How To Finish Your Tasks & Projects Easier

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Young indian girl student sitting and writing things down in her notebookWe people are lazy. And honestly, I understand why! We have so much on our plates already.

It’s hard to find time or energy to do anything extra on top. That’s how most of us are and I guess it’s just a part of our human nature.

Being a lazy gal and putting things off felt like a normal thing to me, most of my life.

I used to come up with amazing ideas and projects that would drive me crazy (in a good way!), yet their size or the amount of work always pushed me away.

The list of unfinished projects was growing with my age and it helped things like depression and low confidence to creep into my life.

However, I don’t want this to be a sad reading!

Years have passed, I have so much more experience now…

And I’m happy to say that I finally found a way to finish your tasks and projects with ease.

It doesn’t change the fact that you have to work for what you want, but it makes things easy enough to keep going instead of abandoning them again and again.

So here are my steps to success!


How To Finish Your Tasks & Projects Easier: 6 Steps  To Complete Any Task


1) Admit you’ve been neglecting them & forgive yourself.


If you’ve been hiding from the fact that you still haven’t finished that business project or bathroom remodeling – admit it.

Do not shy away.

Accept that you’ve been lazy and try to find some compassion for yourself.

A person pours tea ina cup on the table with pink peonies

It’s not like you abandoned your goal because you like to be drowning in your own guilt-talk.

You put IT off because SOMETHING was off.

Maybe you didn’t have time.

Maybe the budget was a little tight.

Or you haven’t been feeling well (physically or mentally – both are legit reasons).

That’s ok! It’s not the end of the world. You’re going to change from now on, you will learn how to finish your tasks in seconds, so so stop punishing yourself with bad thoughts or criticism right now.


2) Find a REASON to finish your tasks.


If you can’t find an important reason WHY you want to finish your tasks then, well, you probably won’t.

It’s time to create a list of all the reasons why finishing these tasks or projects would be great.

Often, If I can’t find any plausible reason to do something boring or unpleasant, I do it for the sake of comfort.

It’s hard to relax and live a happy life when something is constantly buzzing in the background.


3) Start with a plan.


A project planner by ShineSheets near a pink pencil


Planning is still the best way to start doing things that need a lot of time, work or effort.

We all know it, but do we actually take time to plan?

Making a plan takes all the information out of your head so you can systematize and arrange your steps.

Honestly – any project or job (of any size!) can be done faster and with less ‘pain’ when backed up by a great plan. And if someone asked me how to finish your tasks with less stress, I’d say “don’t take a single step without a plan!”.

When I was creating ShineSheets, I thought it would take me much more time than it really did – setting up a good website takes quite some effort, after all.

But in reality, it was fast and really enjoyable thanks to the simple system I tried to follow.

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Hint – it’s this planner:

This project planner helps me every single time when I need to deal with big, boring tasks or projects. It’s easily expandable so you can use it on projects of any size! If you can, grab this to download and print for your task / project, otherwise – read further.

So how do you create a plan that’s not complicated, yet informative enough to help you start and keep going?

Here are the exact steps you need to take:

  • OVERVIEW YOUR PROJECT. Try to write a small summary of the job you need to do:
    • What is this project about?
    • Main milestones & tasks?
    • Can you use any resources to make it easier?
    • When is the deadline?

Even if it’s something simple, like cleaning your closet, spending some time to think through eliminates unnecesarry mistakes.


  • BREAK DOWN THE TASKS. The thing you need to finish may look hard, intimidating or scary. That’s fine – it’s not so big when crushed to pieces.
    • Break all big tasks into smaller steps until it doesn’t feel hard at all. Let’s say you need to declutter your garage. That’s a huge project! Now, would it still be as huge if you decided to do it corner by corner? Still big? Ok, maybe you can take each corner and break it further – to specific objects or furniture? Furniture – to drawers or boxes?
    • Narrow down as much as you need, until it feels easy.

*If you are using the ShineSheets Project Planner for this step, I recommend having a separate Task Breaker for each breakable task. That way you can have a clear view of what needs to be done in every task + it’s not all mashed up in one place). 


  • SET UP A BUDGET. Decide how much you’re going to spend on this project (if needed) and stay within that budget. Only add more if really needed.


  • TRACK WHAT’S DONE. This one is important. Tick or checkmark every task you’ve finished. Even if you didn’t write a plan for this project, I would still recommend listing things that you’ve done (even on a scrap of paper).


Sometimes people tend to underestimate their own work, especially women.

But in reality even the smallest thing – like getting up in the morning – is already something to be proud off.

If you don’t believe me, ask any depressed person how much energy it takes for them to get up and leave the house!


  • SET DEADLINES. A deadline is needed to keep you on track. Make sure to extend it if you feel like this deadline is making you neglect yourself, or you’ve been putting off your self care. If you’ll burn out, none of your projects will matter anymore.


  • BRAINSTORM & TAKE NOTES. This is optional, but I feel like it’s really useful to brainstorm extra ideas while in the progress. You may find ways to make the process faster or easier + save your precious time.


Also, take notes about everything and keep them with your plan.

You’ll encounter small pieces of information all the time so it’s best to write them down.

Let your mind rest – anything written down is a weight off your thoughts.

P. S. Just in care you’re ready to plan your life and (finally!) organize it all… Check out my collection of printable personal growth tools – all ready to be downloaded instantly so you can start just now.


4) How to finish your tasks if it just seems too hard?.. Get help!


Two people clink red cups of tea

Sometimes we take too much on our shoulders, even though there is absolutely no reason to do everything alone.

Too much work weight on one person is a straight way to burnout so if you do find yourself getting tired or late with your deadlines, look for a helping hand.

If there is no one around to help you, you can always find help online.

There are many websites that offer an amazing range of services for irresistibly small fees.

One example (and one of my favorites) is Fiverr – a place where freelancers from different fields offer their services starting from 5$ (I mean, that’s incredibly cheap).

I use Fiverr both for my business and personal tasks and it’s amazing!

The thing I love the most about Fiverr is that you can find a professional for literally anything. There are people who will develop a business plan for you, work as a translator or your virtual assistant, be your digital marketers or personal graphic designers, data writers –  the list goes on!

All prices start at 5$ and you usually get A LOT for that.

So save your time & energy – delegate! Find a gig for yourself here: Check out Fiverr


5) Enjoy gratification.


young woman with brown hair and pink sweater does a happy dance

This one is incredibly important. Since you’ve already decided to finish your tasks and projects, try your best to enjoy it.

The easiest way to do that is to celebrate every small thing you’ve done.

Of course, you can stay angry about the fact that you have to do it at all (“darn, I could be watching Netflix right now” – me, all the time).

But constant negative self-talk will only slow down your progress.

If you find it hard to conquer negative thinking or have a tendency to overthink things, I recommend journaling activities to start feeling better.

Better mental health = more energy to do anything.

Also read: How to beat negative thoughts and restart yourself


6) Keep going.


It’s really possible that you’ll encounter some step backs, especially if your goal is big and long-term.

But just remember that nobody is perfect and many people have quit their projects and dreams even before the first step.

If you want to finish your tasks, you might as well need some discipline, and I have a great guide on that here.


I hope these tips will help you to finish your tasks and projects. Now make it last – take these tips and write down that PLAN! 😉

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How To Finish Your Tasks & Projects Easier 3393sharesWe people are lazy. And honestly, I understand why! We have so much on our plates already. It’s hard to find time or energy to do anything extra on top. That’s how most of us are and I guess it’s just a part of our human nature. Being a lazy gal and putting things off […]
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14 replies on “How To Finish Your Tasks & Projects Easier

  • Cindy

    Nice tips! I think you’re right, we all underestimate all the little tasks that we’re doing during the day. Why not acknowledging that the dinner we made was super tasty and be proud of it? Of course, if you work remotely and have a very important task to finish asap, then cooking a dinner might not be a good idea, but in general, we should learn to celebrate even small achievements. I think it’s also a good idea to get familiar with a couple of motivation hacks (example: ) and use them whenever you feel that your motivation goes down.

  • Elena

    To make stuffs easy for me, I always try to find a reason to do that. I don’t care the reason, I just need something to hold on to while I fix my mind on completing whatever it is.

  • Barrick Saw

    True, we should really stop punishing ourselves with bad thoughts or criticisms, it’s sure not going to help us in any way. Getting a hold of yourself and making great plans helps 😉

  • Lady Grasha

    Sure thing! I need to stop telling myself that I can’t change. It’s horrible having to postpone the same thing over and over again. It can also be demoralizing that there’s no motivation to get you going. But I guess I don’t need to discourage myself.

    • mm

      Amber @ ShineSheets

      Thank you for sharing! We all encounter setbacks and it’s totally fine 💯 The most important thing is to get up, shake the dust off and KEEP GOING! 💪

  • Alfie Chess

    I totally agree that any project or job can be done faster when it is backed by a good plan. It would ease the time and effort you’ll put into trying to get it done any way you feel. I guess a project planner would go a long way in making the whole process easier. If I buy, can I print on both sides of the paper?

    • mm

      Amber @ ShineSheets

      Hi Alfie! Yes, you can easily print any planner on both sides of the paper ☘️ To do that, first print ODD pages of the file, then FLIP the whole pile vertically, put it back in the printer and print EVEN pages 😉 It may take a few tries but once you get it right, it becomes super easy 🤓

  • Emily

    Great article! I’ve been skimping on wayyy too many projects recently and this motivates me to keep pushing forward 🙂 Thank you!

    • mm

      Amber @ ShineSheets

      Hi Emily! Motivation is like a muscle – you need to keep working on it every day 💪 I’m glad this article inspired you 😊

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