35 Ways To Start Celebrating The Life You Have

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Tell me, when was the last time you stopped, looked around, smiled and thought: “Hey, I’m really enjoying my life”?

Most of us busy, working, studying, children-growing or freelancing women are so overworked today that this question can feel sweeping off your feet.

We’re ridden with stress, anxiety, ticking deadlines, social media and constant pressure to be perfect. And no, it’s not a cliche.

We might be talking about mental health a lot now but this pressure to succeed is still there.

Yes, we talk about our flaws, illnesses or traumas bravely… on the internet. But when it comes off the social media, when we get back to that real, everyday life, we’re still expected to meet certain standards at home, at work and everywhere else. Call it an invisible everyday drama.

And you know what can I say about that?

Excuse my language, but SCREW THAT!

Life is way too short to feel pushed. It’s way too short to feel unhappy and stressed – even if you have problems or suffer from anxiety.

I used to be a victim and give in to the darkest thoughts about myself and my problematic life – even so much that I’ve forgot how grateful I should be for simply being alive. 

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, what is happening today or what’s coming tomorrow – I am alive. You are alive. We are given this exact moment.


So What Do We Do With It?


I say we celebrate it like it’s now or never! Here are 35 ways you can start celebrating your life – right now, this exact moment! Enjoy.

1. Notice every little victory.

2. Decide to go through your life with a smile.

3. Stop giving in to negative thoughts.

4. Wake up and go to sleep with HOPE.

5. Help others without expecting a return.

6. Don’t stress over the little things.

7. Write down a bucket list.

8. Go chase your dreams – and have fun with it.

9. See your fears as a challenge.

10. See anxiety as a gloomy friend who just wants your attention.

11. Practice positive self talk.

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12. Start loving your body without exceptions.

13. Accept the reality without stressing about anything.

14. Always make time for self care.

15. Honestly be happy about other people success.

16. Instead of being jealous, choose to admire.

17. Acknowledge beauty everywhere around (including what you see in the mirror).

18. If you’re different, be proud of it.

19. Let go of all the negativities that are weighing you down.

20. Stop measuring your happiness with money.

21. Don’t live with a problem – do everything you can to solve it.

22. Never, ever give up on yourself.

23. Be grateful for every little thing.

24. Fill your home with flowers and sun.

25. Enjoy that dessert!

26. Make peace with yourself.

27. Make peace with others.

28. Give gifts – just because you want to.

29. Take a break when you feel you need it.

30. Create a joyful ritual and practice it every day.

31. Buy yourself something beautiful.

32. Be kind.

33. Don’t be afraid to make yourself a priority.

34. Try new things.

34. Stop limiting yourself with irrational beliefs.

35. Stop trying to be perfect.

So what do you say? Are you ready to celebrate your life? You can start just right now!

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