5 Ways Being Different Can Lead You To Success

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Most people follow the herd and live their lives in constant fear of being different. However, in this modern era, you have to be unique, creative, and productive to be successful. Being different can help you achieve your goals faster than you can imagine, but when it comes to being different, we all fear to lose. This fear makes you deny the possibility of achieving anything.

For some people, a regular job is more than enough. They only want to support their family and spend their lives without accomplishing something extraordinary. But for some, it’s not enough and they want to grow their skill or income and have control over their life. This can’t be achieved without standing out from the crowd and being different.

In this article, I want to show you why you should never be afraid of being different and how it can easily be your biggest success secret.


5 Ways Being Different Can Lead You To Success


1. Being Different Means You Stand Out


What makes you different from other ordinary people? That’s the question you should ask yourself. Because being different doesn’t mean you have two brains or more arms or legs… Instead, it is about how you think and behave in the world, and how unique your thinking is.

Believe it or not, our world loves things that are different. Anything disruptive and out of the ordinary catches our eyes and attention – this is why you’re constantly seeing new iPhones coming out, new apps, makeup products, and Jeffree Star on Youtube. Different is awesome and people love it! So if you feel like you stand out in the crowd (even in the quietest way), trust that your uniqueness is a huge benefit.


2.  Being Different Grows Your Self-Knowledge


There are a lot of influencers telling people what to do and how to do things to get success, but if you’re different from the rest of the crowd, you need to research the material and make decisions for yourself. This is why being different can help you to learn more things than those around you, and this gained self-knowledge develops unshakable confidence. And, of course – confidence is also what you need to survive and succeed in this modern era.


3. Being Different Pushes You To Follow Your Ideas


Following your ideas will help you to succeed – that’s for sure, and being different can actually push you in the required direction. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln lost many elections before he became the president? That’s what being different and successful means – having your unique ideology and following it to the end by any means until you reach whatever your goal is.

People who are different usually feel the more intense need to fulfill their ideas, and that’s a wonderful pushing force that can help you to succeed in life.


4. Being Different Encourages You To Find Motivation


Motivation is one of the necessary things which you will need to complete your ideas and be successful. If you feel like you are different than other people, it can actually work as an extra motivator for you to become successful. This is because you want to prove everybody that you’re not inferior to them, or alternatively – you want to prove that you’re actually capable of more than others.

Whichever it is, it’s great to have something to motivate yourself with. Just make sure that you focus on your discovery and experiments, not the results when chasing those goals and dreams. Focusing on the outcomes only will always push you backwards, not towards success.


5. You Don’t Go Easy On Yourself


Being different can also mean that you do not treat yourself like a child – you have a mind of a warrior and you can use it to push through. Different people like Elon Musk would never go easy on themselves – they always push their limits, set bigger and bigger goals until success is their throne.


How To Use The Trait Of Being Different To Build Success


1. Always learn from your mistakes


Being different can sometimes mean that you fail more than others, too. However, this is not a reason to give up on yourself.

Teach yourself from your mistakes. Being your own teacher is the key to success because you can’t rely on others to point out the errors of your way – you have to do that yourself! Try not to get exhausted or angry at your mistake. Instead, embrace it and find a way to do a lot better next time.


2. Don’t compare yourself


Comparison kills and it will only destroy your motivation. It takes time to be at the top, and it requires patience. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will never succeed because all the extraordinary people who are at the top will always be one step ahead. It’s irrational to compare your running speed with a train, isn’t it?

Instead of comparing yourself to others, try to compare and compete with your own self. Strive to be better than you were yesterday and soon you’ll notice that you’re gaining momentum towards success.


3. Don’t listen to opinions


Meaningless distractions will always be a part of your journey. Following your ideas isn’t as easy as it sounds. Whenever you think outside the box, there will be people who will try to stop you or discredit your work or judge you – some will even question all of your decisions. Don’t let these people get in the way of your success, and emerge victorious through the criticism.

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4. Make rules as you go


At the start of your success journey, you might plan everything inside out, but what you can’t prepare for is the unthinkable. It is good to be prepared and have a plan, but always be flexible and receptive to changes. Your rules should be updated on every step you take towards being successful. This way, you’re being different and flexible at the same time – now that’s a nice combo!


Being Different – Final Thoughts


Even if you feel like being different is a burden, embracing it and using it to build something beautiful is a real way to success. We are seeing examples of it everywhere around, but rarely think that “Hey, this could be me!“.

Yet the truth is that you can build your own success, too. All you need to do is decide that being different is your superpower, not a curse, and use it for your own good. I hope these tips will help you to do just that.

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