Lady Etiquette Rules That Show You Are a High-Class Woman

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Confident Woman Who Lives By Her Lady Rules

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Self-Respecting Woman, Who Looks Confident And Lives By Her Lady Rules

If you asked someone about what it takes to be a high-class lady, you would probably hear something like “polished looks”, “a perfect sense of style and elegance” or “a ton of self-esteem“. And while these are huge bonuses indeed, if you asked me, I would say that having respect and lady rules is something that comes first.

If you want to act, look and feel like a high-class lady, it’s important to develop a sense of what is good and appropriate in every situation. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not telling you to always follow these lady rules – in fact, I think it’s absolutely wonderful to be a rule-breaker sometimes.

But there are some things that are so basic, so primary, so essential that every self-respecting lady should know them by heart.

Don’t believe me? Try implementing these lady rules and etiquette tips in your life and to see that:

  • People will start to look at you differently;
  • You will start to value yourself more;
  • Kindness to other people will bring kindness back to you.

Most importantly – you will notice how good it feels to have principles and self-respecting rules to live by.

This article will help you to learn what etiquette and lady-like behavior is and show you 10 beautiful lady etiquette rules that will lift your whole life up.


Etiquette For a Lady: How To Be a Lady With Class


What Does Etiquette Mean?


The British School Of Etiquette defines etiquette as an “unwritten code of behaviors, designed to ease social interactions in both our personal and business lives”. Simply speaking, people refer to etiquette rules to know how they should behave in a particular situation in order to avoid misconceptions and to feel more adequate to the social setting.


What Is Lady Etiquette?


Lady etiquette is a bit different from regular social etiquette. Lady etiquette involves general lady-like behavior rules (like how to stand, sit or walk elegantly), and personal rules that help a lady to protect, exercise, and show respect to herself and others. It’s not just manners – modern lady etiquette is more than knowing how to keep an elegant posture or what to say in social chatter. Things like self-worth, self-love, kindness, courtesy, and personal space limits are just as important today – and it’s beautiful.


What Is a Classy Lady?


A classy lady is a woman who has undeniable dignity and sophistication in anything she does. She knows how to navigate life with elegance and moderation while staying true to her personal protocol – lady rules she likes. You may recognize classy women by noticing those who lift themselves and others up. Such women are smart and they enjoy their intelligence.

Next, let’s see how you can become a high-class woman yourself, by following a few confident and simple rules.


10 Lady Etiquette Rules To Master If You Want To Be a Truly High-Class Lady


1. Be Punctual


Being on time is one of those common-sense etiquette rules but lately, people seem to forget this. When you arrive late at a meeting or event, you promote a negative perception of your personality and suggest that you do not value the event at all.

Don’t forget that people spend their time and energy creating that event or party, and the last thing everyone can do is to show a little respect and show up on time. Set a lady rule and be that high-class lady who is never late (well, unless it’s a first date… in that case, it’s a good idea to be 5-10 minutes late).

Woman Looking At Her Watch As Part Of Her Punctuality Lady Rules


2. Keep Your Word


I mean, Game Of Thrones has been telling this from season one… Remember? “A Lannister always pays his debts”. Debts or promises – doesn’t matter – when it comes to lady rules of high-class women, keeping your word is essential. And if you can’t keep a promise, then it’s better to not promise at all.


3. Be Gracious


A true lady stands out by being gracious. A queen of all lady rules is to always treat others in the way you expect to be treated.

Look to be kind and generous, behave in a positive manner with those around you. Of course, don’t let anyone step on your head too – if someone is treating you badly, there is no need to “be okay” with it. Setting healthy personal boundaries is also a sign of a classy lady who knows her values and her worth.

Graceous Woman In A High Class Lady Room


4. Say ‘Thank You’


This should have been lady rule number 1, right? Having manners and learning etiquette always starts with saying ‘thank you’. People constantly put effort into something that affects you and it’s a beautiful rule to thank them for even the smallest things they’ve done for you.


5. Try To Look Adequate To The Setting


Overdressing, wearing too much makeup, or wearing too many jewelry pieces can make you look like you’re trying too hard to impress. But a high-class lady doesn’t need to prove her worth to anyone – she knows she is worthy already.

If you value yourself, you can easily look your best by wearing adequate clothing, well-trimmed nails, and just the right amount of accessories. Less is always more. Plus, it’s a safe way to look elegant and not overdone on any occasion.

Stylish High-Class Woman Walking On The Street


6. Put Your Smartphone Down


The tendency to keep your phone close has kind of transformed into a habit. Checking social media, e-mails, apps, and news – those things are important, but they should have their own time and place. It’s quite an offensive habit if you do this around others. This is one of the basic lady rules to always remember – at any gathering, meeting, or event, leave your smartphone aside. This will say a lot about you, including the fact that you value people more than a piece of technology.

“Wait, but what if my friends are doing this to me? What if they are using their smartphones all the time, even when we’re having a conversation?”

I know, it’s rude! In that case, you can ask them if they are bored with you, or if something very important happened that they’re required to use their phone. Usually, this question is enough to signal them that you’re a little disappointed or feel unimportant. If they care about you, they will put their phones down.


7. Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol


Having fun, meeting with friends, or going to all sorts of social events is completely fine. I personally love of glass of dry red wine here and there. But the lady rule here is to remember that there’s a line you should never cross. You know what I’m talking about… Getting completely wasted makes you look like you disrespect yourself a lot. Drink as much as you need to have a little fun, but not as much for you to start talking nonsense or stagger around the room.

Another lady rule suggests that it’s not a great idea to drink from the bottle. However, it’s a personal preference for some people so it’s fine to decide on this one yourself.


8. Be Attentive To Those Around You (And Yourself)


We’re rarely alone – we’re constantly around other people. Be a high class lady by respecting yourself, other people, and your surroundings: don’t interrupt conversations, don’t leave your dishes unwashed if you’re living with a roommate (I know, I know, they need to soak), don’t focus only on yourself, and pay attention to everyone and everything around you. Make sure you’re not making anyone uncomfortable with your behavior.

At the same time, don’t forget that YOU are important too. In fact, you’re the most important person and it should not sound selfish. Taking care of your own well-being is just as important because if you forget to help yourself, you won’t be able to help others. You will simply lack physical and emotional energy.


9. That Tricky Car Situation…


This one is a little off-topic but, if you love wearing dresses and skirts, this is how you’re supposed to get in and out of the car without flashing everyone with your underwear (if you’re wearing any, of course!!).

Two lady etiquette rules for entering or leaving cars:

  • When getting into a car, sit on the margin of the seat first and then place your legs into the car.
  • When getting out, first place your feet outside and after that – stand up. Simple!

Woman Showing Lady Rules For Graceful Stepping Out Of The Car


10. Eat Elegantly


Okay, I’m not going to talk about hundreds of different spoons and forks you should know of (I don’t know them either, but if you’re interested, it’s always a good idea to learn more about formal table etiquette). However, there are a few fundamental lady rules (perfectly fitting for men too) I recommend memorizing. They’re just as important in modern times as they were important in the past.

Basic Eating Etiquette For a Lady

  • Don’t chew with an open mouth;
  • Don’t talk with a full mouth;
  • Use both a knife and a fork (unless you’re at home – do anything you want at home, please!);
  • Use a napkin to clean up around your mouth while eating;
  • Eat slowly and with small bites;
  • Avoid placing or using your personal items (like bags, phones, and wallets) at the dinner table;
  • Eating and chatting is perfectly fine – just don’t forget to keep eye contact;
  • Wait for the host or hostess before starting to eat.


Frequently Asked Questions About Etiquette For a Lady


What Makes a Woman Elegant?


There are many ways to appear elegant with clothes. However, there are a lot of other things that can make you look, feel, and act like a high-class, elegant woman.

Things that make a woman elegant

  • Good taste in clothes, looks, accessories, home, and even life choices;
  • Ability to make things beautiful with simplicity rather than complexity;
  • Gracious behavior and kind communication with others;
  • Ability to control her actions and emotions to stay graceful in difficult situations;
  • Intelligence and sharp mind;
  • Politeness;
  • Tidy and polished looks.


How Should a Lady Stand?


The correct and elegant way to stand like a high-class lady is this:

  1. Stand straight.
  2. Keep your shoulders relaxed and pushed back a little.
  3. Keep your chin at a neutral height.
  4. Keep your belly tucked in (just a little). This is not to appear more athletic – standing with your belly muscles contracted just a bit protects your spine.
  5. Keep your feet close to each other.

Standing like this helps you to look more confident and taller as well.


What Is The Correct Way To Walk as a Lady?


There is no set of rules that defines ladylike walking. However, a few things can help you to walk in a more elegant and sophisticated fashion:

  1. Keep your posture straight.
  2. Find your most comfortable stride width and try to keep it even.
  3. Let your arms swing at your sides.
  4. Decide on how you want to appear. Confident? Relaxed? Friendly? Try to radiate this mood with your walking style.


Other Etiquette Tips To Keep Your Life Classy


These are not essentially ” lady rules”, but rather helpful things you can do to make your life easier and classier:

  • Carry an umbrella everywhere you go – rain can happen any time and ruin even your most perfect look;
  • If you’re going to a bigger formal event (like a wedding or similar ceremonies), it’s a good idea to spend an hour or two reading about basic etiquette rules to keep your etiquette skills sharp!
  • Protect your private life from strangers;
  • If you’re in a social setting with many visitors, try to memorize their names when introduced (this one is hard but very helpful);
  • Going to a party? Bring your party host a gift;
  • If you have received an invitation that asks for RSVP, do it before the final date;
  • If you notice a pregnant woman that needs a seat or any other help – it’s kind and classy to help her.


Having High-Class Etiquette and Lady Rules Shows How Much You Respect Yourself


I hope you enjoyed reading about lady etiquette and high-class lady rules. As you can see, there’s always space for improvement… These are fundamental lady etiquette rules you can follow to boost your appearance in other people’s eyes and be seen as a truly high-class lady. You can always learn more and benefit from a helpful set of decisions that make your life easier (etiquette books work great for that). Try to implement these lady rules into your day-to-day life and soon they will feel like your second nature.

Remember – you ARE a valuable, respectable, and one-of-a-kind person – enjoy it!

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