How To Become a Morning Person (Without Suffering)

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Wish you could transform yourself into a morning person and have more hours to slay your goals?

I know it may sound unreal to you right now, but being an early bird is not that hard and no, you won’t need extreme amounts of coffee to get through the day. I have succesfully trained myself to wake up early in the morning, anywhere between 5:45 and 7 o’clock, depending on my schedule for the day. Read on to find out how you can become a morning person too – without suffering!


1) Get Proper Sleep


That’s pretty obvious, right?

If you want to become a morning person, you must restore a healthy sleeping schedule with the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprived people are prone to harder wake ups, they tend to eat more and even experience a sense of dissatisfaction throughout the day. Is this you? Then this should be your first step.

You will probably need to go to bed earlier and, yes, at first you may feel not sleepy at all if you’re used to going to bed late at night.

It is best to to remove all electronic devices around you, including anything that will remind you about work or unfinished tasks (at least 45 minutes prior to bedtime). The blue light of smartphones signals your brain that it must stay awake and makes it a lot harder to fall asleep. Instead, opt for reading a book or writing down everything that stressed you out during the day. This will clear up your mind and lead to better sleep.

Another soothing and calming thing to do before bed, is to take a warm (not hot!) shower. Warm water promotes deep sense of relaxation and aids in falling asleep quicker. Choose a lavender scented shower gel and you’re on your way to sweet dreams!

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2) Create a Morning Routine


A routine is the best approach to train yourself to do anything. To become a morning person, establish a wake up routine where you wake up around the same time each morning, including weekends. After doing this for a while, your body will naturally begin to awaken at those hours, without feeling drowsy.

Choose a prefered wake-up time and adapt to it gradually. Let’s say you are used to waking up around 9 o’clock, yet you want to be up at 7. Start by setting your alarm at 8:30 and move towards your goal by decreasing 15-30 minutes every few days.

Try not to hit that snooze button! Snoozing for several times can affect your cognition and actually leave you feeling more tired throughout the day. If you’re extremely tempted to snooze every morning, change up your alarm melody and put your phone far away from bed. This will force you to get out of the bed to stop the alarm, and sometimes it’s enough to help you wake up faster.

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While getting accustomed to your new sleep schedule, you can also use a sleep tracker, like this:

It’s a simple tool, but it can help you stay motivated with your goal of becoming a morning person. Simply mark your sleep hours, add dreams if you want to and strive to make those lines similar each day. You can get one here.


3) Start Your Day With Moving and Doing Something Pleasant


Soon after waking up, do some stretching or a few simple exercises as it will naturally make you feel more energetic. If you can, step outside for a breath of fresh air. Then take a quick shower and spend 15 minutes doing something pleasant. This will make you look forward to waking up because you will also be waiting for that pleasant activity.

I personally LOVE putting on my makeup while blasting music through my headphones, and sipping fresh-brewed coffee. It became sort of a ritual through the years and I feel charged & inspired to start my day after every single time. 


4) Get a Nutritious Breakfast


The secret of morning energy is hidden in your breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast promotes wellbeing, a healthy body weight and, of course, it feeds your body all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to get going all day. A good breakfast is a must, so even if you’re not hungry yet, try to snack on something to give your body that much needed morning energy.


5) Make a Plan


If you’ve decided to become a morning person, take a step forward and start planning your days too. It takes just a few minutes and it’s a real bonus to every morning routine (here’s why). 

I love using my minimalistic planners for daily planning since I like planners that are well-structured, clean & decluttered: 

But you can obviously opt for a peace of paper if needed – just make that plan! 😉 You will be much more productive through the day with it.

 – – –

And that’s it! If you are looking to become a morning person, following these tips will help you do that without a lon of suffering. While, it may be a little uncomfortable at first, becoming a morning person is so worth it – it’s definitely a perfect habit to master. Good luck!

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