7 Easy Hairstyles You Can Create With A Flat Iron

Updated on December 16, 2022 by

Woman With Flat Iron Curly Hairstyle

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A flat iron is a must-have hair equipment in every woman’s hair equipment bag. It is an easy tool to use and manipulate and is also affordable and pocket-friendly. Besides all these, it can be used to make several hairstyles different from the common hair straightening. This article would cover several hairstyles and hair-dos that you can achieve with a flat iron.


#1 Messy Side Braid

Flat Iron Hairstyle Messy Sidebraid

This hairstyle is beautiful with a Victorian age look but can be modernized. It can be worn as an everyday look and can also be worn for parties. It can also fit into the bridal hairstyle category if properly accessorized. The messy side braid consists of a braid plaited at the side of the head with wispy tendrils coming out. It is incredibly easy to achieve.



  • Wash the hair thoroughly and use a blow-dryer to dry. Apply a generous amount of heat protectant.
  • Gently part your hair into one section and gather the hair away from the part. This simply means that if you part on the left, gather the hair on the right.
  • Gather the parted hair and gently begin braiding loosely from the area below the ear. Secure the end with a band or small hair clip.
  • Gently pull out some wisps of hair after braiding. This gives a messy effect on the hair. Take care not to pull out so much and cause a counter effect.
  • The flat iron can be used to create hair waves with the wisps of hair pulled out.
  • Accessorize the hair with flowers or fancy hair clips and flaunt it beautifully.


#2 Straight Ponytail

Flat Iron Hairstyle Straight Ponytail

This hairstyle is wildly popular among women. It is particularly alluring because there is no racial disadvantage, unlike the messy braid. Every hair type can achieve this hairstyle with a quality flat iron. I got the page with a list of top flat iron hair straighteners; you may be interested in checking. The straight ponytail is very sleek and can also create a sultry or even fierce look interchangeably.


  • Wash the hair and dry. Apply heat protectant.
  • The first step to achieving this hairstyle is to straighten the hair using a quality flat iron. Take the heat protection steps first and then go in with your hair straightener to completely smoothen the hair all around.
  • Gently gather your hair directly above the nape of your neck and use a brush to keep in position any errant strands. This helps to smoothen the hair.
  • To get a sleek finish, use a gel serum and apply it around your hair and tie promptly with a hairband. Ensure that no hair strand is left out. Use some of the hair to wrap around the hairband to hide it. Gently clip with an inconspicuous hair clip.
  • Use a satin scarf to tie around your hair and leave for a few minutes. This also adds to the smoothening process and leaves the hair well arranged.
  • Finish the look with hairspray. This step is particularly important if you have curly or wavy hair. It helps the hair stay in place.


#3 Wavy Ponytail

Flat Iron Hairstyle Wavy Ponytail

The wavy ponytail is a regular ponytail with added effects to boost the aesthetic appeal. It’s a more laid-back version of the straight ponytail and is a very beautiful hairstyle.


  • First, take the heat protection steps above after you have thoroughly washed and dried your hair.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly and use your flat iron to make waves in your hair, starting from the bottom half. This step is usually done prior to tying the hair as it is more difficult to create curls with the hair already tied.
  • Gently tie the hair behind and bring out some in front to create a messy look. You can create more curls with a hair straightener.


#4 Beach Waves

Flat Iron Hairstyle Beach Waves

This is a very fun and flirty hairstyle to create. It frames the face beautifully and cascades down in waves.


  • Wash the hair thoroughly and blow-dry. Comb the hair thoroughly to remove kinks and tangles and apply a heat protectant to avoid frizzing the hair. Comb again for even distribution of the heat protectant and blow-dry to endure that hair is thoroughly dry.
  • Part or divide your hair into sections and use a hair clip to hold it.
  • Start from the top of the hair and work steadily downwards. Using your flat iron, clamp your hair and turn inwards running it down to the lower end of the hair. For loose curls, run the flat iron rapidly through the hair, and for tighter curls, go through the hair slowly.


#5 Crimped Curls


These kinds of curls are not very common. It is, however, gradually making a comeback.


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  • Wash your hair thoroughly and dry. Apply your heat protectant and comb your hair for even distribution.
  • Part your hair into small sections and make braids. The size of the braids determines the size of the crimps.
  • Gently run your flat iron slowly down the braids.
  • After you have used the flat iron, open the braids gently and set them with hairspray.


#6 Side-Sweep Hairstyle

Flat Iron Hairstyle Side Swept Hairstyle

The side-swept hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion. It gives an elegant look and frames the face perfectly.


  • Wash your hair thoroughly and dry with a blow-dryer.
  • Apply heat protectant generously and comb the hair thoroughly to remove tangles.
  • Sweep the hair to one side behind the ear and secure it with hairpins.
  • Use your flat iron and create curls gently by clamping the hair and turning gently inwards.
  • Use hairspray and set the hair for a glossier finish.


#7 Bouncy Curls

Flat Iron Hairstyle Side Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls are an easy and cute hairstyle to create. It is beautiful and gives a flirty look.


  • Wash your hair and dry properly. Apply a generous amount of heat protectant to protect the hair from heat.
  • Using a flat iron, clamp the hair at the top and twist at about 90 degrees. Move up and down the hair and pull through the hair. The curls come out smooth and bouncy.
  • Use hairspray for extra glitz and glamour.




A flat iron is a versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of beautiful hairstyles. Some of the hairstyles look better on particular types of hair depending on your race. Feel free, however, to experiment with the hairstyles to find what you like!

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