99 Things To Declutter For a Super Tidy Home + FREE Printable Checklist

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I have to confess – a completely tidy and organized home is probably my most favorite thing in the world. Nothing beats that delirious feeling of tranquility when everything is clean, everything is in place and there’s absolutely no clutter in sight. 

I might be a little pedantic, you might say, but honestly – do you really know any people who don’t love tidy environments? Well, maybe only uncle Jerry who doesn’t give a cr*p about those 20 pizza boxes in the corner, but let’s not judge! 😊

Being a recreational organizer over the years, I learned one thing – clutter likes to sneak into various places almost unnoticed! You might think that you’ve already reached your organizational nirvana until one day you try to find that specific USB cord you need… and BAM! Nothing is actually decluttered enough for you to find it! 

In this list, I want to give you 99 things to declutter or get rid of at your home in order to achieve that super tidy home feeling – and it will include both regular decluttering, and those sneaky clutter spots that might otherwise stay unnoticed. 

You will also find various organizational products from Amazon which can be extremely helpful in tackling all the clutter and keeping stuff organized + there’s a printable checklist at the bottom of the page!

Important notice: word “declutter” doesn’t necessarily mean to throw something out, although sometimes it’s the only thing you can do. If something is still working or is still usable, always prefer donating, selling or giving things away so they may be used by someone who needs it.

Let’s do this!


99 Things To Declutter For a Super Tidy Home


1. Old cooking pots and pans

2. Chipped mugs

3. Broken cooking utensils

4. Old groats, pasta and cereals

5. Expired food in your fridge

6. Expired freezer items

7. Expired, old snacks

8. Teas that you never drink

9. Spices and seasonings you don’t really like

10. Expired sauces and jams

11. Ripped kitchen linen

12. Tupperware without lids (or lids without tupperware! 😃)

13. Shopping bags

14. Empty, or almost almost empty bottles

15. Plastic take-out cuttlery, asian food sticks

16. Old or non-fitting shoes

17. Overwashed or torn scarves

18. Gloves without a partner

19. Old coats

20. Unusable shoe and coat care items

21. Broken umbrellas

22. Unsafe, broken children toys

23. Movie CD’s and DVD’s (does anyone still use them?

24. Old audiotapes

25. Old gaming consoles

26. Old, nasty plaids and pillows

27. Books that you don’t ever read

28. Recipe books you never use

29. Magazines you’ve already read

30. Table games that aren’t played

31. Dining plates and glasses with visible splits

32. Stained table cloths

33. Old, tacky table decor

34. Stained, overwashed, hardened towels

35. Empty shower stuff bottles

36. Empty, expired body care items

37. Empty, expired face care items

38. Expired or broken makeup

39. Broken or never usable makeup brushes

40. Perfume that you don’t really like

41. Old or non-working hair care tools

42. Never used hair drier attachments

43. Old, overused hair brushes

44. Hair elastics that aren’t stretchy anymore

45. Nail polish that is dried up or never used

46. Old, expired medicine

47. Old toothbrushes

48. Cleaners you never use

49. Old scrubbers & sponges

50. Work documents you don’t need anymore

51. Bills that have been paid

52. Old mail

53. Old purchase receipts

54. Take out menus

55. Used up and non-relevant notebooks

56. Computer files that you don’t need anymore

57. Pens & pencils that don’t write

58. Stained, holey, overwashed bedroom linen

59. Clothes that don’t fit anymore

60. Clothes that aren’t flattering

61. Clothes that you haven’t wear (like, ever!)

62. Duplicate clothes

63. Jewelry you never wear (including earrings without a pair)

64. Old or out-of-style purses & handbags

65. Broken sunglasses

66. Old, unsightly belts

67. Overwashed pajamas

68. Grown out baby or children clothes

69. Underwear that doesn’t fit or is overwashed, stained, holey

70. Socks that don’t have a partner

71. Old, out-of-style men ties

72. Bathing suits that don’t fit

73. Broken lamp bulbs

74. Chargers that you don’t need anymore

75. Almost burnt-through candles

76. Broken or never-needed cords

77. Crafting items you never use

78. Christmas stuff you never liked

79. Various electronics you never use

80. Old phones & their cases

81. Photos you don’t really like

82. Used batteries

83. Dried up paint cans

84. Dried up glue

85. Unusable repair parts

86. Broken or duplicate repair items & tools

87. Broken or never used excercise equipment

88. Extra hangers + cheapy hangers you get from the store

89. Travel sized toiletries

90. Boxes of the things you’ve bought in the past

91. Other various useless boxes

92. Half-finished home projects

93. Gift bags that aren’t suitable for reuse

94. Wrapping paper leftovers

95. Dead plants 😐

96. Promotional t-shirts, hats or items from conferences

97. Wedding invites from the past

98. Birthday cards that have no sentimental value

99. Gifts you never liked

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! Just imagine it all sitting on your shelves and in your drawers and just collecting dust… Set yourself free – donate, give away or sell anything that you can and throw out anything. If you find it hard to say “goodbye” to anything, use the Marie Kondo method – look at the item and think: does this spark joy inside me? If yes, then leave it at home. If no – thank the item for serving you and let it go.

Now >> download this list as a printable checklist << and happy decluttering!

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