How To Be More Feminine And Enjoy Your Femininity

Follow these simple tips on how to be more feminine to embrace your femininity and radiate an immense feminine power to the world.

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on September 15, 2023

An Example On How To Be More Feminine

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How to be more feminine while still remaining a strong and independent woman in your personal and public life?

It’s possible.

First of all, I want you to know that you are not alone and that there are many other women just like you that are looking for an answer.

Women these days face a real issue of embracing their feminine energy while being accepted and acknowledged at work and in public.

Today, I am here to show you how to be more feminine in your daily life, without sacrificing your career opportunities or losing respect from others.

Becoming more feminine requires reviewing your feminine appearance, and behavior, and then – applying a few changes where needed.

I like to call these things feminine lasers.

Boy, are they powerful once you take them, calibrate them, and use them to radiate your magnetizing feminine energy!

This article is all about that.


Please note that I do not claim that every woman has to look feminine.

This article is dedicated specifically to those who want to look more feminine yet don’t know how and are looking for the best ways to do it.

Also, please know that it’s perfectly normal to have any masculine trait in yourself, but if you would like to accentuate your feminine traits, you’re in the right place.

This article is also gender-friendly, which means that it is suitable for absolutely anyone.

So let’s do it!


How To Be More Feminine With Your Appearance


Feminine beauty is one of the most powerful energies in the world.

But what is feminine beauty anyway?

There are several answers to that question yet one of the most important factors is your looks, your body shape, and your movements.

Feminine physical qualities are very important to the whole “feminine” look you’re trying to achieve.

By improving your feminine physique you can easily become a people magnet (and I’m sorry if this does sound shallow – it’s the way our world works).


Here’s how to be more feminine with your looks


1. Keep enhancing your skin


Pretty skin is one of the best physical femininity qualities you can have.

No matter your skin type, color, or problems, you should take the best care of it as it’s possible at the moment.

This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on high-quality creams (however it’s always a good idea if you can afford it).

You can do a lot of skincare with minimal investments as well, the idea is at least to cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily, in the morning and evening.

If you have skin problems like forehead acne, cystic acne, wrinkles, or sagging skin, do not hesitate to pay a visit to a dermatologist.

The sooner you fix your skin problems, the sooner you will feel more of the feminine essence within and you’ll gain confidence like never before.

Another thing to remember is that you have skin all over your body – not just your face.

Keeping your skin moisturized all over your body is just as equally important if you want to enhance your femininity.

Woman Taking Care Of Her Skin To Be More Feminine


2. Prioritize hair health


Perfect hair health is another secret in your femininity bag.

Keeping your beautiful hair clean, healthy, and shiny will help you to look more feminine and attract other people.

You can also choose a hairstyle that looks more feminine and soft, like:

  • Long hair in general;
  • Curly hair;
  • Long straight hair;
  • Shoulder length bobs.

No matter what you choose, the main goal for your hair should be to keep it as healthy as possible, because healthy hair will look attractive in almost any hairstyle.

And for that, you also don’t need that much.

Sometimes less is more and when it comes to healthy hair, a high-quality shampoo and conditioner is usually the basic duo you need.

From that, you can add more products to tackle different hair problems.

Lately, I’ve been falling in love with tea tree oil products both for skin and hair, and I have to say that a tea tree oil shampoo is something we all need.

No, seriously, it’s amazing!

Tea tree oil purifies the skin and hair shaft, while also nourishing the strands without weighing them down.

This stuff is amazing!

You can use any brand of tea tree shampoo, but if you’re looking at the best of the best, definitely try this one (and it has 25.000 positive reviews on Amazon, wowza!):

Tea Tree Special Shampoo, For All Hair Types

Tea Tree Special Shampoo, For All Hair Types

This shampoo has revived my hair and made it lush, refreshed, and vibrant, without drying it out.

Also, it’s perfect for summer because it gives your scalp a nice, minty, cooling tingling which is also amazing for microcirculation around your hair roots.

Of course, follow up with a conditioner to keep your hair shiny and strong!

Tea Tree Special Conditioner, For All Hair Types

Tea Tree Special Conditioner, For All Hair Types


3. Master your makeup game


Women have the immense privilege to enhance their faces with makeup – men, on the other hand, can rely only on hairstyles and beards.

Make use of this privilege!

Master your makeup game to enhance your features perfectly without looking overdone.

I have learned to do my own makeup by watching Youtube videos and since then, I am always getting compliments on my makeup, even though it’s never too drastic.

If you want to learn how to do makeup, Youtube makeup tutorials are absolutely great for that!


4. Love and take care of your body


Let’s just admit that people are obsessed with feminine bodies.

Nice shapes and a healthy figure are some of the most important femininity symbols you can have.

Now, this one might require a little more work, but it can help you to feel immensely feminine, sexy and you’ll notice it in other people’s eyes.



  • Exercise to maintain healthy, feminine, lean muscles.


  • Be on top of your depilation game.


  • Take care of your nails so they’re nice and tidy (you can also choose more feminine nail polish colors like nude pinks, red and plum hues).


  • Try to maintain a 90% healthy diet (leave the rest 10% to treat yourself once in a while!).


  • Love your body. Love your curves. Don’t change anything you DON’T want.


Again, taking care of your body and keeping it looking great may require more work than we would like, but a healthy body is important to your physical and mental health as well.

So, you should never think of self care as something you are doing just for your looks.

You are doing it your whole life!

You are doing this to awaken your divine feminine inner goddess (yes!).

Woman Doing Yoga To Take Care Of Her Body


Should You Try To Be More Feminine If You’re Already Pretty?


You may be wondering why you would need to learn how to be more feminine if you already have attractive features and a feminine face.

Well, this is what I think.

Femininity does not end with your beautiful facial features (although it’s an important part of it).

You can benefit a lot more in your life by gathering ALL of the feminine powers that you possess!

The fact that you’re already pretty just makes it easier for you, but there are a lot more things you can do to be even more feminine.


How To Be More Feminine With Your Behavior


Feminine behavior includes but is not limited to eye contact, vocalization, breathing, posture, body language, sensuality, and other choices.

By changing your feminine behavior you will instantly change your appearance, and if done right – the way people interact with you!


Here’s how to be more feminine with your actions and communication skills


1. Eye contact is a good way to start


Keeping gentle eye contact and not being afraid to look people in the eye is important for everyone.

It’s a great sign of healthy confidence.

But if you want to be more feminine, here’s one old movie trick you can learn right away!

When a man you like enters a room, look him in the eyes and then gently look down.

Practice in the mirror first, and then gather up your confidence to try it in real life – soon you’ll notice people falling in love with you in a second.

Yes, girl, you don’t even know how powerful your femininity is!

Feminine Woman Keeping An Eye Contact


2. Try to talk in a gentle, feminine tone


Just as with gentle eyelash flutter, there’s just so much power in sensual, feminine voice tones and men really love them!

If you can, try to speak more gently, in a bit higher tone if needed so you can sound more feminine.

However, this is very optional and only for those who want to sound more feminine.

Do not try to change your voice if it’s something that doesn’t feel right to you.


3. Keep your posture straight


One of the most feminine things you can do is to stand straight, with your shoulders rolled back and your tummy tucked in just a little bit.

This way, you’re opening up your beautiful chest and accentuating your feminine curves.

(And you’re also protecting your spine because walking in a hunched position is really bad for it. Trust me, I really know.).


4. Improve your feminine image by learning to walk in an elegant way


Feminine walking looks almost like flowing waves in the ocean – soft, gently swinging, gentle, even…

You can learn elegant walking on Youtube as well, and then – practice it every day to build the feminine spirit of a modern woman!

It may feel weird to walk this way at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will notice how it can reduce the masculine energy in your walking and even make you feel more confident.

Want to look infinitely more feminine while walking?

Say “YES!” to elegant heels!


How To Be More Feminine With Your Style


When it comes to how to be more feminine, clothes don’t have to be the most appealing item in your wardrobe.

You can actually dress less and still look attractive and feminine because it’s you who is going to make the clothes shine, not vice versa!


1. To start, let’s look at the clothing that you are wearing


What are the colors, textures, and shapes that you are dressing with?

Do you love to wear tight-fitting pants that accent your hips, your thighs, or your shoulders?

Or do you choose loose-fitting pants that make your hips look not flattering?

Shape-hugging feminine clothes is one of the ways to look more feminine.

To rock a really feminine style, look for pieces that draw attention to your body in areas that you might not traditionally like (hips, bottom, back, arms, neck, etc.), and wear these instead.

Choose feminine colors that accentuate your femininity.

Feminine Woman In Red Dress


If you want to look more gentle, it’s also a good idea to skip all those masculinity-soaked trends that have been popular lately and make you look like a masculine man (think boyfriend jeans).

When choosing your wardrobe essentials, try to notice if your attire has enough of a feminine feel.

Here’s an example.

If you are wearing a shorter skirt, a red blouse or dress with bold, bright colors, and a powerful belt that accentuates your waist, then you are sending out a very feminine vibe (and you’re probably feeling very feminine as well!).

Now if you put on baggy pants, tie your hair back, and put on a simple t-shirt and some nice flats – you may still look great, but your whole attire ends up looking less feminine, and may even look a little masculine.

So in general terms, you want to use clothing to either accentuate your feminine nature or minimize your masculine nature.

You want to feel comfortable in your feminine power, and comfortable in your clothes.

Hint – you can never go wrong with a nice dress.


2. Choose heels when appropriate


Another feminine piece in your wardrobe is shoes with a heel.

Nice heels will always be a sign of a feminine, stylish, and classy woman.

And they don’t even need to be high – just a little bit of heel is enough to lift you up a little, accentuate your pretty curves and make those nice sounds while you’re walking.

If the situation does not call for heels, you can still look feminine with flat shoe options too – just try to choose more elegant, shinier, and feminine shoe models.


3. Accentuate with tasteful accessories


We, women, love and have loved accessories for ages.

Beautiful, tasteful jewelry, bags, and scarves can lift your whole look to another level.

So don’t be afraid to use this to embrace your femininity!


  • Find jewelry pieces that enhance your feminine look and make you look softer or more sensual. Let’s say wear a pair of earrings that is eye-catching. Find diamond studs that will enhance your feminine look and make you look softer or more sensual. You can never miss with a pair of cute, tiny diamond earrings! And no, those diamonds don’t have to be real.


  • One of the best investments is a high-quality handbag.


  • A feminine, pastel-colored, or red scarf can make your appearance more vibrant.


But these are just a few ideas and you should always try to find your own style, your own set of accessories that YOU like.

If you need inspiration, explore street fashion blogs – they’re chock-full of ideas on how to accessorize for maximum impression.

As the saying goes: accessories are like fashion vitamins, so you should use them liberally.

Too much of good can also be bad, that is!

Accessories can be applied to all styles of clothing.

Take patches, for example.

Custom accessory maker GS-JJ tells us, “Patches have always kept up with trends. Our customers order custom patches for jeans, bags, hats, and uniforms.

Custom patches are well designed and have different backings to match any outfit.”

Your outfit can be updated with new patch embellishments in any shape and size, giving your look a feminine and stylish touch of creativity.

Also, perfume.

Just a hint of feminine, juicy, and glowy perfume is exactly what you need to boost your femininity in a second.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume For Women

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume for Women


How To Be More Feminine With Your Philosophy


1. Respect yourself


A feminine woman knows she deserves her own and other people’s respect.

It’s an integral part of your confidence and one of the most important things in your life.

To gain more self-respect and build inner femininity, work on the following things.







Building respect for yourself is a life-long task, but it’s also one of the best ways to embrace your femininity while staying strong and resilient no matter what disaster happens in your life.

Also, when you are working on your true femininity, you are also feeling more confident just because you do something for yourself.


2. Uplift others


Also, be sure to always find ways to use your feminine qualities (intuition, creativity, kindness, etc.) to help others.

Offer your assistance in small ways when you can.

For example, if you know a young girl who is struggling with her own emotional health, offer to give her some support or honest advice.

She’ll be grateful for your caring and may develop a new appreciation for herself as a result.

Femininity can also be expressed by helping the less fortunate people, sharing your knowledge, and never being afraid of feminine competition.

Bloom among other women by uplifting them and helping them to get along, instead of always competing with each other.

Be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!

Radiate love!


How To Be More Feminine: Final Thoughts


By following these simple tips on how to be more feminine you will be well on your way to manifesting your feminine energy and improving your inner radiance.

You can improve your love life, your career, and your finances.

You can be more confident.

You can have more satisfying intimacy with your partner.

And best of all, you will be making yourself more feminine every day – and isn’t this beautiful?

Celebrate your femininity and embrace it without fear.

Being a woman is a gift to explore!

Love yourself deeply and enjoy it all.

Soon, you will be feeling more feminine than ever before.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

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