words article without grammar or style mistakes.
  • The article must focus a long tail keyword for SEO.
  • Must be formatted with paragraphs, headings, bulleted lists.
  • Conversational, motivating, inspiring and helpful article tone.
  • The article can’t contain links to other websites (except your website link in author bio) or affiliate products.




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  1. We are determined to deliver the highest quality content to our readers. Therefore, not everyone will be accepted to guest blog. However, if you haven’t been accepted but you feel like your content has greatly improved, you can reapply again.
  2. Article images will have branding.
  3. Article content might be changed before publishing or after publishing. The title might be changed to increase the click-through rate.
  4. A written article is reviewed. You may be asked to slightly edit the article if it contains offensive, contradictory info or if it doesn’t answer the topic question at all.
  5. If a written article doesn’t meet these guidelines it may not be published.
  6. Articles will contain several display ads from Mediavine. They may contain a few product or services recommendations from ShineSheets store and affiliate links to other websites.
  7. All published submissions become the sole property of (but it will always show your author bio).
  8. Guest posts are not paid.

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