Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Let's get some ORDER in your tiny bathroom.

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I love having my stuff well organized.

But I was so disappointed when I moved into my first apartment… It had a really small bathroom!

So small, that I could barely fit comfortably to apply my body lotion after taking a bath.

And there were no enough places to fit in all of my beauty products.

So, naturally, I went ahead and researched organization tips and tricks to make the best of this tiny bathroom space.

After trying a lot of different options, I came up with quite a few small bathroom organization ideas that, well, actually work in tiny spaces.

And honestly – organizing your bathroom is so important!

I believe this room needs extra attention in every home.

I can’t wait to show you my best tips for keeping a small bathroom organized and spotless… So let’s check out these awesome ideas to shed some light in your tiny bathroom!


10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms




1) Install bathroom shelves


Have you ever considered some floating shelves in your bathroom?

Shelves can help you to make the most of the vertical space, and it can turn out to be a stylish approach to storage!

This is easily one of the best ideas for a small bathroom organization and thankfully, it fits absolutely any bathroom.

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

SODUKU Floating Shelves


2) Create under-sink storage


Since we’re talking about a small bathroom, under sink storage is a must.

You can add some fancy shelves underneath or you can go even further and install some mini drawers.

No matter what you opt for, this is the quickest organization idea for small bathrooms and it will also hide a lot of eyesores.


3) Add some over the toilet storage


As I mentioned above, storage on the walls in a small bathroom is more than necessary… But most people forget about the valuable space above the toilet.

You can use this space too, by adding a small shelf with toilet paper and towels.

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Home Zone Living Over The Toilet Storage Rack


4) A small chair can work as well


If you have a really small bathroom and don’t have enough space for extra storage, buy a multipurpose stool in a pretty color and put it in a corner.

Use it to store small towels or similar items on it, and you can also add a box under it.

It is not ideal, of course, but it’s still a way to add some levels of storage.


5) Use the space around your bathtub


No matter if you have a bathtub or a shower, there is some space there you can use to store shower gels and soaps.

The simplest way is to add a leveled metal storage to the corner of your shower or bath, like this:

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Brobery 4 Packs Bathroom Corner Shower Shelf


PART 2: SMART TRICKS For Small Bathroom Organization


6) Roll those towels!


If space doesn’t allow it, how do you store fresh towels?

You can do that by getting some baskets and placing them in a corner.

Then, roll the towels and place them inside.

It is both useful and good looking!


7) Install a hairdryer holder


If you add some doors under the sink to create a small cupboard, you can use those doors to hand the hairdryer.

There are several approaches to this, but I use a standard small basket with a hanger on it, like this:

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

mDesign Farmhouse Over Cabinet Organizer


8) Use mason jars!


I used to have so many small things to store in the bathroom, that sometimes I would feel like I will never find the end of it… I discovered that the best organization idea for small bathrooms is to use mason jars as organizers.

You can store your toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup stuff, and many more things in these simple glass jars and everything looks much tidier + stays a lot cleaner!

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set


9) Hang mirrors to create an illusion of bigger space


Since we’re discussing the design and storage of a small space, you should be careful not to make it look cluttered.

And in my opinion, the best way to create the illusion of a bigger space is by hanging a mirror.

Use the biggest mirror you can, so that the light will reflect in your small bathroom and create the impression of a lot larger space.

Make sure you opt for a mirror with hidden storage for extra space!

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

USIKEY Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with 2 Rimless Mirror Door


10) Hang stuff on the door


Probably the simplest of organization ideas for small bathrooms – adding hooks or holders straight to your bathroom door!

This place is excellent for your bathrobe or even towels so you can easily maximize the storage area with this!

If you don’t want to drill holes into your door, you can get an over the door hanging rack, like this:

Picture Portraying 10 Organization Ideas For Small Bathrooms

DecoBros Supreme Over The Door 11 Hook Organizer


And that’s it!

This is how you can keep a small bathroom neat and organized.

You can implement some of these tips right away – after all, organizing a small bathroom is all about using your creativity.

I hope these organization ideas for small bathrooms will help you make the most of your bathroom space.

Scroll down for more organization tips below!

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