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5 Nifty Benefits Of Using Cabling & Bracing For Trees Around Your House

Trees need to withstand all the harsh weather and storm thrown at them by Mother Nature.

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Trees need to withstand all the harsh weather and storm thrown at them by Mother Nature.

But even the strongest trees may sometime require support.

When the trees are structurally weak, they may put the nearby people and the properties at risk of injury and damage.

Let us go through how cabling and bracing can be beneficial for trees.


Protect From the Storm Damage


The trees which suffer from the damage may get benefitted from the bracing and cabling and the combination of both processes.

For example, when the branch needs to be split due to harsh weather, cables and brace rods will help in holding the damaged portions together.

The trunk or the branch failure will be prevented and the tree will be healed very soon with the help of the brace rods.

The cabling will help in restricting the movement of the damaged sections during the winds.


Prevent From Severe Lean


Trees may develop a natural lean during their life.

The trees may lean towards the sunlight and adapt according to the environment.

But when your tree has a severe lean, you should be cautious.

The lean may damage the structure of your home and brace or cabling will help you to keep your mind at peace.

When the tree has become lean after a recent storm or from soil erosion, it should be a severe concern. Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. serving all of Portland area can help in preventing the trees from this severe lean.


Protect the Weaker Sections


When the trees get old, they may have one or more than one weaker section that may fall down in the near future.

For example, a hollow trunk may weaken the ability for withstanding heavy winds.

Also when you can notice any splits or cracks within the branches of the trees, it may experience a fall in the future.

When your tree is near a public area that is crowded and near a building, cabling will help in providing the required support.


Preventing V-Crotch Stem


When two stems originate from the same trunk, there may be a V-scrotch stem.

Little tissue remains present for supporting both stems.

During the storm or bad weather, both the stems of the trees remain at risk of falling down.

Stem failure can thus be prevented with the bracing and the cabling to prevent it from breaking in the future.


Avoid Overextended Limbs


The limbs of the trees may grow in excess which may be unbearable for the trunk.

The limbs may grow horizontally and towards the end of the branch, there may be foliage.

Cabling in this case will restrict the movement of the overextended moves of limbs.




When you are in fear that a nearby falling branch may damage your property or may hurt you or your loved ones, you should immediately call the tree specialists.

The professional experts will thus guide you on whether the cabling or the brace rods will be suitable for your tree.

Make sure you can identify the signs early so that you can prevent many accidents from falling trees.

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