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6 Natural Collagen Sources for Healthy Skin and Hair

After all, why not? Why shouldn’t we consume more collagen?

Researched, written by Amber & The Team
Updated on July 9, 2023

Woman Eating Various Collagen Rich Foods

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Woman Eating High Collagen Foods

Consuming collagen has become much more popular over the years with the rise of collagen powder for skin and hair.

But did you know that you can also get a healthy and natural dose of collagen from your diet?

You can!

Here’s why collagen is so great for skin and six high collagen sources that not only taste delicious but also provide your body with much-needed nourishment.


Your Guide To Consuming Natural Collagen For Skin


But First – What’s the Big Deal with Collagen Anyway?


Your body produces collagen naturally, so why should you be consuming it?

Well, that’s because the collagen production in your body slowly deteriorates as you age. Over time, you gradually lose that elastic touch that your skin has.

However, by consuming high collagen foods, your body can replace what was lost.

The potential benefits of collagen for your skin include:

  • Improving skin elasticity;
  • Reducing visible wrinkles;
  • Increasing blood flow;
  • Enhancing your natural glow.

Additionally, for your hair, the benefits can include:

  • Reduce breakage and thinning;
  • Help fight follicle damage;
  • Slow hair graying.


6 Natural Collagen Sources


Collagen can be consumed with your diet.

Here are your best choices!


1. Bone Broth


Bone broth is a great way to get collagen from natural food sources.

It is extremely rich in collagen, but it also has many other nutrients because of its main ingredient — bone!

To prepare a bone broth, all you have to do is boil the animal bones in a pot of water for several hours to extract the amino acid glycine from deep within the bones.

Once it is finished, you can sip it in a cup or use it as a broth for a soup.

Bone Broth As One Of The Natural Collagen Sources


2. Eggs


Since collagen is made from amino acids, it makes sense that eggs are among the highest collagen foods because they contain both amino acids, proline, and glycine.

So, not only would you be getting all the protein you need from your daily breakfast, but you could also help your body create more collagen!

You can prepare your eggs any way you want since all forms contain the necessary amino acids.

Another bonus is that eggs have many other health benefits, so adding them to your daily diet will be very rewarding for your overall wellness.

Eggs As One Of The Natural Collagen Sources


3. Meat


Meats (specifically red meats such as lamb and beef) are some of the highest collagen foods.

This is because the animals you consume already have collagen in their connective tissues, as it helps them move their bodies easily.

Chicken, beef, and pork have extremely high amino acids.

However, try to stay away from meat prepared with too much grease because it’s not good for your skin.

Beef Stew As One Of The Natural Collagen Sources


4. Fish


If you do not eat meat, then you can try opting for fish!

They still have the same connective tissues that land animals do, and research shows that fish has many of the same benefits that beef does.

Fish collagen absorbs into the body just as well as beef.

So, when it comes to fish or beef as a source of collagen, it’s more about your own personal preferences.

Salmon Sandwich As One Of The Natural Collagen Sources


5. Spirulina


Algae spirulina is the new superfood that has taken the beauty industry by storm.

While it is still new to some, spirulina can do wonders for the skin because it contains beneficial amino acids like glycine and proline.

As a result, spirulina has become so popular as a collagen food for skin and hair, that numerous supplements with it have been launched.

So, you can work it into your diet any way you wish!

Spirulina Powder As One Of The Natural Collagen Sources


6. Collagen Powder


It’s a good idea to get more collagen-rich foods into your diet, but it can be difficult to achieve on a daily basis.

However, you can supplement with collagen powder for skin and hair.

This way, you can make sure that you’re truly getting enough, every single day.

Supplementing with collagen powder is a great way to keep your youthfulness, no matter your age!

Collagen Powder As One Of The Natural Collagen Sources

Adding these six high collagen sources into your daily diet can give you a healthy glow without having to use expensive beauty products.

After all, why not?

Why shouldn’t we consume more collagen?

It’s natural, it’s helpful, and in many cases – tasty.

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