An Example On How To Be More Feminine: Woman With Red Clothing Depicting Kindness, Sensuality And Feminine Energy

How To Be More Feminine: 10 Lovely Ways To Boost Your Femininity

Follow these simple tips on how to be more feminine to embrace your femininity and radiate beautiful feminine power to the world.

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How to be more feminine while remaining a strong and independent woman in your personal and public life?

It’s possible.

First, I want you to know that you are not alone and that many other women are looking for an answer like you.

Today, women face a real issue of embracing their feminine energy while being accepted and acknowledged at work and in public.

Also, nobody came into this world knowing everything about how to look feminine – it’s not “self-explanatory” for many people, and that’s alright.

Today, I will show you how to be more feminine in your daily life.

Becoming more feminine requires reviewing your feminine appearance, style, behavior and then – applying a few changes where needed.

Use these tips to enhance your femininity and radiate your magnetizing feminine energy!

Please note that I do not claim that every woman has to look feminine.

This article is dedicated specifically to those who want to look more feminine yet don’t know how and are looking for the best ways to do it.

Also, please know that it’s perfectly normal to have masculine traits or features, but if you want to accentuate your feminine traits, you’re in the right place.

This article is also gender-friendly, which means it is suitable for anyone.

So let’s do it!


How To Be More Feminine With Your Physical Appearance


Feminine beauty is one of the most powerful energies in the world.

But what is feminine beauty anyway?

There are several answers to that question, yet one of the most important factors is how you look: your body shape, skin, hair, and movements.

Feminine physical qualities are very important to the whole “feminine” look you’re trying to achieve.

Here’s how to be more feminine with your looks.


1. Take Good Care Of Your Skin


Pretty, healthy, soft, and smooth skin is one of the best physical femininity qualities you can have.

No matter your skin type, color, or problems, you should take the best care of your skin that is possible at the moment.

It doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on high-quality creams (however, it’s not a bad idea if you can afford it!).

You can keep an effective skincare routine with drugstore products, too, as long as you use something that suits your skin type and stay consistent.

If you have skin problems like forehead acne, cystic acne, wrinkles, or sagging skin, do not hesitate to visit a dermatologist.

The sooner you fix your skin problems, the sooner you will enjoy clear skin and all the benefits of having flawless skin.

Another thing to remember is to take care of skin all over your body.

Keeping your bodily skin, feet, and hands moisturized is equally important if you want to accentuate your physical femininity.

Woman Taking Epsom Salt And Vitamin C Bath To Take Care Of Her Skin And Feel More Feminine.


2. Prioritize Hair Care And Style


Perfect hair health is another secret in your femininity bag.

Keeping your beautiful hair clean, healthy, soft, and shiny will help you to look more feminine and romantic.

You can also choose a hairstyle that looks more feminine and soft, like:

  • Long hair, in general;
  • Curly hair;
  • Long straight hair;
  • Shoulder-length bobs.

No matter your choice, the main goal is to keep your hair as healthy as possible because healthy hair will look feminine and attractive in almost any hairstyle.

And for that, you also don’t need that much.

Sometimes, less is more, and when it comes to healthy hair, a high-quality shampoo and conditioner is truly the basic duo you need.

From that, you can add more products to tackle different hair problems.

Lately, I’ve been falling in love with tea tree oil products for both skin and hair, and I think that a tea tree oil shampoo is something we all need.

Tea tree oil purifies the scalp, skin, and hair shaft while nourishing the strands without weighing them down.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo, For All Hair Types

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo For All Hair Types

Tea tree shampoo is also perfect for summer because it gives your scalp a nice, minty, cooling tingling, which is great for microcirculation around your hair roots.


3. Try Feminine Makeup Looks


Women have the immense privilege to enhance their faces with makeup – let’s use that!

If you want to appear more feminine, try makeup looks that soften facial features and emphasize feminine characteristics:


  • Choose soft, pink, or peach-colored blushes to create a blushing effect;


  • Try lipsticks in soft pink and red tones;


  • Use lip liners to outline your lips and accentuate their shape ;


  • Try lip gloss to accentuate lip fullness;


  • Use highlighting products to add gentle twinkle around your cupid’s bow, under your brows, and on top of your cheeks;


  • Look for lash-lengthening mascaras to accentuate your gorgeous eyes;


  • Stick with softer brow pencil colors, and only fill in lightly – the softer the brow, the more feminine your whole face looks.


Master your makeup game to enhance your features perfectly without looking overdone.

If you want to learn how to do makeup, YouTube makeup tutorials are great for that!


4. Love And Take Care Of Your Body


Let’s admit that people are obsessed with feminine bodies.

Nice shapes and a healthy figure are some of the most important femininity symbols you can have.

This one might require a little more work, but it can help you feel immensely more feminine inside and out.

You’ll notice it in other people’s eyes!


  • Lose weight if you want or need to (and do it for yourself – not others);


  • Exercise to maintain healthy, feminine, lean muscles;


  • Use depilatory products and techniques to keep your skin hair-free.


  • Take care of your nails so they’re nice and tidy (you can also choose more feminine nail polish colors like nude pinks and red, plum hues).


  • Try to maintain a 90% healthy diet (leave the rest 10% to treat yourself once in a while!).


  • Love your body.

    Love your curves.

    Don’t change anything you DON’T want.


Again, taking care of your body and keeping it looking great may require more work than we would like, but a healthy body is important to your physical and mental health.

Never think of self-care as something you are doing just for your looks.

You are doing it for your whole life!

You are doing it to nurture and support your feminine inner queen.

Woman Doing Yoga To Take Care Of Her Body


“Should I Try To Be More Feminine If I Already Look Feminine?”


As with everything, it all depends on what you want.

But here’s what I think.

Femininity does not end with facial features (although it’s an important part).

You can benefit a lot more by gathering all the feminine powers you possess.

Feminine appearance is great, but you can do many more things with your feminine side.


How To Be More Feminine With Your Behavior


Feminine behavior includes but is not limited to eye contact, vocalization, breathing, posture, body language, sensuality, and other choices.

Here’s how to be more feminine with your actions and communication skills.


1. Keep Eye Contact Gentle


Not being afraid to look people in the eye is important for everyone.

It’s a great sign of healthy confidence.

If you want to be more feminine, try to keep your eye contact brave but gentle and delicate.

Do not stare at people; if you notice somebody staring at you, smile and gently turn your eyes away.

And here’s one old movie trick you can learn and try in your romantic life!

When you talk to someone you like, look them in the eyes and gently look down.

Then, gently look them in the eyes again and smile.

Practice in the mirror first, then gather your confidence to try it in real life.

Yes, girl, you don’t even know how powerful your femininity is!

Feminine Woman Keeping An Eye Contact


2. Talk In a Gentle, Feminine Voice Tone


Just as with gentle eyelash flutter, there’s power in sensual, feminine voice tones.

How to be more feminine instantly?

Talk in a higher voice pitch.

That’s right – if you want to, you can speak more gently, slowly, and in a higher tone, if needed, to sound more feminine.

Please note that this is optional and only for those who want to sound more feminine.

Do not try to change your voice if it doesn’t feel right.


3. Keep Your Posture Straight


One of the most feminine things you can do is to stand straight, with your shoulders rolled back and your tummy tucked in just a little bit.

This way, you’re opening up your beautiful chest and accentuating your feminine curves.

You’re also protecting your spine because walking in a hunched position is really unhealthy.


4. Walk Elegantly


Feminine walking looks almost like flowing waves in the ocean – soft, gently swinging, gentle, and mesmerizing.

You can learn elegant walking on YouTube.

Practice it daily to build a modern woman’s feminine spirit just with your step.

It may feel weird to walk this way at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will notice how feminine it feels to walk this way.

Hint: want to look even more feminine while walking?

Say “yes” to elegant heels or platform shoes.


How To Be More Feminine With Your Style


Regarding to how to be more feminine, clothes don’t have to be the most appealing item on you.

You can dress less and still look attractive or feminine because it’s you who makes the clothes shine, not vice versa!


1. Choose Feminine Clothes


Some clothing items look more feminine than others.

To boost your femininity with clothes, start by reviewing your closet.

Replace or add feminine items that create a sense of softness, sensuality, and coziness.

Here’s how to be more feminine with selective clothing choices:


  • Prioritize dresses and skirts over pants;


  • Choose flowy, ruffled, silky blouses over t-shirts;


  • Choose feminine colors that accentuate femininity: beige, red, pastels, white, and even black work well for that;


  • In colder months, enjoy light-colored, soft sweaters and scarfs;


  • Shape-hugging clothes is one of the ways to look more feminine;


  • If you want to, you can wear clothes that accentuate your favorite body parts (for example, legs, decollete, shoulders or back).


Feminine Woman In Red Dress


If you want to look more gentle with your appearance, it’s also a good idea to skip masculine-style trends (like “boyfriend jeans,” unisex clothing, necktie blouses and similar).

When choosing your wardrobe essentials, try to notice if your attire has enough of a feminine feel.

Use clothing to either accentuate your feminine nature or minimize your masculine nature.

You want to feel comfortable in your feminine energy and comfortable in your clothes.

Hint – you can never go wrong with a simple, nice dress.


2. Choose Heels When Appropriate


Another feminine piece in your wardrobe is shoes with a heel.

Nice heels will always signify a feminine, stylish, and classy woman.

They don’t need to be high – just a little heel is enough to lift you a bit, accentuate your curves, and make those nice sounds while you’re walking.

If the situation does not call for heels, you can still look feminine with flat shoe options.

Just choose more elegant, shinier, and feminine flat shoe models.


3. Accentuate With Accessories


We, women, have loved and loved accessories for ages.

Even ancient queens, like Cleopatra, have already worn earrings, rings, and necklaces to enhance their appearance.

Today, a huge choice of beautiful, tasteful jewelry, bags, and scarves can easily elevate your look.

Use them to embrace your femininity:


  • Find jewelry that enhances your feminine look and makes you look softer or more sensual.

    Let’s say you want to wear a pair of earrings that is eye-catching. Find diamond studs or high-quality replicas to look elegant, classy, and feminine.

    You can never miss it with a pair of cute, tiny diamond earrings!

    And no, those diamonds don’t have to be real.


  • One of the best investments is a high-quality handbag.

    For a feminine look, choose handbags that are not too big, and prioritize bags or clutches over backpacks.


  • A feminine, pastel-colored, or red scarf can make your appearance more vibrant.

    In summer, shawls and wraps can add ruffles to your attire and protect you from scorching sun rays.


As the saying goes, accessories are like fashion vitamins, so you should use them liberally.

Too much good can also be bad.

Take patches, for example.

Custom accessory maker GS-JJ says, “Patches have always kept up with trends.

Our customers order custom patches for jeans, bags, hats, and uniforms.

Custom patches are well designed and have different backings to match any outfit”.

Your outfit can be updated with new patch embellishments in any shape and size, giving your look a feminine and stylish touch of creativity.

But while one patch can look interesting and elegant, too many patches can instantly lower the classiness of your look.

It’s best to stay on the minimal side.


4. Enjoy Using Perfume


Ah, perfume!

Just a hint of feminine, juicy, and glowy perfume is what you need to boost your femininity in a second.

While not a rule, some perfume notes are considered more feminine than others. These include rose, bergamot, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, jasmine, vanilla, jasmine, musk and strawberry.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume For Women

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume for Women

These are just a few ideas for feminine accessorizing.

Note – you should always try to find your style and your own set of accessories you like.

When I need inspiration, I love to explore street fashion blogs or simply Pinterest – they’re chock-full of ideas on accessorizing for maximum impression.


How To Be More Feminine With Your Philosophy


1. Respect Yourself


A feminine woman knows she deserves her own and other people’s respect.

It’s an integral part of your confidence and one of the most important things in your life.

To gain more self-respect and build inner femininity, work on the following things:



  • Keep a few lady rules for a gorgeous and respectful life;


  • Give yourself some self-love every day;




Building respect for yourself is a life-long journey, but it’s also one of the best ways to foster your femininity while staying a strong and resilient person.

No matter what happens in your life, you can feel steady just because you know you will take care of yourself.


2. Uplift Others


If you want to, find ways to use your feminine qualities (intuition, creativity, kindness, caring heart) to help others.

Offer your assistance in small ways when you can.

For example, offer support or honest advice if you know a young girl struggling with her emotional health.

She’ll be grateful for your caring and may develop a new appreciation for herself as a result.

Feminine kindness can also be expressed by helping the less fortunate people, sharing your knowledge, and not participating in gossiping or drama.

Bloom among other women by uplifting them and helping them get along instead of trying to compete with each other.

Be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Radiate love.


Embracing Femininity Across Cultures


While some tips apply to most women worldwide, let’s note that femininity cannot be confined to a single definition or standard.

It is a rich tapestry woven from a myriad of cultural threads.

It’s vital to recognize that the expression of femininity is as diverse as the cultures around the world.

In some cultures, femininity is associated with strength and resilience, often tied to the roles of matriarchs and community leaders.

In others, it might be intertwined with traditional beauty and grace.

By embracing and respecting these diverse expressions, we can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of femininity in its many forms.


How To Be More Feminine: Conclusion


By following these simple tips, you will be well on your way to manifesting your feminine energy in every part of your life.

You might improve your love life, your career, and your finances.

You might become more confident.

You might have more romance with your partner.

Celebrate your femininity and embrace it without fear.

Being a woman is a gift to explore!

Love yourself deeply and enjoy it all.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

Like these tips on how to be more feminine?

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