4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

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Picture Portraying 4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

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Picture Portraying 4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Hey pretty! Do you have a problem with your goals? Feel stuck and slowly lose your hope to achieve anything at all?

Don’t give up yet.

Making goals a reality is not easy, especially if you’ve failed multiple times before.

But it’s just an attitude problem and if you want to solve any problem, you have to find its root cause.

If you have a problem of underachievement (also known as not getting what you want from your life), there must be something stopping you or something that makes it unnecessary hard. 

It may be things that are your own personal barriers, like:

  • Specific fears
  • Irrational beliefs
  • Low self-confidence

There may be specifics, but today I want to highlight 4 reasons that are the most common when we fail to set or achieve our goals.

And just as with any problem, the first step to start achieving your goals is to understand why you’re failing.

Finding a reason will help you create an appropriate action to counter your goal underachievement problem.

So let’s find out what’s stopping you!


4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals


1) Lack of Planning


Sometimes people think that just proclaiming a goal is enough to achieve it.

I’m going to do this and it’s gonna be lit!

But without taking the step of planning your actions towards the goal, you’re setting yourself for failure.


Picture Portraying 4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals


If your goal is just a thought, days pass and the thought comes less often… until it finally disappears.

Your goal vanishes without any beginning.

See the key here?

If you write the goal down and decide on the ways to achieve it, the thought takes a physical form. 


Physical form is so much stronger and has a bigger impact than just a thought! It creates an intention to do something about your goal and also a first real step you take towards your goal.


If you’ve missed on planning, then no wonder you’ve missed on your goals too!

A quick tip if you want to start planning your goals – it’s always easier when you have the right tools (like our free printable goal planner) that can guide you through the process.

These will help you set achievable goals and track your progress.

Simply speaking, you will have a real, physical plan guiding you forward – the first step to making your dreams a reality!

Plus, it’s super clean and decluttered so not only it looks great – it keeps your attention locked on what’s important.

#Goaldigger mode activated.


2) Lack of Commitment


After making objectives, most people lack the commitment to follow up on their life goals.

We tend to postpone taking action to achieve our goals.


Picture Portraying 4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals


It’s because, obviously, we are lazy! We would rather do something else.

This happens when your goal doesn’t have a good reason why you want it.

Lack of commitment to your goal is even higher if there is no set plan on how to achieve your dreams.

3) Lack of Motivation


Picture Portraying 4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals


Some of us actually start working on achieving our goals.

The problem is that our motivation burns out pretty quickly.

People will go out, fill out a gym membership and even buy the exercise equipment but… will not attend more than one gym session.

This is the main reason why gyms are crowded in January and then gradually get emptier month by month.

The lack of motivation comes quite fast if you’re goals are unclear or you don’t want them enough.

In order to stay motivated, a goal needs to have a special meaning for you.

It is the thing that keeps your motivation burning.

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4) Unrealistic Goals


Picture Portraying 4 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals


Many people set fantastic goals thinking they can accomplish them miraculously.

“I know it’s not how it works but I just believe that my case will be different”

This is so me! I always want things here & now and get kinda sad when everything isn’t working out as fast as I wanted.

But there are things that just need time.

You cannot plan to lose twenty pounds within a month (sad, I know) or build a business in a week.

These unrealistic expectations cause us to become discouraged when we “can’t achieve the goal”.

We start a series of negative self-talk when in reality it’s not us – just the goal set was too unrealistic.

– – –

There might be a lot of things that stop you from achieving your goals… But it doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome them. Go here to learn how you can stop abandoning your goals and finally advance in your life!

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