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4 Fantastic Careers to Go Into if You’re a Huge Disney Fan

If you’re an aspiring Disney fan, there are quite a few career options that will bring you within its hallowed halls.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 11, 2023

Disney-Like Drawing Of An Animated Character

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Everyone loves Disney, but only a small handful of people make it their ambition to actually work for this giant of the entertainment industry.

If you’re an aspiring Disney fan, there are quite a few career options that will bring you within its hallowed halls, so let’s look at where you can focus your efforts to make this a reality.


Making Magic as a Disney Animator


Imagine creating unforgettable characters, settings, and stories that bring joy to millions of people.

As a Disney animator, your job is to do just that, setting your sights on feature-length films, animated shows, and everything in between.

As you’d expect, you’ll need skills in traditional drawing, as well as modeling software like Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Maya.

Plus it helps if you’re familiar with animation principles such as timing and motion design too.

Most animators hired by Disney today have degree-level qualifications in their craft for this reason.


Exploring the World of Live-Action Special Effects


Animation is not the only thing that Disney does, and indeed its dominance at the box office in recent years is as much down to its live-action movies as anything else.

While computer-generated imagery is key in modern movie-making, there is still the need for professionals to create incredible visuals that bring stories to life using practical methods and techniques that are more old-school in their origins.

From creating realistic explosions to overseeing unbelievable stunts, you’ll be part of an amazing team that never fails to amaze viewers.

To master this, it helps if you’re familiar with the principles of physics, such as inertia, force, or velocity too!


Jetting Off with a Career as a Disney Travel Agent


If you’re an avid traveler who loves organizing trips and sharing your knowledge of the world, then you should join the ranks of Disney travel agents.

You’ll get to help others plan their dream vacations while learning more about the amazing destinations that make up the most magical place on Earth.

As a travel agent, you’ll be responsible for helping guests book flights, hotels, and attractions tickets, all while staying within their budget.

Working closely with clients will also help develop your organizational skills further, so each trip is tailored to their unique needs and expectations.

Don’t forget being detail oriented, as small changes can go a long way when orchestrating complex itineraries involving multiple stops or countries.


Creating Lasting Memories in Theme Parks Management


Imagine seeing families having fun and making memories that last a lifetime.

As an experienced manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring guests have an amazing experience each time they visit a Disney resort.

You will manage attractions and staff, ensure safety standards are met, respond to customer service issues, and plan for future improvements.

Familiarity with hospitality or retail operations will stand you in good stead if this is your intended career path.

There are also internal training schemes and promotion tracks to take into account, so if you start lower down the ladder at a Disney resort, you could eventually reach the management level through your own grit and determination.




The last thing to point out is that a job with Disney has to be one you’re already interested in pursuing, and also a role that fits in with your skills and inherent traits.

You don’t want to strive to start a career for this company just because you enjoy its output, only to find that the position you’re hired for doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled, or is actively against the grain of where your talents lie.

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