10 Super Useful Things To Have In Your Purse

Updated on July 3, 2021 by Amber & The Team

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Just like in Harry Potter, when Hermione gets out everything you can think of out of her mysterious bag… We ladies are magic workers in any situation too. Our purses are packed with almost everything! Which is why each time something happens, we are already prepared to deal with it.

… That’s, of course, the best-case scenario! But if you are still wondering what you should carry around in your bag, here is my list to help you get started.


10 Super Useful Things To Have In Your Purse


1. Lipstick


You can’t go anywhere without your favorite shade of lipstick! Whether you are having a bad day or simply want to refresh your appearance before leaving work – a lipstick in your bag is a must-have.

I like to always carry around a nude shade that fits perfectly every style or makeup I can think of + it makes your lips look fuller which is simply pretty.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick – Tropical Nude


2. Little Emergency Kit


Cutting your finger, breaking your nail or even a nose bleed can be quite sudden and quite annoying, which is why having a small emergency kit comes in so handy. A medicinal patch, band-aids, some baby wipes, something to sterilize the wounds and a small cotton cloth will be helpful when unexpected situations occur.


3. Small Pill Box


Being prepared for pain is also a great idea. Keep a small box with a few tablets of pain killers, stomach pills, an antihistamine for allergic reactions, antacid for heartburn, a mosquito repellent and a small eyewash solution in your bag. An added bonus is that you’ll also be able to help others in need, which is just a nice thing to do.


4. Hygiene Stuff


Even if your period comes at a specific time of the month, let’s speak the truth: there are some occasions throughout the year when it decides to come out of the blue or when you least expect it. Keep a small cosmetic bag filled with a few pads, tampon and a small pack of feminine wipes in your bag.


5. A Powerbank (Portable Charger)


Smartphones can become unpredictable after you use them for a period of time. To prevent that terrible situation in which you unexpectedly ran out of battery, carry around a powerbank in your bag. This way, you’re always safe knowing that even if your battery runs out, there’s a backup buddy waiting to charge it up.

Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

6. A Book


If you have to spend a lot of time in public transportation to and from work, you might want to have a small book in your purse. This also comes handy when you have to wait for someone, or if you want to relax at your lunch break.

8. Breath Fresheners


Do you remember those times in elementary school when the most popular question someone could ask you was… “Do you have some gum?”

Well, at least it as popular in my childhood, but this is not the point. Having some gum, tic-tacs or mint candies will help you freshen up your breath after lunch or before meeting someone. You don’t want to have a smelly mouth, don’t you?


9. Travel Size Perfume


A small bottle of perfume is probably my favorite thing to carry around! I mean, who doesn’t like to smell great… Also, maybe you get invited somewhere straight out of office, for which a bit of perfume and lipstick can make wonders on your appearance. To save money and still have your favorite perfume in a travel-sized bottle you can get a perfume atomizer bottle. These are inexpensive and can be filled with whatever perfume you prefer:

Perfume Atomizer Mini Perfume Bottles

10. Hand Cream


This is especially helpful during winter, but I believe it is great for summer, too. Our hands tend to get dehydrated before the rest of our body does (thanks to those never-ending washings after you use the bathroom), so a small tube of nice smelling hand cream will offer your pretty hands a hydrating boost on the go. If you can, choose a hand cream with SPF to protect your hands against UVA/UVB rays too.


This being said, there are a multitude of helpful things every woman should have in her purse… And in the end, it all depends on our day to day activities and what we need more often. Some of us carry just a small brush, a condom or an extra pack of stockings. 😉 I find it more comfortable to be prepared for any situation – therefore this list kind of makes me feel safer. You never know what you will need, right?

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