10 Etiquette Rules To Become a High-Class Lady

Updated on August 22, 2020

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If you asked someone about what it takes to be a high-class lady, you would probably hear something like “polished looks”, “a perfect sense of style” or “tons of self-esteem“. And while these are indeed a huge bonus, if you asked me the same question, I would say that having proper manners and personal rules is something that comes first.

If you want to be a high-class lady, you have to develop a sense of what is good and appropriate in every situation. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not telling you to always follow the rules – in fact, I think it’s absolutely wonderful to be a rule-breaker sometimes.

But there are some things that are so basic, so primary, that every self-respecting lady should know them by heart.

Don’t believe me? Try implementing these rules in your life and you will see that:

  • People start to look at you differently;
  • You start to value yourself more;
  • Kindness to other people brings kindness back to you.

Most importantly – it feels really good to have principles to live by. Ready to try?


10 Etiquette Rules To Master If You Want To Be a High-Class Lady


1) Be Punctual


Being on time is almost a common-sense rule, but lately, people seem to forget this. When you arrive late at a meeting or event, you promote a negative perception of your personality and suggest that you do not value the event at all.

Don’t forget that people spent their time and energy to create that event or party, and the least thing everyone can do is to show a little respect and show up on time. Be that high-class lady who is never late (well, unless it’s a first date… in that case, you should always be 5-10 minutes late 😉).


2) Keep Your Word


I mean, Game Of Thrones has been telling this from season one… Remember? “A Lannister always pays his debts”. Debts or promises – doesn’t matter – when it comes to being a high-class lady, keeping your word is essential. And if you can’t keep a promise, then it’s better to not promise at all.


3) Be Gracious


A true lady stands out by being gracious. Always treat others in the way you expect to be treated. Look to be kind and generous, behave in a positive manner with those around you. Of course, don’t let anyone step on your head too – if someone is treating you badly, there is no need to “be ok” with it. Setting healthy boundaries is also a sign of a person who knows her values and worth.


4) Say ‘Thank You’


This should have been rule number 1, right? Having manners and following etiquette always starts with saying ‘thank you’. People constantly put effort into something that affects you and it’s a beautiful rule to thank them for even the smallest things they’ve done for you.


5) Try To Look Adequate


Overdressing, wearing way too much makeup or fancying a flashy amount of jewelry can make it look like you try way to hard to impress at any cost. But a high-class lady doesn’t need to prove her worth to anyone – she knows she is worthy already.

If you value yourself, you can easily look your best by wearing adequate clothing, well-trimmed nails and just the right amount of accessories. Less is always more + it’s a safe way to look elegant and not overdone on any occasion.


6) Put Your Smartphone Down


The tendency to keep your phone close has kind of transformed into addiction… But it’s also a very offensive habit if you do this around others. A basic rule at any gathering, meeting or event is to leave your smartphone aside. This will say a lot about you, including the fact that you value people more than a piece of technology.

“Wait, but what if my friends are doing this to me? What if they are using their smartphones all the time, even when we’re having a conversation?”

I know, it sucks! In that case, you can ask them if they are bored with you, or if something extremely important happened that they’re required to use their phone. Usually, this question is enough to gently signal that you’re a little disappointed or feel unimportant. If they care about you, they will put their phones down.


7) Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol


Having fun, meeting with friends or going to all sorts of social events is completely normal, yes. I personally love of glass of good red wine here and there. But the rule here is to remember that line you should never cross. You know what I’m talking about… Getting completely wasted makes you look like you disrespect yourself a lot. Drink as much as you need to have a little fun, but not as much for you to start talking nonsense or stagger around the room.


8) Be Attentive To Those Around You


We’re rarely alone – we’re constantly around other people. Be a high class lady by respecting yourself, other people and your surroundings: don’t interrupt conversations, don’t leave your dishes unwashed if you’re living with a roommate (I know, I know, they need to soak), don’t focus only on yourself, and pay attention to everyone and everything around you. Make sure you’re not making anyone uncomfortable with your behavior.


9) That Tricky Car Situation…


This one is a little off-topic but girl, if you love wearing dresses an skirts, this is how you’re supposed to get in and out without flashing everyone with your underwear (if you’re wearing any, of course! 😊): when getting into a car, sit on the margin of the seat first and then place your legs into the car. When getting out, first place your feet outside and after that – stand up. Simple!


10) Watch The Way You Eat


Okay, I’m not going to talk about hundreds of different spoons and forks you should know of (I don’t know them either), but a few basic things people sometimes forget:

  • Don’t chew with an open mouth;
  • Don’t talk with a full mouth;
  • Use both a knife and a fork (unless you’re at home – do anything you want at home, please!)

And that’s it! As you can see, there’s always space for improvement… These are just basic etiquette rules you can follow to boost your appearance and become a high-class lady. Try to implement these principles into your life and soon they will feel like your second nature.

Remember – you ARE a valuable, respectable and one of a kind person – act like it! 😉

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